So this is my first time writing anything in this fandom (and I truly haven't read much of anything in it, either), but I've been in love with the show for years so I figured I'd try my hand at it. This is a part I of II shortfics written for an LJ December gift-giving prompt.

And obviously, I don't own Criminal Minds.

Valentine's Day

Click-click-click-click. That's all Morgan heard outside of his office. And that's all he needed to hear to know exactly who it was.

"Hey Baby Girl," he sing-songed as soon as Garcia opened his door.

Garcia sashayed in with a bright smile wearing a flowing pink skirt, a blue and white floral patterned shirt and a short pink cardigan. A blue flower headband with a pink center pulled the entire outfit together. However, all of this was normal for Garcia, and normal for Morgan. It was the object in her hand that caught his attention.

"What's that you got?" His pen hit the table as he gave Garcia his full attention.

"A gift," Garcia smiled.

"Yeah, I can see that, but for what?" He turned the box over after Garcia handed it to him.

"Ohh, don't tell me my Chocolate Adonis forgot what this weekend was?"

Morgan scrunched his face, "Valentine's Day? Momma, that's Saturday…today's Tuesday. You think you're a bit early?"

"Right!" Garcia exclaimed, one finger up. "But, I had to give it to you before you bought something for me."

"…You're losing me, Baby Girl."

"Because I knew you'd buy me something, too."

"And you don't want me to buy you anything?"

'No. Well, not yet. Look," Garcia shooed Morgan out of his chair and replaced him at the computer. Seconds later she brought up a webpage on...

"White Day?" Garcia just sat back while he scanned the page. "March 14th: a day when males who received chocolate on Valentine's Day return the favor by giving more expensive gifts, such as white chocolate, jewelry, and lingerie! Baby girl, I love you, but if you think I'm buying you lingerie…"

"Nooo, although I do think we'd make two sexy bits of a three-piece oreo, but no. However," she tapped a few keys bringing up a new webpage, "there is this cute little bracelet I've been looking at… Ya know, just in case." She winked.

"Uh huh, I see what this is. You're trying to swindle a gift outta me. Get outta my seat, girl," Morgan said, playful tickling her side.

Restoring himself to his rightful chair, Morgan opened the box Garcia had handed him finding, none other than, small chocolate candies. "Alright, I'll see about this White Day thing. But I'm not saying you're gonna know what I get you. It'll be a surprise," he teased.

"No, but this bracelet…" Garcia tried to protest pointing at the screen.

"Nope, what'd I say, woman. Now go on, get. I'm choosing this gift." He kissed her cheek, spreading melted chocolate across her face.

With narrowed eyes and pouting lips, Garcia grabbed a tissue from his desk and scrubbed her face. "You better be glad I love you. Otherwise I'd just hack your account and buy it as a gift for myself from Supervisory Special Agent Morgan."

Morgan just laughed with chocolate covered teeth as Garcia sashayed out of his office.


So like I said, this is my first time writing in the fandom so reviews, comments, and critiques are all accepted. I was a bit worried about characterization since this is Morgan and Garcia (and they are oh-so original) but I'm hoping it came out okay.

Review and let me know!