Well, I've been extremely excited to write this story for awhile. I thought I would start this story since I have been having writers block with my other story "Blood for Blood". But rest assured that I'm not killing the story. However, there are something's that I must state about this story before I begin to write it for it to make any sense, so get ready for some authors notes. 1.) Aeris and Leo live in America in this story, not Canada. 2.) The story is loosely based off of the campaign in Modern Warfare 3. 3.) I will introduce some OC's (Although they aren't really original), so get ready for that. 4.) There will be a lot of character development in this story but I will try to keep them in character as long as I can. 5.) This is probably the most important one, this is a separate story from Ashes and Blood for Blood, so in this story they never met Marcus and they never got together.

Chapter I Launch

"We are now getting reports of North African countries, believed to having ties with al-Qaeda, invading parts of Spain. Many believe that they are in passion of WMD's however we are being told that they do not have any…. This just in! China is now invading parts of Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan, and India. This is surely leading up to one of the worst conflicts that the world has ever seen."

Aeris turned up the volume on the TV and sat spread out on the couch to allow all of this to settle in. She ran her fingers trough her hair in a worried style. Leo then jumped over the couch and landed right next to her. "Whatcha watching?" He asked with a stupid grin on his face.

Aeris scooted over to allow herself to get as far away from the annoying gray cat as possible. "I'm watching the news Leo, can't you tell?" She said annoyed at his stupidity. She looked over at him to see that he still had his stupid grin on his face. She scoffed at him and continued to watch the news.

"So what? It's not like they're coming over here. It's Asia's problem, let them deal with it." Leo seemed to have some knowledge on the subject, probably from watching the news from behind the couch, waiting to scare Aeris.

"It's not that simple." Aeris started, "Firstly, if they DO take over those areas, then where do you think they will go next? Secondly, what happens over there, matters to what happens over here. It affects our economy, our security, everything. So if it their problem, it's ours too."

Just then the TV interrupted them, "President Obama is now going to give a speech regarding the situation." The TV screen cut away to a screen of Obama standing next to a podium.

"My fellow Americans, I'm here today to inform you about the aggression that is happening in the East. We can not allow this to continue. I have spoken to Congress and they have given me the right to send troops over seas and aid our friends. But, we do not have nearly enough troops to allow us to make a significant difference. So with that, we have been discussing things and we have come to the conclusion that we must bring back the draft. Any male who is in between the age of 18 and 35 will be expected to go over seas and help fight back and preserve the rights of the free world. Thank you." President Obama held up his hand indicating that he would not take any questions and walked off stage.

"Oh my god." Aeris whispered. She put the TV on mute and looked over at Leo, who was in shock at the discovery. Leo began to tear up.

"I don't want to leave! It's not fair! Why do I have to leave, they can't do this." Leo cried out. He buried his head in his hands and began to cry.

"Leo…" Aeris said softly. "You need to go sign up for the Army."

"Why? They're already going to come and get me." Leo barked back.

"Because if you sign up then you can at least pick where you will be deployed. I wouldn't want to go to Asia if I were you."

"I can't go. I won't. I'll just run away."

"You can't. If they catch you then you get life in prison."

"But if I leave then I will get killed. I have no experience with guns or fighting."

Aeris looked at Leo, he looked petrified. A thought popped into her head and she opened her mouth to speak but the words were hard to come out. "Leo… I'll… I'll go with you."

Leo stopped crying and looked up at her. "Why would you do that? You don't have to serve."

"Yeah but if I don't go with you, you'll probably die. Someone has to look after your stupid ass." Aeris replied, forcing a smile on her face.

Leo chuckled and smiled too. "Yeah… thank you Aeris, I'll never forget this."

Aeris punched him lightly in the arm. "Don't be getting gay on me."

"So, if we are signing up, then what do we sign up for?"

Aeris smiled at him again and said. "The Army Rangers."

Well there's chapter one. Hope you like it. Tell me what you think of it so far. And yes I am aware that this chapter is not very long but it will get better. Review.