Prologue from Kari's point of view (or pov)

Hi! My name is Hikari Kayima, but everyone calls me Kari. I am one of the 8 original DigiDestineds and one of the 11 total DigiDestineds. Most of you probably don't know what I mean by that, so let's start at the beginning. Back when I was 8, my brother Tai was 11 and he had gone to camp. He and 6 other kids were having fun until it started to snow! That was really weird because it was the middle of July! One of the kids was named Takeru or T.K, he was also 8 (his older brother Matt was 11). T.K ran out to play in the snow. Matt ran out after T.K. Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, and Tai went out too. They then saw lights in the sky, the kind you see in Alaska. Suddenly little meteor-like things landed then floated up and every one of them grabbed one. They were then sucked through a giant wave that appeared out of nowhere. I was not at camp that year because I was sick so the entire time Tai and the others were in the DigiWorld I was at home by myself. Until Tai walked through the door of our apartment when he was supposed to be at camp, actually it was supposed to be his first day at camp. Then he later went back to help the others. Next all of them came back with their Digimon because an evil Digimon named Myotismon came in to our world looking for "The 8th Child". No one knew I was the 8th child until my Digimon, Gatomon and her friend Wizardmon brought my DigiVice to me. That was also when Gatomon realized that I was the one she had been looking for years. Myotismon had captured all the children and adults in the area except for Izzy's parents and Joe's older brother and Matt and T.K's dad. We, the DigiDestineds were not captured though. Tai went to save everyone leaving me in a warehouse with Matt and Gabumon. Then Sora, Biyomon (as Birdramon), and Palmon (as Lilymon) came and so did some evil Digimon. I watched as my friends fought (and start to lose) to keep me safe. I had had enough so I yelled for the fighting to stop.

Then I said, "I'm the one you want, take me and leave my friends alone."

When they did Matt screamed, "KARI! NO!"

Then he said out loud, "Tai is gonna kill me."

I managed to defeat Myotismon, but then he became VenomMyotismon and T.K and I had to have Angemon and Angewomon hit Matt and Tai with their arrows of Hope and Light. This was so Agumon and Gabumon could Warp DigiVolve into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Then all of our crests made ropes of colored light (the same color as our crests) and they held VenomMyotismon still while WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon defeated VenomMyotismon.

We all had to go back to the DigiWorld then to fix it and save it from the evil Dark Masters. When we did we had to leave and that meant leaving our Digimon behind. We left our utopia, our perfect world behind filled with dread as we realized we may never see it or our Digimon ever again.

The points of view in this book are from me and the other 7 DigiDestineds from 3 years after we watched our Digimon leave us and later on you will hear from the three other, newer DigiDestineds. I hope you enjoy reading this and are feeling what we felt at this point in our lives.