It wasn't a hallucination. It wasn't a mind screw. It wasn't a trick by the bad guy of the week. It was real, honest-to-God sweet apple tea. John Crichton savored every sip of it. Delicious. He leaned back in his chair with a content sigh. This place was amazing. The only thing wrong with it was that there was nothing wrong; No psychotic monsters, no political intrigue, and no one gunning for their hides. That "Everfree Forest" the locals had told Crichton about was the only thing that sounded even slightly dangerous. The astronaut leaned back in his chair and took another sip from his drink. He looked at the field in front of him and watched Aeryn as she impassively observed her son play with the young alien inhabitants and their dog. John was surprised dogs existed out here. He was even more surprised to find that the dog's name was Winona. Idly, he made some comparisons.

Their Winona would probably be considered dinner by most races. His Winona could kill most races.

Their Winona could herd animals. His could herd people.

Their Winona probably made quite a few messes. His did too, but they involved violence and mayhem instead of bodily functions.

Their Winona was soft, squishy, and relatively fragile. His was made from re-enforced metal and circuts.

Their Winona required attention daily. His just needed a clean every few weeks, or after he shot it.

Their Winona had to be fed to live. His only needed Chaka oil to run.

Their Winona needed open spaces and a place to sleep. The only area his Winona needed to be was in his holster or hand.

All in all, if he had asked anyone else which Winona they thought was a better choice, his pulse pistol would probably take home the prize. And yet...

"Hey." He nudged the alien sitting next to him.

"Eyup?" She asked, putting down her own drink and facing him.

"Wanna trade?" John asked, holding up his pulse pistol and motioning to her dog. Applejack cracked a smile.

"Not fer all'a orchards 'n Equestria."

"Yeah, I'd probably make the same choice too." John said with his own grin. Their Winona may be technically inferior to a pulse pistol, but his Winona wouldn't fetch him slippers, bark at intruders, or lick his face out of love. Maybe he could talk Aeryn into getting a puppy...