White hair was being pulled and golden eyes glared. His demon brother had taken his ball and now had him on his stomach, pulling at his hair calmly as Inuyasha clawed at the ground glaring. The older boy glared, "What's wrong, brother? No Mommy to rescue you?" he asked, tugging at his brother's hair harder with one hand, holding the half demon's precious ball in the other.

Inuyasha let out a small cry of pain, "Let go!" he said, feeling tears escape his eyes. His brother glared, suddenly angered with his tears, human tears. He raised his arm up, flinging the ball down and hitting his brother in the head with it before letting his hair go. The smaller boy scrambled a few inches away before turning to his older half brother as he rubbed the back of his head.

He young demon glared, "Do you know why she isn't here, Inuyasha?" he asked, walking towards his brother. Inuyasha flattened his ears, scooting back instinctively much like a beaten dog might, "W-why?" he inquired, curiosity getting the best of him. "Because she was human and human are weak." Shesshoumaru continued, taking hold of the front of his robe and hoisting him up off the ground and onto his feet, "You'll die just like your mother if you act like a human." He said. Inuyasha glared at him, "Take it back!" he said.

"Why should I?" he asked, glaring. "Its true, isn't it?" he asked, crossing his arms. Inuyasha glared through tear-filled eyes at his brother, "Why do you do this?" He brother stared at him. He has assumed that it had been obvious from the start, "I hate humans or in your case half humans." he glared. Inuyasha frowned, hugging the older, hateful demon suddenly and catching him off guard. "But I love you, brother. I'll always love you." The small half demon whispered.