Harry blinked several times. He was in a large corridor, barely illuminated by the wan light of torches. Yet, the obscurity didn't bother him, and he trotted lightly to the end of the passage. Well, after all, he was a rat : leaping in the sewers was as natural as breathing for him and secluded, gloomy wet places were his chosen field.

However , it's necessary to precise that the young man didn't normally like this kind of rodent. His personal experience didn't help, as he had met only one rat, and that said rat was responsible for his parents' deaths. It's useless to precise that the dirty little thing would have a very long and painful death.

Nonetheless, to go back to our matters, being a quadruped of the size of his palm in a foreign place didn't disturb him one bit. He was there because he had to and questionning himself in this kind of oniric and ludicrous situation wouldn't get him anywhere.

The end of the corridor announced a wide circular room. The walls were decorated with a multitude of candelabras, each one supporting one or two candles. Harry stopped for a moment to let his eyes accomodate to the bright light projected by the room. In the center of the room stood a wooden chair whose occupant was deeply asleep. Harry didn't give to the young girl more than fifteen years. Long dirty blond hair going down below her hips framed her childlish face, peacefully sleeping.

The rodent climbed one of the chair's arm. He was now able to observe more accuratly the young girl. She had an elongated snob nose, high cheekbones, thin lips, and pointed ears that made her look like an elf ( yes, Harry had watched The Lord of the rings ). She looked a lot like Luna, although a lot younger, emitting the familiar dreamy eerie feeling he knew so well.

The rat suddenly winced when he saw her bruised temple and the blood dripping from her scratched lip, the angry red cutting with the white skin of her chin. Harry climbed her arm and shoulder, trying to wake her up, hitting her softly with his muzzle. He felt the young girl shudder et saw her slowly open her eyes. The rodent watched with hope her face leisurely perking up.

" Door...Door...", she moaned.

Harry didn't know who was Door - even thought he instinctively knew that Door was a person- but didn't get time to interrogate the awakening girl. Like if it was attracted by the wake up call, darkness, coming from the corridor, spread all around the room, black leprosy devouring the light of the candles. The rat tried desperately to accelerate the young girl awakening. He looked up and shrieked as the oppressive darkness melted on them.