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Max's P.O.V.

I rolled out of bed, rubbing my dirty blond hair - a frusteration habit. I was majorly grounded. 1, because I had bruises - mom doesn't really like it when I get hurt-., and 2, I came home at 6:00 in the morning -not good... I pulled off my pj's, and put on a black t-shirt with a zombie panda, skinny jeans, black fingerless gloves, neon green high-tops, a necklace with a heart on it that my dad gave me before he died, and my red nails were slightly chipped.( Outfit on profile) Pulling my hair into a ponytail, I hopped down the stairs.

My mom, Valencia, stood in front of the stove, flipping pancakes. Her brown hair flowed down her back in waves. '' Hi, mom,'' I said hesitantly. She turned around, and I looked at what she was wearing. A black blazer, a green dress, a gold necklace, golden heart earing my dad gave her, and a goled bracelet, and a pair of cream heels.

( outfit on profile) '' Hello, Maximum,'' she said in a monotone. I sat down, looking anywhere but her. She never called me Maximum. '' Mommy,'' a voice called, we turned and saw my 6 year-old sister, Angel. Her golden blond hair was down, her blue eyes excited. Today, she had on a pink flowered t-shirt, a light blue flowered skirt, yellow rain boots, a yellow flower in her head, and a silver heart pendant from dad. '' Hi, Angel sweetie,'' mom said, sitting a huge plate of pancakes on the table. She also set three more bowls. I grabbed one, and stacked pancakes on it.

''Bye mom,'' I shouted, and ran to my mustang. I climbed in, started it, and Misery Buisness by Paramore blasted.

My car rolled to a stop in front of Westerfield Arizonia High School. Fancy title, huh? My best friend's, Nudge and Ella ran up to me. Nudge was wearing a black skirt, a ruffled red tank top, red heels, her nails were a bright red , silver bangles, and red eyeshadow.( Outfit on profile) Ella was wearing a black sequined tank, skinny jeans that fit to her curves( she isn't the skinniest thing, but she isn't fat) , red pumps, a red blazer, and a silver bracelet. '' High guys,'' I said, grabbing my backpack. They didn't know I wasn't in the gang, so I was really secritive around them. '' Hi, Max,'' they said in unsion, just as a voice shouted out ,'' Hey bitches!'' Lissa Monroe.