The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: #16
Pen Name: MaxieMoose
Pairing/Main Character(s): Bella/Edward
Rating: M

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Prompt #16 – Lavish – One shot

Warning – This has a very mild BDSM theme. I've never written anything like this so be nice, please : - )

"Isabella, do you like your collar?" Master asked in his deepest, sexiest voice.

"Yes, Master."

I sat on my knees in what Master called the ready position. Naked, head down, wet and ready, my body vibrating for what Master had planned.

I was his temporary sub for two months, at which time I called him Sir. Now that he collared me, I was his and he was my Master. I had a Cartier choker with matching earrings, aring and abracelet.

"You like your collar, don't you, love? I can see the physical changes in you when I speak of it. The quickness of your breathing, the pertness of you beautiful nipples, the smallest shuffle in your core for the friction you crave so much. Who am I, Isabella?" Master commanded in a firm tone. "You may look at me."

I snapped my eyes up to meet his,and fought a gasp. My master had the prettiest blue eyes and soft blonde hair, with just the beginning smatterings of silver streaked through it. Master was older than me, but he was gorgeous. Hekept his body in top shape and he never disappointed me.

"You are my master." I fought a groan as I saw his erect cock twitch in his jeans. I knew he was bare under them.Whenwe played, Master never wore boxers.

Master approached me, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Yes, Isabella, I am your master. Do you know what that means? Feel free to answer my direct questions."

"You take care of me, Master."

"Very good, Isabella, you are such a good girl. Do you know what happens to good girls?" I was dripping from Master's tone. I knew he had good things planned for us this weekend.

"They get rewarded."

Master smiled. "Yes, Isabella, they get rewarded." Master circled me and inspected my body. Hehummed in appreciation and I was so proud. "You have done all that I ask and have been a good sub. It is rare I take on someone permanently, Isabella, but you are so special I cannot resist. I crave you, Isabella, when I am not with you. Do you crave me when we are apart?"

"Yes, Master, very much so."

"Enough to break my rules?" Master's tone was curious.

Master did not allow anyone to touch me unless he directed it and I was not allowed to touch myself unless Master told me to. Only seeing him four days a month made it tough to follow these rules, but Master was worth it.

"It is tempting, Master, but you are worth it. I would never break your rules."

Master laughed his big hearty laugh and I wanted to laugh too. Thesound was wonderful. I fought a smile. I loved to please my master.

"I love that you are honest and loyal, my pet. Do you know there is no expense I would not spend on you, no pleasure I would not lavish on your gorgeous body? I am your master now, Isabella, and I will take great care of you. There is nothing I won't buy you or do for you. As your master, it is not only my job, it is my pleasure."

I hummed at his words.And if possible, my pussy got wetter.

"Since you are such a good girl, I will let you pick what we do first. What do you want, Isabella?"

I answered immediately. "I want you gorgeous cock in my mouth, Master."

"Mmmm, Isabella, your wish is my pleasure. You are such a good girl, but greedy for my cock. I love it. My cock is hard for you, baby."

I licked my lips as Master pulled his jeans down and his gorgeous cock sprang free. I saw a small drip of precum and my body craved to lick it off his magnificent cock.

Master approached me and pulled my hair roughly. He ran is thumb over my lips and cheek while I looked at him. The lust and want that mirrored mine swirled in his eyes. He pushed his – "

"Mommy, I need you!" Gracie's scream pulled me from my dream, or should I say my nightmare. "Hurry, mommy!"

I ran to my daughter's room, flustered from my dream. I'd probably be turned on if things with my former master had ended well.

I ran into Gracie's room and she was trembling. Her body was red and she was clutching her ear.

"Mommy, it hurts," Gracie cried as I ran to her.

She was on fire. I put the back on my hand on her forehead and I knew she had a high fever.

I went into Speed racer mode, pulling clothes on us, taking Gracie's temperature, giving her Motrin to bring her fever down, all while I waited online for her pediatrician.

Gracie and I walked out the door. I put her in my silver Volvo and tried not to think about who had bought me the car. The day I found I was pregnant with Gracie, I ended any and all thoughts of my BDSM lifestyle. It was always just to satisfy what I thought was missing in my life, but when I had my little peanut in my belly, I realized she was all I needed. She was the family I craved so much and I knew the sub lifestyle I had craved so much at one time was to compensate for being lonely, left with no family.

"Mommy, I'm sleepy." I sighed with relief. The medicine was starting to take effect. Her fever had been 103.7, which was too high for comfort.

"That's good, baby. You can rest while we drive to see Dr. Banner."

I put my headset on and headed off to brace the Seattle rain.

I checked my phone, frustrated. I was not normally on hold this long. I looked in my rearview mirror and smiled at my sleeping baby.

The annoying elevator music ended as the office picked up my line that had been on hold way too long for my liking. "Mrs. Banner, your husband will meet you at the club. I've cancelled all of his appointments for the day," the annoying receptionist said in a chipper tone.

"Uh, no, this is Isabella Swan. My daughter has a 103.7 fever, but I guess Dr. Banner can't be bothered with patients today since he'll be meeting his wife at their country club," I spat at the receptionist. So fucking annoying.

"Oh, Ms. Swan, I'm sorry, but Dr. Banner is out today. But two blocks from our office there is an urgent care for pressing issues, like your daughter's." She was all business and it was hard to yell at her. It wasn't her issue her boss was a total douche bag.

"You know, I could yell at you, but I know that won't do anything. Tell Dr. Banner he'll be hearing from me," I said in the most menacing lawyer voice.

"Thank you. Ms. Swan. I hope Gracie feels better."

We ended the call with proper pleasantries.

I pulled up to the urgent care. Gracie was out cold, the medicine working its magic. I would love to leave her in the car with someone while I registered at this place. It was Januaryand I couldn't imagine what the wait would be. It was times like these I wish I had a boyfriend or husband, or even Gracie's father to help out, but it was just us.

I couldn't dwell on this. It was better he was not in our lives.

Gracie whimpered. I hated waking her up. Thankfully, as soon as I put her on my shoulder, she zoned out again.

Two hours later, my grumpy baby was awake and crying over the pain in her ear.

I walked up to the receptionist.

"Do you know how much longer it will be?" I put on my best smile, but I knew it would not thaw the woman who seemed to hate her job.

She looked at her list. "You have four people in front of you."

Gracie whimpered. Her fever was back up and I knew she needed more Motrin, which I forgot at home.

"Thank you."

I knew this was a risk, but I headed to my car and was going the emergency room at Harborview hospital. Maybe Alice's new boyfriend would help me out.

"Mommy, my ear hurts."

"I know, baby. I'm going to find someone to help you."

I dialed Alice. "Alice, Gracie needs you."

I explained the situation to Ali and she agreed to call the new guy she just started dating. He was a gynecologist, but had a good friend who was a pediatrician at the hospital. Ali told me I was to ask for Dr. Edward Masen. He sounded like an old nice grandpa. I hope that he would take care of my Gracie-bear.

Gracie and I arrived at the hospital. She had fallen asleep from the jostling of the car, but woke up crying as soon as I pulled into a spot. I walked right up to the desk. A pretty blonde nurse was manning it.

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan. I need you to page Dr. Edward Masen. Please?" I asked in a sugary sweet tone as I tried to sooth Gracie.

"And you are?" She had a nasally voice, which caused her to drop points in my book.

"I'm Bella Swan, I need to see Dr. Edward Masen." Still sweet, just not quite so sugary.

"Why do you need to see him?" She had a tad bit of a demanding tone, and I was starting to get pissed.

"That is between Dr. Masen and me. Is he not here?" Sweet act was gone, Lawyer-cut-throat-bitch Bella started to make an appearance.

She pointed to Gracie. "If this is about a patient, you'll need to sign in, fill out these forms and wait your turn." She gestured to all the people waiting in the chairs. There was at least fifteen of them.

I spied her name badge. "Look,Tanya, call Dr. Masen and tell him Gracie Swan is here to see him. Or get me someone who could pick up the phone and call, page, or whatever it is you do here." She flinched a little at my tone.

That's right, Barbie. Lawyer lady and pissed-off-tired mom. Don't fuck with me.

"Listen, Gracie – " Tanya started in a nasty tone. She was so dumb she called me Gracie, even though I told her twice my name was Bella.

Gracie popped her head up. "Yes, Ms. Tanya."

The nurse looked taken aback at Gracie's sweet tone when she was being such a nasty bitch.

"Look, Tanya, forget it. I'll get Dr. Masen on the phone myself." I adjusted Gracie on my hip when I saw a look of horror on Tanya's face.

"Tanya, has my 10 a.m. appointment arrived?" A sexy voice alerted me that someone was standing behind me. That voice sounded like crushed, silken velvet caressing my skin. Something stirred in me that I thought was lost forever.

I panicked at the lust feelings that swirled inside me. I had to get away from that voice. There was no time in my life for a man or that lifestyle. I gave it all up the day I found out I was pregnant with Gracie.

"Uh, no, Doctor, I mean, I don't know…" the dumb bimbo stammered.

I swerved left, away from the useless nurse. I'd call Ali; she'd get me in touch with Jasper which in turn would get me in touch with Dr. Masen.

As I slinked away from Nurse crusty bitch, I dared not look at the man with the velvety voice. I clutched Gracie to me and scurried off towards the far end of the waiting room, dialing Ali's number before I even sat down.

"Mommy, my ear hurts and my tummy. I'm hungry, Mommy," Gracie simpered.

Fuck, I'm the worst mother ever. The poor baby had not eaten since last night.

"I'm sorry, honey, I know. Let me call Aunt Ali and then we'll get you some food and some medicine." This hospital had to have a gift shop and a cafeteria, right?

Shit, Ali's phone went to voicemail. She must me be in a meeting. "Ali, its Bella. I can't find Dr. Masen. Call me please? Gracie needs you," I pleaded and hung up the phone.

I noticed the blonde bitch nurse and the source of the silky voice arguing.

His back was to me, but from behind, I could tell he was hot as hell. He had funky hair – it was all over the place – but still looked managed. It was a unique color, not quite brown, but not red. Almost like a deep shiny copper penny color.

He had cute ears. Could ears be cute? Shit, if his ears were adorable, what could the rest of him look like?

"Mommy, my tummy." Gracie pulled me from lustful staring.

Oh, yeah, mother of year again ogling a fuckhot doctor and not feeding her kid. Fuck my life. Could this morning get any worse? "I'm sorry, baby, let's get you some food while we wait for Aunt Ali to call back."

"And some medicine, Mommy. It feels like someone is stabbing my ear with a knife."

"I'm sorry, baby, let's go." I tried to sooth Gracie by pulling her into a cuddle as I got up and walked out of the waiting room in search of food and medicine.

"Wait, Ms. Swan," I heard someone calling me as I walked down a wide, bright hospital corridor.

It was Mr. Crushed Velvet voice.

I turned and sure enough, he was the hottest man I'd ever seen in my life. Gracie was now back on my hip and snuggled into my neck. We watched in awe as the Mr. Smexy jogged towards us.

"Ms. Swan, I'm sorry about Nurse Denali. I'm Dr. Edward Masen. Jasper called and I cleared my schedule so I could look at your little girl. Gracie, is it?" He smiled at Gracie, and I swear I had a mini orgasm. How could just a smile do that to me?

"I'm hungry and my ear hurts," Gracie whined.

He rubbed her curls. "I know, baby. Come on, you and your mommy can come to my office. I have some snacks. We'll fix up that ear of yours while you eat, okay?"

Gracie snuggled shyly into me and nodded. Edward chuckled and I couldn't help but smile. He had the nicest laugh.

"Ms. Swan – "

"Bella, you can call me Bella, Dr. Masen." I smiled. Fuck, I was flirting. Stop it, you whore, he's your daughter's doctor.

"Okay, then I insist you call me Edward." He smiled a crooked smile at me and we were both frozen in a lust spell.

Gracie whimpered as a tear rolled down her check.

"Please come with me and we'll get her taken care of." He looked at Gracie with deep concern.

Dr. Masen – I mean, Edward led us back to what I assumed was his office. He opened the door and delicately led us inside, his hand guiding me, just brushing the small of my back.

I felt the warmth from his touch from my scalp to my toes. Between his touch and his heady man smell, I was goo in his hand.

He got Gracie some food and while she ate, he gave her a thorough exam. I was in awe of his calming presence, but also impressed how good he was with her. A vision of him with a Gracie and little bronze haired boy flashed in my head and my ovaries ached.

I shook it off. 'He's Gracie's doctor' I kept chanting to myself.

He pulled some cranberry juice out of a mini-fridge and gave it to Gracie to help wash down the medicine he gave her. He laid her on his couch and covered her up with his coat. It was the sweetest scene ever.

For the second time today, I wished Gracie had a father to help care for her. I'd never felt this way about her lack of a father figure, but her being sick brought out many strong emotions in me.

"You rest, baby. I'm going to go talk to your mommy," he said to her softly.

"Okay, Dr. Edward, I'm sleepy." Gracie stretched and yawned like a little kitten and then snuggled into the makeshift blanket of Edward's jacket.

He chuckled and kissed her forehead. She smiled and closed her eyes. Yep, that was it. My ovaries were wide-awake. This guy was too good to be true.

He looked down at her lovingly and the sweetest smile spread on his face. He then looked at me and put his finger over his mouth, giving me the universal 'be quiet' symbol. God, he was cute.

I watched him as he made his way back to his desk and sat across from me.

"Ms. Swan, is there anyone you need to call, letting them know Gracie is fine now?" His question caught me off guard and then I realized Alice.

"Oh yeah, I turned off my phone when I got in here. I need to call Alice and let her know so she doesn't worry and keep bugging your friend Jasper." Seeing that Ali had texted me, I rattled off a quick text to her.

Edward watched me and had a curious look on his face.

"There's no one else? A husband, boyfriend, Gracie's father?" Was he seeing if I was single?

"Uh, no, it's just me and Gracie." It suddenly got awkward.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry, I was just worried…" He trailed off, sensing the awkwardness that had fallen between us.

"So Alice, she's your friend?" He asked and smiled.

Despite feeling awkward around him now, I couldn't help but smile at the mention of Ali's name. "Yes, Alice is my best friend."

"She's interesting. I think Jasper and her are a great match. I've never seen him so happy," Edward mused as he talked about his best friend.

"Yes, Alice is smitten. I've never seen her like this." I smiled bigger. Alice deserved happiness, andI was so glad she found Jasper.

Ali, once again, saved me. Bringing her up got rid of the awkwardness surrounding me and Dr. McDreamy.

He explained that Gracie had a severe ear infection in both ears, but the ear hurting her was more advanced. He gave me a prescription and described what to expect.

"Wow, andshe's almost four. I guess I thought since she'd never had an ear infection before I was not going to have to deal with them." I felt horrible she'd probably had it for a few days and I didn't know.

Edward must have sensed my internal berating about being a horrible mother. "Hey, don't beat yourself up. Many times kids present no physical signs until they have extreme ear pain and a high fever. I see it all the time. A little antibiotics and she'll be fine."

"Wow, thank you so much, Dr. Masen." I was so thankful to him.

"No worries, and Bella, it's Edward, remember?"

"Yeah, right, sorry. But seriously I owe you, Edward. Dr. Banner decided to take the day off and I'd be lost if you didn't help us, and that urgent care was packed."

Edward frowned. "Yes, a few my patients used to go to Dr. Banner. I'm sorry he was not there for you."

"Wait, you see regular patients?" Could he be Gracie's regular doctor?

"Yes, I see about half as a doctor with a separate office. A handful of us attending physicians keep office hours at the clinic downstairs."

"Oh, I see." Should I ask him? But if he's Gracie's doctor, does that mean we can't date? Doctor, patients, ethics and all that.

"Did you want to schedule a follow up appointment? I have a full patient load, but I'd make room for you…I mean her. Gracie, that is." He was fumbling a bit. Was he as smitten with me as I was with him?

"Really?" I asked excitedly.

Before he could answer, he got a call and had to excuse himself into the hall. I was bouncing and needed to let go of some nervous energy so I checked on Gracie and decided to snoop around his office. No hurt in seeing if I could find out more about this gorgeous man.

There wasn't much snooping to do inhis office. It was pretty standard. A desk, couch, table, mini-fridge, diplomas, bookshelf… yeah, with pictures. What did we have here? Time to see if Mr. Schmexy doctor is single. Just because he didn't wear a ring didn't mean he was single. A lot of married guys don't wear rings.

I saw some pictures of him and Jasper from medical school. College maybe? I'll have get the full story of their history from Ali.

No girlfriend pictures, so it seemed. There was some with him as a young boy with what I assumed were his parents. He looked like both of them. He was an adorable child and that image of the copper haired boy with piercing green eyes flashed in my head again.

Then I saw it. It was him? What the hell? How? Were they connected? Were they related? A million questions flowed through my brain at once.

My head hurt. All the blood rushed to my confused brain, causing it to throb. My pulse beat in my ears, fear and adrenaline rushed through me. Mr. Lavish, the only name I knew for him – my former master, the monster – was there standing with Edward. They were both smiling and had their arms around one another. What the fuck!

"That's my uncle, Carlisle Cullen. He and his wife raised me. My parents were killed in a car accident when I was eight," he said in a faraway sad voice.

Startled,I yelped and turned towards Edward. Instead of a sexy man I was interested in possibly dating, all I saw when I looked at him was danger. It was like a big red warning sign was flashing across his face and an annoying robot was going off in my head. "Danger, Danger! Will Robinson, Run!"

"Oh, that's nice. Thank you, Dr. Masen, for all you have done, but I have to go." I put my coat on, collected my purse, and picked up Gracie. She was holding onto Edward's coat so tight I had to pry it out of her baby death grip. It was embarrassing how long it took me to pry it from her tiny hands. Edward was watching and even tried to help when I finally freed her hands.

"Wait, don't go. I'll buy you two lunch and we can get Gracie's prescription filled," he said in an almost panicked tone.

"No, thank you, I have to go. Sorry, work and all." I walked towards the door looking everywhere but at him. I tried to leave, but he jumped in front of me just as I got to the door.

"Bella, wait, what's wrong? I thought that maybe that you felt like, shit…this is coming out all wrong." He looked tortured. "Look, did I do something wrong or did I offend you? I really like you and I'd like to take you out on a date…" My face must have told him what I was thinking inside – fuck no. "I mean, just as friends, with Gracie. I just want to get to know you two better," he pleaded.

He looked so sad, I felt horrible. It wasn't his fault his uncle was a monster.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Masen, but I'm really busy and I don't date and I have to go. Thank you again." I rushed past him and out of his office in a panic and jogged down the white sterile hospital corridor.

"It's Edward, remember!" he hollered after me in a defeated tone.

I had to go home and figure out what I was going to do. I was possibly exposed. I had to protect Gracie at all costs. At least now I had a name. I only knew him as Mr. Lavish, Sir or Master, but now I had a name to go with the face of the man that haunted me every night – Carlisle Cullen.

That's all I wrote folks – the end!

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