Creating a Family

Chapter One

A Break In and A Surprise Guest

Author's Note: I've had this idea in my head since December 15th of this year for whatever reason, which insists to be written down. I have no idea how long I'm going to be continuing this story, or even if I'll have time to finish the series that goes along with it, since I'm in college right now, and will hopefully continue to be in college for at least a few years to get my master's degree. This, of course, means less time for writing, so my updates will be sporadic.

Finally getting back from my tediously scholastic classes, I dropped my backpack off and grabbed a snack, preparing myself for the four hours of receptionist work that was my part time job. A moment later, I heard a noise from inside my house. Freezing, I listened carefully, holding onto my purse and fingering my phone, reading to dial the police if I needed to.

Looking behind me, I noticed that the front door was only a few steps away. But, at the same time, I was living in a big city, where the noise could have been caused from burglars. The last thing I needed was to get shot by a surprised thief.

Quietly unzipping my purse and gripping my small flashlight, I clicked it on and shined the light in front of myself, muttering a quick prayer of thanks that I took those two defense classes while getting my Bachelor's degree in the community college I attended the year before. A moment later, my light shined on a little girl who wore a brownish, putrid green colored sweater, blouse and matching skirt, chin length brown hair with a red tint to it, with a grey bow pulling back the right side of her hair. The little girl looked to be between the ages of eight to ten, dressed in clothes I'd seen in World War 2 movies and museums.

"Who are you, and what are you doing in my apartment?" I only relaxed my tone of voice slightly, not wanting to be wrongly accused of kidnapping. How did the kid get into my apartment in the first place, I wondered, as I continued to watch the little girl.

"I got in from there," the little girl replied, pointing toward my bedroom. I frowned at this, wondering if she had gotten in through my window. Quickly walking to my room, I flicked on the bedroom light and noticed my window's glass wasn't cracked and the screen wasn't open.

"Where did you get into my bedroom?" I asked, guessing that I had left the door unlocked, even though I habitually locked my front door when leaving the apartment building I lived in for any reason.

The little girl has followed me, and points to my closet. Shining the light to what should be the wall between the small parking lot in front of the apartment buildings and my closet, I noticed an empty room made of wood with a wooden door standing open in the middle of it, leading toward a hallway, also made of wood.

Feeling a sense of déjà vu coming over me , I turned to the little girl, feeling like I'd seen her from somewhere, even though I'd never met her. The fact that the back of my closet looked like it opened to a whole other world also made me feel like I'd seen something very much like this before.

"What's your name?" I asked slowly and cautiously, getting a feeling of apprehension from looking at the child who I'd turned to in order to ask my question.

"I'm Lucy Pevensie, pleased to meet you!" Lucy exclaimed, smiling and holding out her hand.

I sat down on my bed as a cold wave of shock descended on the inside of me. Was this Lucy Pevensie the same one who I watched in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie when I was about her age? The one, even though she looked different from the Wonder Works BBC version of the same story, had been one of my six imaginary friends for two and a half years when I was in elementary school?

Realizing that this little girl who claimed to be the same one from the Disney version of The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe, being based on the very character who I'd fallen in love with all those years ago, was the exact person who was standing in front of me right now, my vision darkened, and my hearing dimmed as I felt my mind slip into blackness.