Oh wow. Look over there. What is that? Could it be? Yes, it is! It's an update! Oh wow, I thought they had been driven to extinction! Ever since school came along, and killed them all off. Wow. Well, read hard and long, because they're unlikely to last, and soon all updates will go the way of the dinosaurs.

The new group of Alphas made their way to the Accommodation Block, the place they'd be living for the next six years. Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd ran ahead, to hear what the Contessa was saying.

Jeremie and Aelita hung back glancing around the area, taking in the students. Both were well aware that if they wanted to survive in a school of villains, they had to be hard, tough, and vigilant, and always strive to stay on top, or risk falling under.


Otto sat with Laura in the Alphas Accommodation Block, after classes that day.

The redhead smiled. "Looks like there is a whole new batch of Alphas," she said, in her slight Scottish accent, gesturing at the new students.

Otto looked over, frowning slightly. His eyes slid over most of the students, looking for any that appeared out of the ordinary.

He saw the group pass by. At the end, he noticed a petite girl with bright pink hair looking around. A little behind her, a pale, very thin, small boy surveyed the area with his startling blue eyes. The aforementioned eyes met Otto's and narrowed. Otto felt a slight chill.

He sent the blue-eyed boy a challenging glare back, and the boy held his gaze coolly, before the group moved on.

Otto got the impression that this new student was an accomplished mind, like him. If the look he gave Otto meant anything, it was that this boy wasn't willing to be second in anything.

Good, Otto thought, smiling slightly. I like a challenge.

Laura watched the students, and a few caught her eye. Namely the two lurking in the back. Laura had never seen someone with hair that color, and something about its roots didn't look fake. Laura gave the owner of the hair a small smile, and got a returning one, as the girl's bright green eyes lit up at the friendly face.

Laura turned to Otto. Her white-haired friend had the look of someone just put in a room with a challenge that he wasn't about to let slip.

She nudged him. "What's up with you?"

Otto glanced over at the blue-eyed boy as he spoke. "I get the impression not all the new students are as naïve as most newcomers are."


"Well!" Said Odd, relaxing on a couch. "If there's anything good about the school, it's its accommodations! The food was awesome, and this place looks like a five star hotel!"

Jeremie lowered himself onto the seat next to him. "Well, I sure don't cherish the idea of living with these… students."

"Why?" Aelita asked, seated next to him. "Most of them seem fairly nice."

Yumi shrugged. "Well, Wing seemed to be nice."

Ulrich tensed up at this. "Are you kidding? I agree with Jeremie, these students are bad news. I'll bet Wing was just trying to undermine us."

Jeremie frowned, glancing down the Accommodation Block. The white haired boy and his red haired companion were deep in conversation, cutting an occasional look at the Lyoko Warriors.

Just then Wing entered the Accommodation Block. He made his way over to where the other two stood, and began talking to them.

"She seems nice, doesn't she?" Aelita asked, following Jeremie's eyes.

Jeremie looked surprised. "You think so?"

Aelita shrugged. "She seemed so. Jeremie, did you see these things, they're incredible." She was referring to the Blackboxes the students had been given. They gave them a direct access to H.I.V.E.-mind, for any questions they may have. The Blackboxes also contained a map of the school.

Aelita sighed. "I really could learn a lot from this thing."

Jeremie glanced down at his. Although there was most certainly a lot he could learn from it, right now he decided to learn as much as he could from observing these students. Something about the way they held themselves, the easiness about their stances gave them the appearance of people who knew what they were doing.

And the challenging look in the white haired boy's eyes… these were students who clearly had a reputation at the school. One that they would surrender. But Jeremie wasn't planning on being second to anyone.

He kept watching them, and soon a blond girl joined their ranks, and the four continued their conversation.


Across the Accommodation Block, a raven haired boy stood, in the shadows, watching the students. His cold blue eyes glinted, as he took them in.

They were diverse. Those that seemed at home in this place, those that seemed unbelieving. Those that wished to appear at ease, but were truly overwhelmed and terrified. Those that openly seemed terrified.

It wasn't hard for Artemis to distinguish who would be a threat, and who would be an ally. And, of course, who would be easy pickings, if it ever came to that.

Of course, he would never have come here if he didn't feel he had something to learn. For once, he was at a school that could actually teach him something. Perhaps.

Lessons started tomorrow. Then he would see exactly what this place had to offer him.