Chapter 15: The Prophecy of Fear, Life, Time, and Love

T.K's pov

I walked beside Kari the entire time. We occasionally told the new DigiDestineds where we were and a little bit about the place. Then we came to one of the temples when Davis saw some "weird" writing. Izzy translated it and sent it to Gennai and Kari. Then Kari got out her laptop opened the email and started to read a perfect translation.

"As time passes the Dark One returns. From the past it's deadly figure is remembered by 8. All fear it. All hate it. It destroys life. Creates fear. Changes time. But the Chosen Ones will fight the war. With help from Peace, Mercy, and Trust the Chosen Ones will win the war. Many will wonder who they are but the Chosen Ones are never far…"

I was speechless. But as I watched Kari read the first part of it I saw her go pale white, whiter than I have ever seen her.

Tai's pov

"…Courage with a sun of gold is one," Kari read. "Brave and powerful,…"

Powerful? Me? I'm not powerful, at least I don't think so.

"…the leader one. Love with a heart of red is another. Shares a soul with Courage she does…"

Now that I could believe.

"Hope with a star of yellow comes next. He fights with heart and bravery. Light with a flower of pink shines through. At Hope's side she always comes through. Friendship is next with a symbol of balance with horns of blue. He fights with and for the ones he calls his friends. Sincerity with a teardrop of green will fight for the truth and always be sincere. Beside Friendship she will always be found. Reliability with a cross of gray is always near and can always be depended on. Knowledge with glasses of purple is never far and always knows what needs to be done…"

All true, every word. There was not one lie in it.

"Listen to these words or the night will come. The Apocalypse will come once more, worse than before," Kari read with tears starting to fill her eyes. Why? I had an idea but was not completely sure. "This is the prophecy of Fear, Life, Time, and Love."

My first thought about the "Dark One" was that it was either Piymon or Myotismon. When I looked at Kari, though I knew it was Myotismon.

Sora's pov

All 8 of us original DigiDestineds thought that the "Dark One" was either Piymon or Myotismon. But we didn't fear Piymon the way we feared Myotismon, so I knew it was Myotismon. As if I wasn't sure the look on Kari's face told me it was Myotismon. Kari was still pale white, but was now silently crying. She was most likely remembering Wizardmon's sacrifice 3 years before. I'm sure Tai knew who the "Dark One" was just by looking at his sister.

Then Kari shouted, "NO! NO WAY! NO, HE CAN'T BE COMING BACK!" She paused. "We can't lose another Digimon to him!"

Then T.K hugged her and she just cried into him.

"We beat him before, but," he paused then started to talk to all of us. "Kari's right we can't do it again without losing another Digimon. Like Angemon to Devimon," he said with haunted eyes, which stayed haunted as he talked. "Chumon, Whalemon, and Pixiemon to the Dark Masters. And almost losing WarGreymon and Tai to Piymon. Do I need to mention the last time we faced him?"

Everyone except Davis, Cody, and Yolie knew what was being discussed.

Davis' pov

I was not happy that Kari was crying, especially into T.K or that they were dating, but I wanted to know who "him" was. The guy or I guess Digimon was clearly someone they had already faced. I was about to ask when Izzy said his thoughts.

"We would've lost you both if T.K and Sora didn't return with Matt in time."

He must have been talking to Tai.

"We almost lost a lot of us before, Izzy, remember? Just recently we lost Kari but a prophecy brought her back, well actually T.K's feelings for her and the words she had said brought her back," he said knowing full well that I was following each comment with complete interest.

"Yeah but back to the Piymon fight, Kari and I were the only ones that weren't turned into key chains," T.K said.

"Wait, back up a bit," I said at a break in the conversation. "Who is this "him"? And what happened the last time you faced "him"?"

Kari had lifted her head off T.K when Izzy started talking and when I asked my question she looked right at me then answered.

"The "him" we are talking about is or was a Digimon named Myotismon," she said seeming to be a bit unsure about whether to use is or was in that sentence.

Matt's pov

"3 years ago Myotismon came to our world looking for the "8th Child"," Kari continued. "That child was me but until Gatomon and her friend Wizardmon came to my apartment with my DigiVice, no one knew that I was. I later gave myself to one of Myotismon's minions to save Sora, Matt, Lilymon, Birdramon, and Garurumon. Then later Myotismon was about to kill me and Gatomon when Wizardmon jumped in front of us and got hit by the attack, which killed him. At that time I was only 8 and I saw someone who I considered a friend die to protect me and Gatomon," she said with tears filling her eyes. Then she continued with, "Every time we fight evil in the DigiWorld we lose one of our Digimon or a friend of ours."

"So this Myotismon is coming back? But why and more importantly when?" Cody asked.

"We can only guess on why or when for now but he is coming back."

I hated seeing Kari cry about this or anything really because she is like a sister to me now. As much as I feared Myotismon I hated him for making Kari cry, I'm sure Tai and T.K felt that hatred even more than I did.

Yolie's pov

Hearing all this, seeing Kari cry, seeing how everyone was so scared and felt bad for us because we might see a new friend or our own Digimon die. I suddenly regretted my sarcasm from earlier. I wished I could say something but my brain was completely frozen and I couldn't make myself apologize. I swore to myself I would never be like that again and would do whatever takes to help them defeat Myotismon again.

We originally were going to go meet Gennai but it was getting late so we started to walk to a DigiPort, I think. That was when I went to Kari.

"Can we talk?" I asked her.

"Yeah of course," she said as she dropped back to where I was.

"I'm sorry about earlier I-"

"Don't worry about it," she said cutting me off. "I went through the same thing when I found out I was a DigiDestined, too."

"Really? Wow! Is that what you told Tai when you pulled him away?"

"Yeah it was. I know how the others think and react. If T.K or I get hurt or are attacked everyone else is too. That's how it will be with you, Davis, and Cody, too because like me and T.K you guys are younger than the others."

"Wow!" I said with wide eyes.

Mimi's pov

Kari and Yolie seemed to have bonded a bit. I watched how Davis stared at Kari as she walked with Yolie back to Tai and T.K and knew that he had a crush on Kari. So I went to tell him that he would never have a chance with her because he is too much like Tai. But I didn't need to go to him , he came to me.

"What do I need to do to get Kari to like me?" He asked me when he got to me.

"There is nothing you can do, Davis," I replied.


"Because you are just too much like Tai. You're over protective, like Tai is. So eventually Kari may think of you as a brother like she has with Matt, Joe, and Izzy, but that's it. Nothing you ever do will make her change her mind about that," I paused. "I'm sorry, Davis. I really am, but that's the truth."

He just looked at me and said, "It's okay. I understand."

Kari' pov

"I hate this! I hate that Myotismon is coming back! Wasn't it bad enough that we faced him once before, now we have to do it again?" I said to T.K.

"I know, it's the worst thing for you to think about. Having to face him again, but it's not like we have a choice," he said.

"I know. I'm just venting my rage and saying what's on my mind."

"I know," he said while smiling. "That's why I love you. You're not afraid to show what you feel and you're not afraid to say what's on your mind," he continued then kissed the top of my head (not so easy because we are the same height).

"Okay, Davis, Cody, and Yolie here's a DigiPort you have to go home now or your parents will start to worry," Tai said.

"What about you guys?" Yolie asked.

"Our parents know the truth as does the principal, we can stay longer. Don't worry we'll figure out something for you guys, okay?" I said to them.

"Okay!" They all said.

Once they were through the DigiPort Tai asked, "So, what are we gonna do. Have our parents tell their parents or tell them ourselves?"

That was definitely a good question one that needed answer and fast. But for now we had no clue what to do.