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PPOV (Percy)

Today it was really cold outside and all I was only wearing torn jeans, a ripped t-shirt, and thin socks. I loved New York, but sometimes it was just to cold. Right now I was sitting beside a tree in Central Park to stay at least a little warm. People were giving me weird looks. Some were pity and distaste. I hated distaste the most. Everyone judged to quickly, they thought that I choose this life when I didn't. The pity looks also got on my nerves. Those people thought 'Oh that poor kid' and 'That is so sad that a little kid is on the street'. They never did anything about it though.

You see I'm only seven and have always lived on the streets. I used to live out here with my mom, but she left me. She died last year from the flu I think. The cold didn't help at all. It was my fault she died though. I was supposed to get money to help us, but nobody wanted to give me money. If someone did, some other homeless person would take it from me. If I had tried harder my mom would still be here.

It was starting to get dark, so I got up to leave. I didn't want the police to get me and take me to a foster home like they did to my mom when she was a teenager. She said it was horrible and that I never wanted to go to one. I believed her about never wanting to go, I always believed my mom. I started to walk to the alleyway that I always stayed in.

When I got there, there were already some teenagers there. I didn't want to get in a fight so I just kept walking. I walked for about an hour and a half till I was in the forest. I wasn't really sure how I got there, but somehow I did. It was a little warmer there than the city. Maybe because it didn't have near as much snow on the ground as the city did. I kept walking for a little while longer, trying to find a tree with a good fork in it. My mom thought me this when we stayed in the forest once. It was a good thing that I remembered that.

Once I had found a good tree, I climed up it carefully. I didn't want to fall and break something. The fork in the tree was really high, but it looked really sturdy. I wasn't afaired of hights, so I didn't mind climbing that high. I settled down into the fork and got as comferible as I could. I was getting really tired and I soon fell asleep.

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