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A little boy around the age of 7 was curled up in a alley way trying to sleep. It was the middle of Decemember and it was snowing. New York's winters were harsh and unforgiving. The little boy knew that well, for he has always lived out in the streets. This little boy has gone through all kinds of crap. From his mother dieing on the streets with him to almost to dieing himself. This little boy had a heart of gold, but nobody gave him a chance to show it. They all just thought that he was some scum onthe bottom of their shoes.

Right now he was slowly dieing on the inside, from the grief and the cold. Everyone that saw that little body lieing lifeless on the ground never felt any grief for passing him and not doing anything about it. That little boy stared longingly at the kids that passed him. They had warm coats and they had partents to take care of them. He had no one.

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