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It's been two days since Matt's experiment ended. As a punishment, both him and Mello got extra community and service hours. It wasn't very pleasant, considering the work they had to do was not entirely very… clean. Not to mention Near's killing glances at the pair when they happened to pass by in hall ways and corridors.

Matt did realize that Near had figured out the entire situation, and was blaming him entirely for the perishing of his toys.

That thought isn't giving Matt a moment of peace.

Near has never been quite so angry before, and it's not entirely a surprise since his toys aren't exactly cheap either. He already got some new toys to replace the old ones, but it's more than obvious that he is still angry.

It was really, really, really rare to see Near lose his temper. In fact, Near never got emotional about anything. Even the adults weren't exactly comfortable around him when he's giving off such an unfamiliar aura.

Roger made sure to talk to Matt about his little 'experiment', though Matt was dismissed quickly due to his clean records. Mello, on the other hand, had to have get a whole health checkup, and was forced to see a psychiatrist as well.

On Tuesday at breakfast, Matt had accidentally bumped into Near in the lunch hall, causing him to lose his balance and spill soup all over himself.

That's why when Matt returned to his room after Community and Service work on Tuesday afternoon, he wasn't exactly shocked by the state his room is in. To be more precise, his room was actually neat, aside from the fact it has been covered with large pieces of bright, colorful graffiti. On his desk he found a note which read: Hope you enjoy your new view.

If there was one person who got dizzy being by around colorful things in Wammy's house, it's Matt. If there's one person he angered enough to waste money on graffiti paint, it's Near.

Who knew Near was such an artist.

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