Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

After an awkward car ride there with Kurt and Blaine each lost in their own memories inside their head and Finn interjecting comments here and there, they finally arrived at the Hummel residence.

2 days later…

It was the 2 days before Christmas and this was the day he always spent with Finn. It had started the first Christmas their parents were married. It had started because Finn had needed help with his Christmas shopping and had tentatively asked Kurt for his assistance. Ever since then, the two would use the 23rd to shop, eat lunch, and then come back home to see most cliche holiday movies that they could find. He let himself in the house and dropped his bag by the door. He had run to grab some last minute baking supplies for him and Carole who was working a double shift at the hospital today. It was just about time for them to leave, but the house was silent. He wouldn't be surprised if Finn hadn't gotten up yet. The garage was closed for Christmas and Finn had always loved his sleep. When he got up to Finn's room, however, his stepbrother wasn't anywhere to be found so he sent him a quick text.

To Finn:Where are you? It's almost time to leave.

To Kurt: I'm with Blaine. We're headed back right now. We just decided to grab some breakfast.

Kurt sat on the couch and watched Project Runway waiting for Finn and Blaine. They walked through the door 15 minutes later.

"About time you got here, Finn. Can we go now?" Kurt asked impatiently. He wanted to get to the Mall because he knew it would be busy being a few days before Christmas.

"Yes we can, I hope you don't mind that I invited Blaine along with us."

"Of course, it wouldn't be the first time he's come with us." Kurt answered smiling.

They walked through the mall that morning with a healthy dose of holiday cheer. So far he had helped Finn pick out a lovely sweater for Carole and a laptop for Burt. It was about time they brought Burt into the 21st century of technology. They had separated from Blaine a while back with Blaine saying that he had his own Christmas shopping to do. Kurt, ever the organizer had already completed all of his Christmas shopping back in September in New York. Of course, now he had to get one more present with only three days to go. For once his natural shopping talent was failing him. He and Blaine were in such a precarious place right now he didn't want a gift to say too much or not enough. He was so unsure he was even considering asking Finn for ideas. They were passing the sports memorabilia shop. Unsurprisingly they specialized in Ohio State and that gave Kurt an idea. Finn was more than happy to help him pick out a signed picture of Coach Tressel who he knew Blaine had always admired. He heard his phone ring and went to pick it up thinking that it was either Blaine or work.

"Hello?" Kurt said.

"Hi there gorgeous," he heard an old date of his named Simon say.

Simon said, "Hi hot-stuff, miss me yet?"

Kurt's brow furrowed, something was off. He and Simon had gone on one date 4 months earlier but had stayed friends due to the fact they had shared friends and things in common. But, Simon was never this bold and he had expected to be asked for a sympathetic ear, not to be hit on. He knew Simon was back in his hometown visiting family. His family was homophobic.

"Simon, are you okay? You don't sound like yourself." Kurt listened for an answer but was instead treated to some kind of rambling discussion of Kurt's ass in jeans and some increasingly graphic ideas about it. Then it dawned on him why sounded so strange.

"Simon, are you drunk?" Kurt couldn't believe this. They'd been out for coffee once that was it.

"Come on, I bet you're a tiger in…" Kurt hit the end button before could finish and deleted the other man's number. That friendship was over, they were not that close for Simon to drunk dial him looking for a drunken hook-up.

He hadn't heard Blaine come up. "So," Blaine said carefully, "Who is Simon?"

Kurt turned and faced him, a small smile on his lips, "Simon was the last in a string of boring, smarmy, and just plain pathetic guys I went out with while I was trying to get over my ex. He won't be hearing from me anytime soon."

Blaine raised an eyebrow, "Oh? Why is that?"

"Not only is he a jackass when he's drunk but I'm no longer interested in getting over my ex," Kurt said.

All three of them stopped at the food-court for lunch. Finn and Blaine were eating a gross, fattening burger and Kurt settling for a fresh chicken salad with a milkshake on the side. It was Christmas after all so he decided to treat himself.

They headed back home after that. Finn and Blaine went upstairs to play some war game on Finn's xbox.

"Sit down a minute," he heard his dad say.

"So you two are okay?"

"Yes dad, we are. It is awkward since I realized that I'm still in love with him." Kurt told him honestly.

"Kurt, You know I never fully understood why you broke up with him in the first place?" Burt asked.

"Honestly, I was selfish. I was trying to save myself a heart-break over the inevitable break up because of the long distance. They never work and I didn't want a bitter break up to ruin the friendship we did have." Kurt told him

"How do you know that long distance wouldn't work? You two were a strong couple, Kurt. I've never seen a stronger couple, I was pretty sure that you guys would beat the odds." Burt told him.

"I ask myself if I made the right decision almost every day. Not a day goes by where I don't regret our hasty break up." Kurt told him honestly.

"So what's the story with you two right now? You seem to be getting closer. Do we need to talk about the house rules again?" his dad asked him smiling.

"God no, dad; I heard them enough back in high school. Before you ask, we don't need to have that talk again either. Once was enough, believe me." Kurt answered shaking his no vehemently.

Burt chuckled before he said, "Good."

"Would you still like some help?" Blaine asked. He had headed downstairs to the kitchen only to find Kurt and Carole looking through recipe cards and cookbooks trying to make the final decision on what to make.

"Of course," said Kurt, "it took me months to train you as a proper assistant to the chef. I might as well take advantage of that."

Blaine noticed that Carole was looking between the two of them so he gave her a nervous smile and tilted his head towards Kurt before nodding. Her face lit up and when Kurt turned his back she gave him a thumbs up. She was invested in these two, she knew they were good together. Anyway, she and Burt wanted grandchildren and with Finn and Rachel's plan for marriage and a family after Rachel's dreams on Broadway were fulfilled, it was going to be a while for Finn.

"I was thinking I'd make gingerbread and some of the popcorn balls," Carole said, "Kurt always makes his mom's 3 layer cookies and he wants to make chocolate and coconut bars as well.

"That sounds great! You remembered my favorite." Blaine didn't care what they made as long as he got to spend time with Kurt.

"I'm glad you think so, you'll be doing the chocolate and coconut bars." Kurt said before handing him a card with the recipe.

He started opening cans and bags and dumping the contents into a big mixing bowl for the chocolate and coconut bars while Kurt set his iPhone on the counter and started his Christmas playlist. It didn't take long before they were all singing and dancing along to the music. They worked like this for quite a while before Carole left to surprise Burt with lunch at the garage. Burt and Finn had gone over early that morning because a loyal customer and an old friend had called Burt with an emergency. He would always do anything for a friend.

It was when their first Christmas duet came on, Baby, it's cold outside that they found themselves face to face in the middle of the kitchen, both of them grinning. Blaine noticed that Kurt had a little smudge of flour on his cheek. It was adorable. He looked Kurt right in the eye, giving the other boy time to pull away as he raised his thumb to wipe away the powder, sucking in a breath at how smooth Kurt's skin was. He couldn't believe he'd almost forgotten how nice it felt against his hand.

"Thanks," Kurt said, holding his gaze and Blaine held his breath while Kurt let his hand come up and rest on Blaine's arm. He tilted his head just a little and hoped Kurt realized how desperately he wanted to kiss him right now. As if Kurt could read Blaine's mind, the taller boy leaned forward and brushed their lips together.

Blaine fought the urge to push Kurt against the counter for more, he had promised himself to take this slowly. He let his hand slide from Kurt's cheek to the back of his neck in encouragement. Blaine could feel his heart pounding in his chest and he knew that this was the best kiss he had since his last kiss with Kurt.

Just when things were starting to move from sweet to hot, Kurt gave him one last lingering kiss before pulling back but he didn't drop his hand from Blaine's arm. Blaine was relieved to see that Kurt was smiling, he knew he certainly was.

Blaine moved his hand from Kurt's neck to his shoulder, "You said earlier that you weren't interested in getting over your ex. Please tell me that it's still true and tell me that you were talking about me." Blaine asked him nervously.

"Yes, Blaine, It was true, I know I was the one who broke up with you but you should know that not a day went by where I didn't think of you. I missed you every single day of these past 3 ½ years." Kurt told him.

"I missed you too, Kurt. I never stopped loving you." Blaine said.

"I still love you too, Blaine. I would like for us to have another chance. I know we will last. But only if you can find it in your heart to forgive me for being an idiot."

"Of course I forgive you. I love you, Kurt."

"Good." Kurt told him as they kissed.

Epilogue: (December, 2022)

"My brothers." Kurt heard a voice say from across the airport. Finn hasn't changed even if they were both a year shy of 30. Finn and Rachel had gotten married the previous year after Rachel won a Tony and had moved back to Ohio.

Kurt and Blaine had gotten married 5 years before after Blaine had graduated from college at NYU. They had adopted 2 boys shortly before they were married. Darren Finn and Christopher Burt were both 6 years old and they were somehow the perfect mixture of both of them. They weren't planning on starting a family until after they had been married for a while but they were asked by a friend to look after the two boys who were then 5 months old and malnourished. They fell in love with the still un-named babies at first glance and decided to adopt. The decision was easy but they ran into trouble when the mom then decided that she wanted her babies back. Kurt and Blaine lost the case but the mom then changed her mind when she realized Darren was hard of hearing in both ears and Christopher had developmental problems which would affect the way he learned. The newest addition to their family was Elizabeth Carole who turns 1 on Christmas Eve. She was the spitting image of her birth mother with her blonde hair and brown eyes. Hanna, the birth mother was a close friend of both of theirs. She had gotten herself in a predicament while celebrating Spring Break and didn't want to jeopardize her future career so she signed over all parental rights to Kurt and Blaine shortly after Elizabeth was born.

Ending Author's Note: Sadly, the story of Darren and Christopher is based on a true story which has a happy ending now.