It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, I was the creature stirring. My name is Tess, and I love Muse. I've been asking for tickets to one of their concerts since I got into them 3 years ago today. Like every year, I never get the proper (or pwoper, if you prefer) amount of sleep on Christmas Eve. So I decided to do a little snooping around the Christmas tree. I crept down the stairs with as little noise as possible. Thankfully, the second to last step didn't creak like it usually did. My Christmas socks also helped reduce noise. I slowly peaked around the door, and gasped. I tried to stifle it ,but sure enough, he heard.
"Tess? Come here, I haven't seen you in years." It was a man dressed in red and white.
"...Santa? Really?" I scratched my head. Was I dreaming? Did I have too many candied yams?
"Yes, sweetie, it's really me." He reached into his red and gold embroidered bag and pulled out some golden dust. Santa went to the tree and spread the dust all around it. Instantly presents sprang up from the ground.
"Wow. That's amazing." I whispered. Santa thanked me. I watched as he carefully filled my brother's and sister's stocking.
"Don't look." he said, smiling. I turned around. He tapped me when he finished. "OK, Tess, I have to go now. But I think you'll really enjoy your presents. Good night, and merry Christmas!" I waved and Santa stepped into the chimney. Within a second he was gone.

That morning, I raced to the tree. My parents were slowly waking up, not being used to waking up at 5:00. I took down my stocking and poured it out. Inside were a lot of small things, but one thing stood out from all of them. I took them in my hands to examine them.
"OH MY- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" In my hands were two tickets, floor seats, to a Muse concert! I looked again. "Yeah! Backstage passes!" I was so stoked! And there in the corner of one of the tickets, was a little Santa hat. I looked at the chimney and whispered my thanks.