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Chapter 2(Last chapter was just an epilogue)

It's been 3 years since my mother's death. Her story was printed in the local paper. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer because she smoked when she was in high school. She was treated while Rose and I had been born. When my father left, she did what she had sworn never to do, she began smoking again. Her lung cancer had returned, only stronger this time around. The whole town had attended her funeral to pay their respects. People gave us money out of pity, but I didn't accept it with all the money my mom had already left or me and my sister. I cried for months, my voice only becoming smaller and smaller. Rose never did quite understand that Mom was gone. Rose, only just turning 5, had thought that Mom was only going on a vacation, like Dad had done for years. Even being 7 now she thought she was only on vacation.

After the death of my Mom, child services had come to take us to our Dad's house in LA. At first I just downright ignored him, as I sooner got used to it, although it did take some time, things got better. Rose of course adored him, but that's just Rose being Rose, a friendly little girl. As time went on my voice got softer, my nerves stronger, my personality just a little bit scared. Since the day I had read that letter in my kitchen, I had been traumatized. It's not even the fact that my Mom died that traumatized me; it's the fact that I had been so cruel to her. I will always remember the last words I had said to her,

" You never think Mom! You never think!"

I screamed at her with rage over a few measly pieces of bacon. The worse part of it all, there had been a sentence in my Mom's will, and that sentence had really stung me in the soul. My mom wrote, "I would like to leave my daughter, Flora Linphea, all the money I have been saving for years. Please my darling, use it wisely. My beautiful daughter, I hope one day you can see how beautiful you truly are." My mother had written. Those words, those small little words meant so much to me. Just remembering that day, when she told me I may have anorexia by the rate I'm going. Since then I have never ever believed in diets, or food portioning, I eat what I want, when I want. In fact I try to eat as much calories as I could now because I refuse to get anorexic, my Mom wouldn't want that, she told me herself.

A few tears glistened down my small tan face. There I stood, 17 year old Flora, a completely different person. I had grown a few inches, still making me the shortest girl in the grade. I had grown my hair out, which I refuse to iron or put any product in. Something I learned during my time here in LA, those hair products I used to absolutely positively need, are slowly killing the environment. I had quit cheer leading a short time after I moved here. I don't want my body to be exposed like I used to have it in those belly shirts and short skirts. My eyes were still that green they were 3 years ago. My body structure was still very small.

"Flora, which tie do you think is better for a meeting" My father called running down the stairs

I quickly wiped at my eyes using the sleeves of my yellow sweater

"Let's see, definitely the green one" I said pointing to the one on his left

"Thanks Flora…is that muffins I smell?" My dad asked sniffing

"Sure is, I made toast, omelets, and blueberry muffins, your favorite!" I said cheerily with a giggle

"Thanks sweety, but you know what I really have to go" My Dad said sadly

"That's alright, good luck" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek

"I'm hoping for that promotion!" He called as the door slammed

After returning from school, I went home to make some dinner, the usual. I always make dinner because my Dad was never home early enough. To my surprise, when I got home…..my dad was home too…and I smelled Chinese food.

"Dad?" I called confused

"Flora! I decided to pick up this magnificent feast because I have great news!" My Dad said literally lifting me up in joy

"What?" I asked with a smile

"I got the promotion!" He screamed

"What? Oh my gosh! Congratulations!" I screamed throwing my arms around him

"Hey, what about me?" Rose said squeezing between our legs

"Come here Rosey!" My Dad said lifting her up into a hug

I laughed as we all sat down at the table.

"I am very excited for this job! It'll provide us with a bigger house, more money, and we get to live in New York! Could you believe this Flora? New York City! The Big Apple!" My dad screamed

I paused

"New York?" I asked gently

"Yes! Isn't that exciting!" My dad screamed

"Of course it is but….we've always lived in California, and it was kind of convenient to go see Grandma and Grandpa….and Mom.." I said softly

"Flora! We can go and see them whenever we can, I promise" My dad said placing his hand on mine

I thought about it for a second the looked down.

"Daddy, you know that I love you very much…but I wont leave Mom…I'm sorry" I whispered

"Flora, you don't want to move to New York?" My dad asked sounding sad

"Dad, it's not that I don't want to live with you. I adore you. You're a lovely person, it's just…..I wont leave California. This is where Mom is, and wherever Mom is I have to stay" I said

"So what do you want me to do Flora?" He asked

"Dad, why don't I go back to San Francisco with Rose and stay with Grandma and Grandpa? You can go to New York for your job….and you can come visit us during the holidays and whenever you can…." I said nervously, hoping not to make him angry

"I guess that can be arranged…." My dad said surprising me

"Really? Thank you Dad!" I screamed happily

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