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Things were awkward between Wally and Artemis, to say the least. Even Superboy noticed that they avoided each other at all costs and the usual banter was replaced with silence.

About two weeks later, when both of Artemis's ankles were healed, the team members each received a text message from an encrypted number. It read "Convene at the cave at 1900 hours. Bring pajamas and sleeping bag. R"

There was no doubt whom R was-only Robin would know how to send messages like that.

"Artemis!" called her mother, "Did you pack a toothbrush?"

Artemis groaned. Her mom had been nagging her all afternoon, ever since she got that text. It was irritating two hours ago-now it was just giving her a headache.

"Yes, mom!" she yelled back. Carefully, she zipped her duffel bag and ran downstairs, almost knocking her mom over.

"Whoa! Slow down, little one!" Paula Crock laughed, "I didn't know you were so excited!"

Artemis rolled her eyes, "I'm not mom, but I will be late if I don't leave," she checked her watch, "Five minutes ago."

"Fine, go! I'll see you in the morning?"

"Probably. I'll call on the way home, okay? I love you." She grabbed the door knob and yanked the door open, flying down the stairs.

"Wait, Artemis! You forgot your iPod!" Paula shouted after her. Artemis turned and grabbed it from her mom, then continued running down the rickety stairs.

Wally startled as he heard his ringtone go off. The Flash theme blared extremely loud and several old ladies gave him dirty looks. Groaning, he began digging around in his duffle bag, finally finding his cell phone buried beneath a spare pair of shorts.

He checked the caller ID, "Robin, what's up?" he said brightly.

A muffled voice came through, "Nothing, just helping Alfred make brownies for tonight. I figured we can eat them instead of M'gann's."

Wally laughed, "What, you didn't want to help her?"

"Nah. Hey, man, make sure you bring your iPod tonight, okay?"

"Sure, I'll just run home and grab it. See you later?"

"Yeah, see you later." Wally hung up before superspeeding home to get his iPod.

Everyone had assembled in the main room of the cave and laid their sleeping bags in a row. Popcorn bowls were scattered around the room and candy was on every available table.

Artemis whistled, "Are you planning to put us all in a sugar coma?" she asked Robin.

He grinned, "Nope. Just trying to make sure we have a good time." He clapped his hands twice. "Do you guys want to watch a movie?"

Wally ran in with a gust of wind and a bag of pretzels, "Sure!"

In a few minutes, the teenagers were settled into the couches and the opening credits were playing.

"So what is this movie called?" Kaldur asked.

Robin smirked, "It's called 'Sky High'"

"Ooh! What's it about?" M'gann smiled.

"Just watch."

Just a few minutes into the movie, Superboy had already stomped out of the room, on account of Will's father, Steve, looking ever-so-slightly like Superman.

For the rest of time, only the quiet munching of popcorn could be heard, and the occasional, "That is totally unrealistic," from Artemis.

"Awww," M'gann said as Will and Layla kissed and "Melt With You" started playing.

Artemis and Wally glanced at each other, a blush heavily apparent on the archer's face. Suddenly she stood up walked into the training, arms crossed across her chest.

Robin looked at Wally, "Why don't you go see what's wrong?"

Wally sighed, "Fine. Call the police if I'm not back in ten minutes."

"Wait!" Wally turned to Robin, "Bring these." He was holding out two iPods, both his and…gulp, Artemis's.

He carefully opened the training room door. "Hey," he said softly.

He heard the sound of heavy breathing and gloves hitting a punching bag. "Hey," she gasped between breaths, balanced on the balls of her feet.

"So, I was-"

"Did you or did you not steal my iPod and read all of my playlists?" she interrupted.

"What? N-yes." Wally said, head hanging down low. He held her iPod out in his hand. Carefully she reached out and took it back. Quickly his head jerked back up and his eyes met hers, "Did you or did you not steal MY iPod and read all of MY playlists?"

Artemis's hands dropped to her sides, "Yeah…I did."

Wally took a step closer, "So…you saw the-"

"Yeah. I did. And you saw my-"

"…Yeah. You know, you did a really good job on those descriptions."

She blushed, "Thanks. Um, you too."

He cleared his throat, "So what now?"

"I guess…we pretend nothing happened?" she whispered, her eyes looking everywhere but him.

"Uh…okay." He turned and began walking to the door. He heard a sigh from behind him.

Suddenly he whipped around, fierce determination set on his face, "Oh what the heck," he said, throwing his hands in the air. He grabbed her arms and kissed her right on the lips.

For a split second she didn't react, and then her arms were wrapped around his neck and she was kissing him back just as fierce. With a gasp they broke apart, breathing heavily.

She smiled at him, "Not bad, Baywatch."

Wally smiled back, "You're pretty good yourself, blondie. So, do you want to hang out this Friday?"

"Did you just ask me out?"

"Maybe. Depends."

"What if I say yes?"

"Then I just asked you out."

Robin turned to Kaldur, "I believe you owe me thirty dollars."

Kaldur shook his head, "I believe you owe me."

"Nuh uh. I bet they would kiss before midnight. You bet before tomorrow morning. Therefore, I win."

Kaldur sighed as he handed over the money. "You have to admit, they go well together."

Robin nodded, "Yeah, opposites attract and all that junk. But honestly, right now, with all this kissing, it's kinda disgusting."

"That is just because you are young. You will find someone soon enough," Kaldur laughed, "How long has it been since they last came up for air?"

He checked his watch, "I'd say about four minutes."

A few days later, on Friday in fact, Wally and Artemis were sitting together on the couch, comparing playlists.

"I can't believe you made a playlist full of hate songs for me!" Wally chuckled.

Artemis elbowed him, "That was the first week I knew you! And why did you choose that Selena Gomez song? Did you know she implies that blondes have eating disorders or something in that song?"

"Honestly? No. I just needed a song about blondes."


"You know what my favorite song was on your entire iPod? That Perfect Two song."

"Really? You liked it that much?"

"Yeah. So does that make it our song?"

"Only if you want it to be."

So, I'm not entirely happy with the ending. I know it's incredibly cheesy, but it just seemed so adorable. I wanted to use "If My Heart Was A House" for "their" song, but there's already this awesome fic called "You'd be North" that uses it. Go read that one if you like spitfire!

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