As he stood up his eyes slowly adjusted.

He was in a grave yard and he wasn't alone.

There weren't many but they wouldn't stand a chance.

Looking around for the only way out he turned, vaguely aware of the blinding green light flying toward him rapidly, occupied by a cry of anguish as his feet left the ground and he flew back ward to collide with a giant marble tomb.

As the green hue faded back to heavy darkness he stared.

His eyes didn't adjust like last time, they just stared.

Never again would he play Quidditch, go to Hogsmade with his friends, make out with his girlfriend or learn of his already planned head boy status.

Never again would his bright blue eyes shine with joy or mischief, never again would he run his hands through his sandy locks or smile cheerfully at his friends.

Never again would Cedric be.

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