Max is a High School student/ gang member. The leader of the Dark Raven's sends Fang to befriend Max so he can take what matters from her, but he falls for her. Hard. Max's gang, The Avengers, are curious about why he would chose her. Will they find out his dirty little secret? Links on profile!

Max P.O.V.

I slid out of bed, slipping off my pj's. Mom is going to kill me when I get home. I slipped on a white tank, black skinny jeans, combat boots, a studded belt, leather jacket, and biker gloves with fingers ( On profile!) Cool wind brushed my dirty blond hair back as I opened my window. I slid my legs over, and fell down two stories. My boots landed with a thud, and I fell forward, my hands cathcing my fall. I jumped up, and gabbed my car keys from my pocket. I lightly ran to my blue classic Mustang, and slid in the white, soft seats. It rumbled to life, and I sped away.

The meeting place came into veiw, and I pulled over. I yanked the keys out, and shoved them in my pocket. '' Hey, Max,'' a voice said, I jumped, and whirled around to see my best friend/ second in command, Iggy or James. '' You scared the freakin' crap out of me,'' I whisperd yelled at him. He grinned, and ran a hand through his spiked up blond hair. '' Sorry,'' he said, and grabbed my arm. We began running to the run-down, empty junkyard, and we climbed the fence - him going last. The rocks slipped down the hill as we raced each other up the hill. Finally we got to the little building. I slammed the door open, and took in the house. My gang was reclining around on the couch and a couple chairs we'd put in here. J.J, one of my best friends, was leaning against the wall. Her red hair was pulled up in a ponytail. She didn't really get how to dress tuff, so she had on a black 3/4 sleeve, white skinny jeans, a stylish leather jacket, black converse, and a studded belt - only the studs were stars. '' Hey, Max,'' she said, running a hand over her arm,'' we need to talk about te Dark Raven's. They're messin' with Sarafina.'' Sarafina was her little sister. I narrowed my eyes. That was messed up. They didn't mess with our familes. We were in this to protect them. '' Yeah, they've been messin' with Karah,'' Adam said. '' Okay, let me think,'' I said, putting my head on our table. I'm the leader, I need to think. '' We confront them...''