Author's note: yay! Another fanfic! :D lol. Yeah, this idea just popped out of my head XD And yes, if you are wondering, this is, in fact, an AU, no matter what you think from the summary. Just be warned, if you don't like alternate universes, since this is a pretty massive one.

Chapter 1

In Which Everything is Perfectly Normal

Daniel Fenton was perfectly normal. And, of course, he preferred it that way. But in the hallways of Caspar High School, on September 15th, 8:14am, three teens made a decision that forever changed their lives to the supernatural, preventing any sort of "normalcy" to take place.

It was currently 8:00am.

"Hey, Danny, wanna go to the Nasty Burger after school?" Sam Manson asked, turning her head in the direction of the aforementioned boy. He laughed.

"Don't we always? It's practically the only place high schoolers can go without some old lady coming up to lecture them on manners," Danny answered. The sad thing was, he was speaking from experience. One day the three best friends were laughing in a small restaurant, when suddenly an old lady of about eighty scampered by, telling them that it was very important for them to mind their own business, keep their elbows off the table, hold the door open for other people, etc. Since then, the three swore to never go to another restaurant other than the Nasty Burger, at least until they were 18. The mall was fine, too, for now at least.

"True," Tucker laughed. "Don't wanna experience that again. So, after school at the usual place?"

"We have a usual place?" Danny asked. Sam rolled her eyes.

"You know, the old tree by the fountain? That's where we always meet up," she answered. Tucker shook his head.

"No, we don't go there much anymore. Our place is on the bench next to the small willow, remember? That's where we always go now."

"Yeah, when we were, like, eight. We never go to that place anymore, not after the incident with the horse. We always go to the fountain now." Tucker shook his head again, this time much more vigorously.

"The last time we went to the fountain was that one summer when Mikey got a bunch of vanilla ice-cream all over his hands. The last I remember, Dash was there too and pulled the poor guy's pants down… We swore never to go there after that." Sam tilted her head thoughtfully.

"Yeah, I still don't get that. I mean, I can understand all the laughing, what with Mikey's pants being pulled down, but what was up with all those other nerds blushing? They had a weird look on their face, too…" Danny, who had been listening and quietly laughing the whole time, spluttered.

"U-um, Sam, y-you really don't need to know that," he said, stuttering. Tucker was laughing like there was no tomorrow.

"You really don't know, Sam? Wow, I never actually thought that you wouldn't know something like this!" Tucker chortled, banging his fist into the nearby lockers. Danny thought that it would be a wonderful time for a subject change.

"Hey, you know what guys? I just remembered that my parents had something big they wanted to show me today, so I can't make it. Maybe some other time, though?" Danny said truthfully. His parents really did have something huge, but Danny never really cared about their "inventions" and mostly wanted to bail out on them, choosing to hang out with Sam and Tucker instead. But now he used his parents' next big invention as an excuse to veer away from the dangerous waters that they were starting to tread. (Well, dangerous waters for the guys. Sam would mostly be blushing if they continued on this particular subject.)

Tucker, however, suddenly became interested. "You mean your parents made something new? What is it? Can I see?" The nerd (occasionally "Bad-Luck Tuck" or more preferably "techno-geek") was a Master in All Things Technology, as Danny liked to call him, and often liked to inspect and tinker with the Fentons' inventions.

Danny rolled his eyes. "It's nothing, guys. They just finished this portal-type thing that they've been working on since I was six. Says it's supposed to be some sort of portal to another dimension or other nonsense like that." Sam, at this point, became interested too.

"Seriously? Another dimension? Okay, new plan you two. We meet up at my locker after 7th period and we all go to Danny's house to see the portal thing. I mean, don't you think that it'll be pretty cool if it works?" Sam asked.

Danny groaned. "One, if it really does work, it's going to lead to a place full of freaking ghosts. Two, it won't work in the first place, 'cause a dimension full of ghosts doesn't even exist. And three, since a dimension full of ghosts doesn't exist, we'll have lived through one of my parents' lectures, a failure of an experiment, and my dad's sobbing for nothing. Do you guys really want to waste three hours of your time for that?"

To his complete surprise, they nodded.

"Majority wins, Danny," Sam stated, a smirk playing on her lips. It was then the bell rang, signaling all those left in the hallways to go to their first period class.

With a resigned sigh, Danny left for English.

The time was 8:14am when their decision was made.


Skipping all the boring stuff, we'll start when the trio sat in the Fenton's lab, suffering through an intense ghost lecture. Of course, Danny opposed to the three of them going there the whole day, but his two friends wouldn't listen, so this was where they ended up.

"…and remember kids, never, ever stray close to an unidentified bubbly substance, for it may explode and then eat you all," Maddie finished with a great flourish of her hands (which, by the way, seemed completely out of place, considering the topic she was on.)

"Now, for the Fenton Ghost Portal!" Jack exclaimed excitedly, causing Danny to cringe. Tucker and Sam seemed oblivious to his hyper-activeness, instead gaining bright lights of curiosity in their eyes.

"This thingy here creates a portal to the ghosts' dimension, kinda like a window in your house leads to the outside. We're going to use this baby to spy on the ghosts and soil their evil plans to take over the human world! Plus, we might be able to capture one and rip it molecule by molecule to see how it ticks! Cool, right?" Jack explained enthusiastically. "We've been working on this for eight years, making sure to get everything in tip-top shape so it'll work on the first try! Now, watch closely!" The large man slammed two thick cords together in a wave of sparks. "BANZAII!"

The five people in the room waited for it to turn on. And waited… and waited… and even waited a bit more, until…

Maddie sighed, grabbing the arm of her shaking husband. "Come on, Jack, let's go up to the kitchen to go over our blue prints and see what's wrong. You'll get a cookie, too." And that was how the two parents departed from their lab, leaving three curious teens alone. Sam turned to Danny.

"Hey, Danny, how about I take a picture of you standing in front of the portal?" she asked. Danny stared at her.

"Um, why?"

"Because I want a picture, that's why. So get over there and strike a pose." A camera appeared out of nowhere and placed itself in the Goth's hands. Danny, accepting defeat, sighed and walked over to the side of the portal, glancing nervously at the mess of machinery his parents had made. He decided that he didn't want to stay in the lab much anymore.

"Hey, Sam, just hurry up and take a picture, alright? I really don't think my parents will like it when they realize that they left us alone down here."

"Okay, just a sec…" Sam replied, staring critically at Danny like a photographer would. Then she noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

"Hey, Danny, try wearing this!" she exclaimed, throwing a white and black mess of cloth at the poor boy. It hit him in the head and he bent down to pick it up, observing what was thrown at him. He decided to ignore the fact that he wasn't able to catch it. For now.

"A hazmat suit? Seriously?" Danny spoke incredulously once he saw what she had thrown at him. Tucker burst out laughing.

"Good one, Sam!" he chortled. "Make Danny wear spandex! That'll be hilarious!" Sam snickered along with him.

"Come on, guys!" Danny groaned. "Do you know how itchy these things are?" The laughing stopped at the two stared at him. "I mean, not that I've ever worn one before…"

"C'mon, Danny," Tucker started, "just one picture with the suit and that'll be it. Please?" Danny would have none of it.


"Pretty please?" Sam begged, pulling off the ever infamous puppy dog eyes. Danny seemed to weaken under her gaze, hesitating on his answer.

"…Fine," he relented, and his friends cheered, "but only one picture. Deal?"

"Whatever," Sam said dismissively. "Now put that thing on and stand like you've never stood before!"



Danny, to save the trouble of detailing his struggle with the "damn wearable elastic," got the suit on and zipped up the front. Only problem is, his dad's face appeared on it. Sam glared and put the camera down.

"I cannot have that stupid thing raiding my picture," she declared, savagely pulling the thing off. If you looked closely, you could see the sticker cry.

To make a long story short, they got the picture and soon launched into another argument, one that involved Danny walking into the portal to see if there were any loose wires. Sam and Tucker decided that they would see the Ghost Zone no matter what, and they definitely were not going in the machine themselves. When Danny questioned why, they answered that he was the only one wearing a hazmat suit and it would be unsafe for Sam and Tucker to go in there themselves.

Danny retorted by calling them scaredy-cats.

Tucker agreed.

Of course, Danny eventually lost the argument, Sam resorting to use the puppy dog eyes once more. You might wonder why she did not do so immediately, and the answer's because it's dangerous to use the expression more than once a day. Your mental health cries at the puppy dog eyes.

"Why are you making me do this, anyway?" Danny whined as he took the first step into the portal.

"Because," Tucker answered, "we wanna see the other dimension! And you're going to find out what's wrong. Didn't we tell you this earlier?"

"Actually, the 3rd person narration thingy told the readers earlier, along with the fact that you guys won't go in there yourselves, but I'm not supposed to know that," Danny replied.

"Okay, what?"

"Just breaking the fourth wall for some added humor. Nothing wrong there."

"…You're not making any sense, dude."

"That's what they want you to think."

Sam intervened then, saying, very loosely, to shut up and get back to what they were doing. Danny sighed and turned back around, marching slowly back into the portal. He kept his eyes trained on the ground, both making sure not to step on anything and to spot loose wires, if there were any.

"See anything yet?" Tucker asked.

"No, not really," Danny answered, becoming momentarily distracted. "Just-" He was cut off when he tripped over a thick electrical band, stumbling but not exactly falling. He rested his hand on the wall for support. A small portion gave way beneath his hand, but Danny didn't pay any mind to it, unconsciously filing it as "unimportant."

"Are you okay?" Sam asked worriedly. Danny gave a small, forced laugh and made as if to turn around.

"Yeah, I'm-" Danny was once again cut off by a loud humming noise, and it was then he thought to remove his hand from the wall. Danny noticed a small inconspicuous button imbedded there, and his eyes widened at what he saw.

It was green with the word "ON" labeled above it.

"Shi-" He was, once again, cut off by the portal, but this time it wasn't so nice. The machine gave off a small explosion of neon light, filled with electricity and other substances not quite known. He screamed at the pain and started thrashing, trying to get out even though he knew attempt was futile.

Sam and Tucker, very worried for their best friend, rushed forward to try and save him, but were caught by the edge of the blast and thrown black against the laboratory's walls. Of course, they would've gotten right back up, but the impact knocked them both out cold, though the screaming of their friend could still be heard.

Then all was silent as the portal quieted and a glowing figure stumbled out, collapsing to the ground. If you looked, really looked, then you might've been able to see that the figure's suit was white and black, seemingly made out of spandex, and worn on the body of a boy who looked to be only fourteen years old...

Author's note: sorry, I didn't really read it over much, but I'm sure it's really choppy and too fast-paced. Maybe I'll rewrite this chapter in the future, lol. But guys, can you tell me if this is an idea worth having? Lol, I know you're probably wondering what's different from the series since this doesn't seem really different, but just wait. You'll see the change soon.