She turns, surprised, startled. A cool wind blows of the river, poking at her dark matted dark hair, whipping her ragged brown skirt against her ankles. One thin, rough hand is curved around the cold steel railing of the bridge, her bare feet gripping the cold ground like it s her only hope, her dirty chemise hanging off her skeletal frame. like Her acid, intense eyes glare at the dark haired man, shining like two bonfires that smolder with ash. She does not recognize him, this shabby long-limbed man with the kind eyes. But he knows her name.

" What is it?" she says in her harsh, abrasive voice. " What do you want?"

" What do I want?" he says, almost to himself. His voice is soft, low, so that she has to lean forward to hear him over the rushing of the river. " Eponine-"

" Who are you? You know who i am." She sounds almost insulted, as though knowing her name was an offense to her pride.

" I? I am Remus."

He speaks French, but his voice is strange, his accent foreign and weird.

"You- you ain't from 'ere, are you?"

He sighs, and his pleasant dark eyes are sad, he doesn't answer. "You are, then?"

"No, you are right. I am not. Not from here."

" Where, then?" she asks, letting a hit of curiosity intrude in her voice.

" Somewhere. You wouldn't understand. somewhere different then here."

She nods, satisfied. For a minuet she is silent, her fingers tracing shaky patterns on the rough metal of the railing.

"How do you…. know me name?"

" Ah. I spoke to a man a little while ago. He told me to come and fetch you. He said you'd be here."

"Oh. A man?"

" Yes. Very handsome. snide, if thats the word i'm after."

" Montparnasse."

" Yes. that was it. He said he wanted you for something, to go somewhere. sounded urgent."

" Ph." She sighed, turning back to the churning river, looking suddenly weak and repulsive in the wan light of the setting sun.

" You don't want to?"

She shrugged her bony shoulders, and didn't answer for a minuet, her face drawn and shadowed

" Wantin' doesn't have nothing to do with it. I ain't got no choice."

" No?"

" No. but- It ain't matter no way." She smiled, displaying several missing teeth.

" Why not?"

His face displayed nothing but sincere kindness, but she recoiled as though she'd been slapped

" I ain't know why i'm talkin' to you anyways. I better go. Thank you, Remus, for tellin' me. Montparnasse'll be wonderin where i've got to by now."

She turns to leave, but he grabs her arm. She spins around, an angry spark in her eyes, her face hard.

" What the Hell!"

" Wait, Eponine. Don't go."

" Why not? I need to git over to him, i'll be in trouble if i don't, i-."

" Wait, Eponine. I-"

" I ain't got no time for this. I'm sorry, Remus."

She wenches out of his grasp, and ducks into an alleyway, in a minuet she is gone. Remus Lupin sighs, and gazes out over the river. The night is falling, great chunks of blackness falling up into the sky. The crescent moon reminds him of why he is here, and his eyes close briefly. he remembers her haunted, sallow face, and terrible flaming eyes. she reminded him of himself after a full moon. was it possible that... No. that was absurd. she was simply a poor waif of a girl who had nothing left to live for. He knows what it is like to be bitter in the face of public scorn, and he knows what it is like to believe you are lost. And now he also understands what it is to love without reason someone whom you have watched for days and days, yet won't give you the time of day. But it is not to late for Eponine not yet.

There is still time. There has to be.

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