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Note to Make You Understand

When Wally came to the cave after school to do his Health homework, he never expected the Blonde Witch herself to be curled up on the couch, listening to music.

He had expected someone to be there, possibly Superboy or Kaldur, or maybe even (hopefully) M'gann. But he was pretty sure that Star City schools got out at 330, and it was three. He, of course, had skipped his last period (it was only study hall.)

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" he asked bluntly. He set his backpack down on the table and grabbed a soda from the fridge.

He snickered to himself as she jumped into a fighting stance and pulled a pair of earbuds out of her ears. Seeing it was him, she relaxed slightly. "Oh. It's just you." She stated disgustedly.

"Are you going to answer my question?" he questioned like he was talking to a two year old.

"Depends. What was the question?" she sat back down on the couch, carefully winding the earbud cord around her iPod.

Wally sighed to himself, "I said, 'what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?'"

Artemis dropped her ipod, walked over to him and whacked him upside the head. "I'm still recovering from that sprained ankle you gave me last night, Mom."

Instinctively his eyes went to her ankle. Now that he remembered, he had seen a faint limp when she walked into the kitchen. He smirked, his mind flashing back to the afternoon before when they had battled a mud monster thing in the middle of an Ohio forest.

Suddenly a hand flew into his vision and she hit him again. "Ow!" he yelped, leaping out of her reach.

"Don't you dare smirk at me, Baywatch. If you hadn't been soooo focused on getting your dang souvenir-"

"Well, if you were more focused on where you were walking than on Superboy's pretty face, you wouldn't have walked into my path"

Wally struggled to hold back laughter as her face turned red, "Nice to know that even you think Superboy is cute. I'll be sure to tell him. And I was trying not to trip over those tree roots!" She stalked back to the couch, abandoning any thoughts of getting a snack, and reached over the back, picking up her iPod as she did so.

"Whatever, replacement." He shrugged, "Spe-Red Arrow wouldn't have run into me."

Artemis froze for a moment and Wally thought he might have gone too far. His suspicions were confirmed when she threw her ipod down on the couch in anger and walked out of the room, hands fisted at her sides.

He sighed. He would definitely need to apologize later, but not now. She was dangerous right now, even if she could barely walk. And he really needed to be able to train later tonight and that be difficult if he couldn't walk…

With about an hour until the rest of the team showed up for training, and him deciding he "needs" Robin's help on his homework, he ran to the couch and jumped over the back, landing just the right way so his head was propped up on the armrest and one foot dangled comfortably off the side. He had stopped at McDonald's before he came to the cave, so he wasn't hungry. As he reached for the remote, he felt something digging into his back.

Frowning, he groped beneath him for a minute before pulling out the Ice Queen's ipod, which he recalled her throwing on the couch. Wally set it on the coffee and pressed the power button on the remote.

Nothing happened.

He pressed it again, but nothing. Not even a flicker. He opened the back of the remote to see that the batteries were missing.

He grimaced, Dang it Robin. He'd probably stolen them to fix the cave security system or something.

What was he supposed to do know? He was too lazy to get up turn the TV on manually, God forbid get new batteries.

Wally's eyes fell on the ipod, innocently sitting on the table. Pick me up, Wally,it seemed to say, there are many secrets on me. And possibly some entertaining apps!

He carefully grabbed and placed the earbuds in his ears. He pressed the on button and slid the lock. Ha! She doesn't even have a passcode lock. It's like she wanted me to look at it!

The music app-thingy was open to her song list. He scrolled through it, impressed at her music taste. She had Death Cab for Cutie, Green Day, Coldplay, Nevershoutnever, A Fine Frenzy, Paramore, even Dumb.

Curious, he clicked on the playlists icon and it pulled up a list of playlists. There was the usual Most Played and My Favorites. Booooring. He could just ask her her favorite songs.

Suddenly his eye caught the name Robin. It was a playlist, simply titled Robin. In fact, all the Young Justice names were there, each with their own playlist. He tapped Robin's.

It pulled out three songs: The Batman Theme (artist unknown), Masquerade (Phantom of the Opera), and (Mary Poppins).

He grinned. She must have made playlists that describe each of them. And she liked Broadway music. The Batman theme was obvious, he was Batman's sidekick. Masquerade because he wore a mask, and because he liked to make up words.

The next name was M'gann. Her list was Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves), Tomorrow (Annie), and E.T. (Katy Perry)

M'gann was incredibly optimistic, so that was probably the characteristic she thought when she chose Walking on Sunshine and Tomorrow. He only hoped E.T. was a reference to that fact she was a Martian instead of something else.

Then came Kaldur. Of course, Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid), Once We Were Kings (Billy Elliot), and Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson).

Under the Sea was obvious-he lived under the sea! Once We Were Kings was probably for the fact that he wanted them to act like a team and "go as one." But Man in the Mirror? How the heck did that pertain to Kaldur? Unless she was saying she wanted to be like him…

Wally froze as he heard the bay doors open. He ran to his room with the iPod and locked the door. She couldn't kill him if she couldn't get to him. Although she'd see it was missing in a few minutes and come after him.

He grinned as he powered up the small device again. Hey, he had a few minutes.

The next name was Conner and his songs made no sense at all: Bulletproof (La Roux), Angry Dance (Billy Elliot), and Goodbye, Apathy (OneRepublic).

Wally wasn't sure how much longer he had before she knocked (more like kicked) on his door. He decided to move on and figure it out another day.

Zantanna was next, oddly enough. She wasn't even on the team. But her name was there, so he clicked on it. Fittingly, all her songs had to do with magic-or witches. The Hex Girls theme, Magic (B.o.b.), and Do You Believe in Magic (Aly and AJ) suited her perfectly.

There was only one person left-him. He held his breath as the screen changed and the songs appeared.

Oddly enough, he felt…disappointed when he saw his list. It wasn't a very nice one. Pray For You (Jaron), A Kiss With a Fist (Florence and the Machine), and Loathing (Wicked)

Maybe that Florence song was supposed to be taken as a love song? Oh, who was he kidding, she hated him even on her iPod!

He sighed and scrolled aimlessly through the rest of the playlists. Suddenly he saw his name again. Taking a closer looks, he realized it said, "Wally2." Being Wally, he clicked on it.

Another playlist like the ones before popped up, only this one wasn't hate songs. It was…love songs? First was Smile (Uncle Kracker), then Perfect Two (Auburn), I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know (Nevershoutnever), and Not Over You (Gavin Degraw).

Slowly, a smile came onto his face and a warm feeling in his stomach as he realized that she liked him. A lot.

Suddenly he heard a loud screech. "WWWWAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYY! Where the heck is my ipod?"

Wally just hoped she never found HIS iPod.

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