"Just to be clear: You have all these wonderful powers that allow you to heal the sick and save people from a life of torturous illness… but you won't use it to help the average non-magical because of some ridiculous laws about secrecy?"

Alec Marsden was both amazed and enraged by the revelation of a secret society of magic. He couldn't believe that there were people claiming to be Healers that allowed people to suffer.

"At the moment we aren't allowed to help overtly, I'm hoping to reveal the magical world within your lifetime."

"And in that time all those people will suffer!" Alec repeated angrily.

"Yep. Unless I get help." Harry smiled.

"Help?" Alec asked incredulously. "All you need is to walk up to the nearest hospital and cure everyone there!"

"Alec, please! Lord Gryffindor has done far more than anyone else in the history of civilisation!" Agent Marsden pleaded.

"I have?" Harry asked dubiously.

Marsden gave Harry a gimlet eye. "I know full well that you are the reason there is no longer a shortage of organs for transplant."

"Meh, I just find it hilarious that there are a whole lot more Aussies wandering around the world." Harry grinned.

"Harry has always wanted to do more, he could go around the laws or ignore them, but as we pointed out a few days ago it's a bad idea." Sirius explained.

"How could it possibly be a bad idea?"

"Harry walked into the local magical hospital and cured everyone who wasn't dying of old age or completely mentally incapacitated. He nearly caused mass panic and hysteria as some of the non-magical raised feared an event of what they called: 'Biblical proportions'."

"How was I supposed to know they would jump to such wild conclusions!" Harry said defensively.

"Common sense would have been a good place to start." Hermione snorted.

"Look, it's obvious that anything on a large scale will cause major problems. But a slightly smaller and obscurer scale will work fine." Harry explained.

"Such as?" Alec asked warily.

"I can't tell you yet and definitely not in front of these people."

"Is it that bad?"

"No Mrs. Jenson, it is highly unlikely Harry has anything but the purest intentions. It is more likely he is looking to give those of us in an official capacity the benefit of plausible deniability." Agent Marsden explained.

"Is that true Milord?" The Admiral asked.

"I can't say." Harry grinned. He turned back to Alec. "I feel like you. Magicals are selfish with their gift and there are too many people suffering. But I can help you help them. All you will need to do is give an oath that you will follow my instructions regarding magic and the secrecy required."

"And if I refuse or change my mind later?"

"I take away the gift I will give you."

"And we will be highly disappointed." Mrs. Marsden warned.

Alec Marsden scowled. He hated these magicals for not helping people. He had seen people in the throes of death caused by everything from gunshots to cancer. And these people did nothing.

But maybe he could change that.

"Fine. I'll do it." He said with a sharp nod.

"Sweeet!" Harry crowed as he jumped up walked through the table (surprising the non-magicals) and placed a hand on Alec's chest. "Just relax, I've never done this before!" He grinned as his hand started to glow.

Alec's eyes widened in shock, he didn't realise he was about to become a guinea pig.

"What hasn't he done before?" Mrs. Marsden asked worriedly.

"He's turning Alec into a wizard." Hermione sighed in mild exasperation. Once again Harry was taking a running jump off a cliff without making sure there was water below first.

"What! He can do that?" Sirius asked as he gaped at the sight of Harry and Alec glowing.

"He's Harry, he can probably turn us into squibs, but it would be counter productive to his goals." Hermione explained. "I need to ask Neville, but I think it is his very nature as the Master of Magic that drives him to spread magic around."

Suddenly the glowing pair of Alec and Harry stopped.

"And you're done. You are now Alec Marsden, Wizard!" Harry announced proudly.

"I am?"

"Yep, hold out your hand and think of making you finger glow… like E.T." Harry instructed. "Remember the feel of the magic I just put into you."

Alec held out his finger, took a deep breath and concentrated.

"Why do they always look like they are constipated?" Harry whispered loudly to Sirius and Hermione.

"You had the same look." Hermione retorted

"Alec, you don't need to force it, you just need to relax and find it. Find the feeling and think of it seeping out of the core in your chest like a stream." Harry advised.

"Attempt to meditate." Hermione added.

Alec nodded closed his eyes and took a few deep calming breaths.

The assembled magicals and non-magicals looked on in awe as Alec began to glow. Harry just chuckled.

"Take that feeling and guide it into your finger, imagine your finger glowing." Harry instructed quietly. "Open your eyes and hold that feeling."

Alec blinked as he saw his finger glowing brightly. "I really am a wizard… you weren't joking." He murmured in awe.

"Nope, and that's just the beginning, try turning it off and playing with it for a few minutes whilst we do something else."

"Harry." Hermione said warningly.

Harry just kissed her cheek and grinned. "Right who's next?"

"You want to make our wives into witches?" Admiral Jenson asked in amusement.

"And their husbands into wizards!"

"Harry, I'm not sure we could accept that, we serve her Majesty." Marsden explained.

"Is there any rule in any part of the British Empire that says you can't do both?" Harry asked.

"There has never been any precedent for such rules."

"Then there is no reason you can't be wizard who is an Admiral or an MI5 agent who is a wizard." He countered.

"I'm not sure I see the benefit of us becoming witches." Mrs. Marsden commented. "We don't fight or heal others. We don't work in government."

"You don't see the benefit of sending a spell at the dirty dishes and laundry that will clean it and put it all away? Of casting a light spell like… Alec…" Harry paused as he noticed Alec was now creating multicoloured strobe lights in both hands. "… like he is so you don't need to carry a torch in the dark when you lose your keys? Or being able to make the couch exceptionally light so you can pick it up and rearrange the furniture?"

"Aren't we a little old to be learning to use magic?" Mrs. Jenson asked.

"Only if you are a dog. OW!" Harry rubbed the back of his head where Hermione had whacked him.

"Be serious and be careful of crossing a line." She warned.

"Right. Sorry that was too much." He said sincerely.

"Not to worry, we've seen enough of you today to know you weren't attempting to be rude." Mrs. Jenson assured them.

"You should be glad his father isn't here, it gets much worse." Sirius commented.

"Says the pot." Marsden chuckled.

"Getting back on track, I recently made a man who is well into his nineties a wizard. He has been doing fine."

"Who?" Hermione asked curiously.

"I can't say. I consider these to be medical procedures so if people want privacy they are covered as my patients." Harry shrugged. "So, who wants to do magic?"

After making four more magicals and getting oaths from the five of them, Harry and Hermione returned home. Harry's plans would likely not get started until the new year.

Percy had spent the day seeing students about their work experience and career choices and was just finishing up when his twin brothers showed up.

"Think you can fit us in Perce?" Fred asked.

"Of course, what's the problem?" He was slightly worried as the pair seemed rather serious and subdued.

"We're thinking of dropping out, we want to start a business." George stated.

Although slightly alarmed, Percy was not surprised. Neither of the twins were academically inclined, granted they were brilliant and according to professors Flitwick and Flamel they were borderline prodigies in their fields.

"What is so important that you can't wait till your NEWTS are in?"

"We really want to open a shop and be the first, but we need money to do it. So we want to focus on developing and selling our joke products and use the money to open the store." Fred explained.

"So… you actually want to open two stores?" He asked slowly.

"No… well… I suppose." Fred considered, he looked to George with a shrug.

"We originally wanted to open just the joke store in Diagon Alley and maybe a branch later in Hogsmede. But we saw a shop in the non-magical world… it sold mainly stationary, books, greeting cards, music and videos. It's called 'W. H. Smiths', but everyone calls it 'Smiths'.

"We wanted to be the first to open a non-magical based store in Diagon Alley and call it 'Arthur's'." George explained with a sad smile.

Percy had tears welling in his eyes, his brothers had never been ones for sentimentality, they were decent people who would stand up for the underdog, but this was something else.

"How about this, you stay in school and complete your NEWTS. Whilst in school we will work as a family to make your dream come true and the family will fund your start up. If we can open it in the summer then you can both be there. Penny is looking for a job in the magical world and this might be what she is looking for or could hold her over till you finish school."

"But the family doesn't have that kind of money!" Fred argued.

"The last thing we want is to be the cause of putting the Weasley family on the streets." George added.

Percy just laughed as tear slid down his cheek, he wiped it away with sniff. He was never so proud of his family.

"The only reason we lived in poverty at the Burrow was because Dad refused to accept more than the bare minimum from Bill and Charlie. Dad's only real failing was his pride and stubbornness for accepting charity.

"Lord Hogwarts pays me very well and provides room and board. The goblins also pay well and as Bill was often overseas on Gringotts business they paid for his room and board. And Charlie… well he lived on site at the sanctuary and has never wanted anything more than to play with the dragons.

"And we haven't even started on how rich Ginny is after inheriting from Luna, Lord Hogwarts made certain she was set for life, and Ginny and Luna just kept on improving on that."

Percy sat back and gazed at his brothers with a smile. "The only reason you two aren't making money is because you have yet to have the chance. You've seen your chance and you are grasping for it. I have very little doubt you will succeed and have no doubts that the family will want to help you achieve it."

Narcissa Lupin was positively glowing as she went about her filing. She was recently married and had just discovered she was pregnant. Her husband was the headmaster of the local school and she was the deputy mayor. Life was finally good.

Especially as it seemed that Remus and Lord Hogwarts were planning on phasing out the Lupine Academy in favour of the werewolf students finally being accepted into Hogwarts. Many families were dubious about this as they feared the persecution, but they had absolute in faith Remus and their king.

"Greetings Cissy!"

Narcissa squealed as she was startled, she span around with her hands ready to throw spells.

"Lord Gryffindor! You scared me!" She said breathlessly.

"Yeah, and I will do so again and again till you learn to drop the titles in private! Your husband calls me 'cub'! That makes me your cub too ya know!" Harry said pointedly.

"And a finer 'cub' we couldn't ask for." She smirked. "Now, Harry, what can I do for you?" She asked as she took a seat behind her desk.

"Where did you live when you were married to Lucius?"

Cissy's face scrunched in distaste. "Malfoy Manor, disgusting, Riddle actually lived there. I was never more afraid in my life."

"And where is Malfoy Manor?"

"It's… erm… oh dear, I know it's in Wiltshire, I just can't seem to remember where exactly." She frowned.

"Don't worry, you just answered my real question. Malfoy Manor is in fact under a Fidelius charm, I know where it is, I just have to crack the charm."

"Then why were you asking me?" She asked curious.

"I knew that something was hidden in Wiltshire and that Riddle is hidden there, but I didn't know what was hidden there."

"You know where the bastard is?" She gasped. "What are you going to do?"

"Kill him."

"Really?" She snapped dryly. "How, what is your plan?"

"Crack the Fidelius and then sneak in, kill or drain all the Death Eaters and then drain and kill Riddle."

"Drain? Oh Merlin, let me guess. You're father, being the King of the Werewolves, has led you to become the King of the Vampires."

"What? Ew! No! Drain them magically, make them less than squibs."

"You can do that?" She asked in awe.

"Yeah, I started doing it whilst we were cleaning out the Ministry, if I remove the core altogether they can't even see magic, they become like non-magicals." He grinned.

"That would be a truly terrifying punishment for a Pureblood." She admitted. "How long before you attack?"

"Can't say, all the details will be held on a need to know basis and even then everything will be decided at the last minute."

Narcissa frowned thoughtfully. "Remus and I will come to Hogwarts for dinner, afterwards I will give you a set of my memories of the Manor and a tour."

"Harry James Potter Harris McGonagall Summers! Next time you come asking me for anything I will be running in the opposite direction!"

Harry winced as Narcissa Lupin's irate voice screeched in his ear.

"Jeeze, what did Dad do? Send out a newsletter with my full name attached?" Harry groused.

Harry was currently just inside the border of the Fidelius charm that surrounded Malfoy Manor. As soon as they had finished dinner, Harry had teleported Xander, Remus, Narcissa and Neville straight to the meeting room where they usually held conference with the Queen and her officers. He had then gone to retrieve said Queen and her people.

What followed was a very brief outline of Harry's plan followed by the revelation that he intended to finish it that same night. Which led to him being with a hundred meters of Tom Riddle at this moment in time.

"Ok, I'm through, Malfoy Manor is in Wiltshire."

"We see it Harry." Came Xander's voice, they were using non-magical methods of communication so that the non-magicals would be in the loop. "It's just appeared on all the monitors, there are a lot of people in that house."

Calling Malfoy Manor a house was a bit of an understatement, it was definitely a sprawling country manor.

"Right, before any of you decide to enter, you should know that it will be a one way trip until I defeat Riddle. I kind of inverted the Fidelius charm."

"Come again?" Remus asked.

"Anybody who comes into the Fidelius will find that the location of the rest of the world is protected by that same Fidelius.

"So this could very well be a one way trip and should only be a volunteer-"

"Shut up and get on with it." Neville mutter as he appeared behind Neville with an assortment of goblin and werewolf soldiers.

"Bunch 'o suicidal lunatics… " Harry muttered as he began walking towards the manor.

The plan was simple, Harry would enter the manor alone. This part of the plan was debated heatedly for all of ten seconds before Harry cast a high level, wide area Impedimentia spell and told them they had no choice and reminded them he was immortal after all.

Anyway, once in the building he would wander around whilst invisible and would drain every Death Eater he came across… if he could he would drain Riddle as well.

Harry went through each room slowly draining the Death Eaters and knocking out the ones he could. The ones he could knock out he could drain completely and quickly, but the ones that were awake had to be done very slowly otherwise they would feel the drain. They wouldn't be able to explain it, but they would notice it.

By the time he was done he had knocked out a quarter of the 77 Death Eaters and nabbed most of their wands, there were some he couldn't take as they would notice they were missing or not working if he tampered with them. The rest he had drained.

It took him three hours, he started at eleven pm and it was now coming up for two am.

"I'm heading for Riddle, don't move until I've determined if I can drain him or not." Harry warned over the radio.

If Harry couldn't drain him he would simply dismember the foul creature. Unfortunately he had to be careful or Riddle would fight him and the last time that happened he got his butt kicked. Although this time he wouldn't be forced to defend people as well.

Riddle was seated on a garish throne on a raised dais in the main dining hall. The hall had clearly been remodelled in order to look like a place where a monarch would hold court. Around the room were several Death Eaters standing at guard.

Riddle was reading a copy of the Daily Prophet, he also had a whole host of other newspapers on a table at his side.

Harry was rather disgusted that Riddle followed the same habits as the Prime Minister and the Queen.

Harry calmly walked up and stood behind Riddle on his throne, it was a testament to Riddle's lack of trust that he didn't have guards behind him. The first thing Harry noticed was that Riddle had a huge core. But he did actually have one unlike himself where his whole being was merely a relay through which magic was utilised. He slowly began to drain the magic… it looked like it was going to be a long, long, long night.

At 3 am, Harry was nearly halfway done. Riddle was now at the level of an average wizard, but Harry was getting worried, Riddle had to be getting tired and would eventually decide to go and sleep, granted Death Eaters tended to work at night.

He stepped away from Riddle and cast a silencing charm on himself.

"Command, this is Potter, you there?"

"We're here Harry, how much longer?" Came Xander's voice.

"Too long at this rate. I've got Riddle down to an average wiz, all the Death Eaters are drained. I think we should make one last push before Riddle decides to move from his throne room."

"Probably for the best, his bedroom is likely to be highly warded." Xander agreed.

"You have a plan, I take it?" Remus asked.

"I'm going to drain him quickly, he will definitely notice, but then I want you to destroy the horcrux containers to release the soul fragments, at the same time the strike teams will make their moves and I will reveal myself and handle Riddle."

"Wait five minutes for the strike teams to get into place, then there will be back up in the room to handle the Death Eaters leaving you free to focus on Riddle." Xander amended the plan.

"Make it quick." Harry responded.

Harry watched the various magical signatures enter the room and take positions by the guards.

"Ok, everyone ready?" Harry asked.

There was a series of responses as the various teams confirmed their statuses.

"On three: one, two, three!"

Throughout the manor Death Eaters dropped on the spot, the occasional room which had more Death Eaters than strike team members featured a quick draw by a wizard either to find nothing happening or no wand.

Neville and Remus cast spells at the horcruxes releasing the soul shards and allowing them to speed back to Riddle.

Harry slammed his hands down on Riddle's shoulders pulling the magic from him as fast as he could. Riddle screamed in surprise and fear at the sudden assault in his supposedly secure room. He struggled to free himself from the iron like grip but his magically constructed body was an abomination and it was flawed, with a distinct lack of strength.

Riddle suddenly felt an oppressive wave of depression which quickly came into conflict with his rising fury.

"Ah shit!" Harry cried, they had forgotten one important fact about the soul fragments. They were fragments of a magical being and contained magic themselves. Riddle had received a significant power boost when his soul fragments rejoined him.

Harry was dead tired and just wanted to sleep… he just needed one more minute.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Riddle screamed. There was no physical pain, but he was experiencing a multitude of emotions he hadn't felt in decades. Fear was the worst one.

Riddle kept struggling, hope growing as he felt his captor weaken. Eventually he managed to break free and fell sprawling from his throne and down the steps of the dais.

Harry collapsed, completely drained. He really wanted to sleep.

Riddle struggled to his feet and whipped his wand out… he was shocked to recognise the feeling that he had his other 'wand' back as well… it hadn't reappeared at his rebirth, he figured it was because his new body was made to be without weakness… and that particular… feature… was a weakness.

Riddle threw a blasting curse at his throne angrily. As the dust settled he saw the figure lying down behind it covered in debris.

He stalked closer.

"POTTER!" He shouted angrily. "You were foolish to come here, but you've saved me the trouble of having to come to you. I will cut off your limbs and parade your body down Diagon Alley." He snarled.

Harry hadn't been idle whilst lying on the floor, he had slowly been absorbing more magic and using it to wake himself up. He had purposely prevented himself from absorbing Riddle's magic as he didn't want to have to deal with the taint.

He was no where near 100% but he was getting close 50%. He sat up groggily. "Please stop shouting, I'm not deaf." He moaned.

Riddle was slightly taken aback by the lack of fear and abundance of apathy in the boy's response. After the last time he had Potter captive, in the graveyard, he would have assumed the boy would be terrified and near catatonic. Riddle wasn't quite quick enough to realise that Harry had voluntarily entered his palace.

Riddle flicked his wand at Harry and a small burst of light impacted his shoulder ripping through his clothes and making a light incision in the skin, said skin was open for less than a second.

"Please don't do that." Harry sighed.

Riddle stared at the tip of his wand in shock, as if his wand had betrayed him.

"Diffindo!" He hissed.

This time the incision was deeper, he actually made it into the flesh… before it closed up again.

"DIFFINDO! DIFFINDO! DIFFINDO!" Riddle roared as his wand moved in overly exaggerated slashes.

"Are you finished?" A bored Harry asked a panting Riddle. "I really should finish what I started."

Without waiting for a response, Harry strode forward and slapped his hands to the side of Riddle's head which disorientated the monster giving Harry the time he needed to completely sap Riddle of all of his power.

Riddle was now a 'muggle'.

"What did you do to me?" He asked in a panic.

"Guess." Harry smirked as he sent a stunner at the creature causing him to fall to the ground in an unconscious heap.

"Mission accomplished, Riddle is down and de-magicified!" Harry reported over the radio.

"Erm… define 'de-magicified'?" Xander asked.

"He's not even a squib, he won't be able to sense the Leaky Cauldron, a Dementor could waltz right up and he'd never see it."

"We have this breaking news just in. The terrorist responsible for the recent atrocities in the United Kingdom has been captured along with his entire terrorist organisation. In a joint MI5 operation with Scotland Yard a raid was carried out at a classified location.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle and his self proclaimed group known as the Death Eaters were all captured with no injuries or fatalities. Early reports speculate that they were involved in supremacy and ethnic cleansing.

"We will bring you more on this as we have it."

The family sat, watching the 6 o'clock morning news in gobsmacked awe. Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort and his minions were being talked about on the non-magical news. They even had pastel court drawings of him.

"You bastard!"

"OW! Hermione, stop that!"

"Stop your damned complaining, you barely feel pain anymore!

"It hurts my feelings?"

"Pfft! You went off and defeated a dark lord without even saying goodbye… who the hell cares about your feelings?"

"I would have told you but there were operational security considerations!"

"Don't you pull that crap with me, Potter!"

"For the love of god please stop hitting me!"

"I'll stop hitting you when my hand starts to hurt!"

"What about Dad! He went off too."

"Hey, leave me out of this."

"Don't worry Harry, you're father will be dealt with, right Fleur."

"Absolutely. We are supposed to do these things as a family."

"This was a stealth mission! I was literally the only person who could do it and not wind up leaving a blood bath behind!"

"Looks like the blood bath is happening here."

"Shut up Sal, you're not helping!"

"Wasn't trying to little brother. I'm pretty peeved too."

"ALRIGHT ENOUGH!" Harry stood up angrily. "You lot don't seem to understand something here. First of all, I was never in any danger. Even when I nearly fell asleep I was fine. You CAN NOT KILL ME!" Harry roared. "Second of all, this was always my mission. Not because of any damned prophecy, or revenge just because it was my mission! Thirdly, I needed to do this so I could live my life! I'm fifteen fucking years old and I've never really had a chance to live my childhood. I may never get to live my childhood. I want lots of kids so I can live through them. I think I've earned that right.

"And finally, you seem to be very happy to show a distinct lack of respect for my abilities. You seem to forget that my plan was approved by the Queen of England, the Prime Minister of England, the Armed Forces, MI5, the King of the Goblins and Werewolves and TWO FUCKING PHONIXES!"

Any possible response was lost on Harry as he teleported out.

There was a very uncomfortable silence for about a minute.

It was eventually broken by Narcissa. "I realise I am not part of your family, and I am no soldier or Auror. But what I saw Harry do today was enough for me to never doubt him again. He could have taken me in with him and I would never have been in danger."

"Aunt Cissy, that is the biggest load of bull I have ever heard." Nym scowled. "You are definitely part of this family."

"You were right about everything else though." Fleur smiled sadly.

"You've been very quiet about all this Minerva, what are your views?" Godric asked.

Minerva looked them all in the eyes, as if judging their thoughts and motives. Then she sighed. "Harry is my beloved son. The child I never had. I would gladly die with him. But that act in itself is likely to be one of the few things that could actually kill him.

"He is my son. I will never be comfortable with anything that could put him at risk if he were mortal.

"But he is a prince. A lord. He is so far beyond us that it is a pure blessing that he deigns to acknowledge us as family and friends.

"Are we really worthy to judge his actions?"

"I'm not judging his actions in the field, Minerva." Hermione said with a sad shake of her head. "I'm judging his actions with the family. He should have told us. Warned us even that there was a possibility that one day he might come home and we would be shocked into silence by reports of his activities on the news.

"As far as I am concerned, Harry deserves every award possible… hell, he deserves a Blue Peter Badge… a gold one!

"But he definitely needs to understand what we go through when we hear about this stuff, even if it is after the fact."

There was another moment of contemplative silence.

Broken by a snort from Sal. "I'm just pissed he didn't let me join in."

Harry was exceptionally powerful. He couldn't just go off and blow things up… he might accidentally blow up the world. Hitting things was also a problem as he tended to inadvertently channel his magic into his muscles making him exceptionally strong.

So he had grabbed Neville and taken him off to do something both constructive and destructive.

Blowing large holes in Africa.

"Harry seems angry." The local village chief commented offhandedly.

"He's being judged by people who have no right to judge him… but he also screwed up and didn't tell his woman what he was doing." Neville shrugged.

The old man laughed. "He is young, he will learn to never cross a woman!"

Harry had first arrived in this village a week ago. He had been watching the morning news when he saw reports on droughts and AIDS in Africa.

He wanted to cure their illnesses and at least provide them with food and water.

He had travelled to South Africa where he had attended a medical conference, then shifted to his dragon form and started flying North looking for the first village he could find.

He had encountered a huge problem when he arrived. He couldn't speak their language. On a hunch he had grabbed Neville, he never seemed to have trouble talking to anyone.

Neville had this amazing ability to understand and speak to anyone.

Mainly because he had a knack for the translation charm and Harry sucked at it.

The first thing they had done was cured everything from the three villagers with AIDS to the village chief with the in-grown toenail.

The second thing they had done was head back to London and stock up on food and bottled water before bringing it back to the village.

They had planned to come back and create a well for water and maybe transport some good dirt for growing.

Harry had apparently decided to create a lake instead of a well as he was currently blasting away at the dry land.

"What the devil is Harry doing?" Hermione asked as she appeared next Neville.

"Venting his anger by changing the world."

"By chipping away at it a bit at a time?"

"By making a crater to create an artificial lake."

"Oh… that makes a whole lot more sense."

Hermione then noticed that she was in the middle of a village… and not your typical English village. Especially as there wasn't a white guy in sight.

"Neville, where are we?"

"Africa, no idea on the specifics. Harry brought me here earlier in the week."

"He needed you to translate."

"He keeps saying he has eternity to learn it so he'll do it later."

"I'm sure I can find some incentive for him.

"Anything I can do to help around here?"

"Head back to London and get some more food and water. Milk too, the kids need it."

"They all look like they need it." She said sadly as she vanished.

"That was Harry's 'woman'?"

"Yeah, when Harry calms down she'll talk to him and sort him out."

"As women usually do, makes me wonder why they never just take up the role of chief."

"Because this way they don't get the blame for any mistakes."

"Women. Positively diabolical."

The sound of rock being destroyed suddenly stopped. To the north of the village was a crater two hundred meters deep and eight hundred meters in diameter.

"That's going to need a lot of water."

"We're not going to fill the whole thing Neville, if we did that then the village would get flooded when it rained, besides, we need to put the appropriate rocks and plant life in as well, otherwise the water will go stagnant."

"The Internet?"

Harry snorted. "I thought Dad was nuts when he went on about it when he first arrived."

"Yeah, but the real amusing thing is he hasn't a clue how to use it properly."

"Nym does… and that was a disturbing insight into my step-mother."


"She is a definite 'Nymph'. She seems obsessed with sex. And she isn't ashamed about it… I walked into their rooms to find her looking for porn… she said she was looking for more ways to experiment with Dad and Fleur… I DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW THAT!"

"At least she isn't trying to give you tips and find out all the details from you!" Hermione said in annoyance as she reappeared with several shopping trolleys of food.

"But we haven't done anything yet!"

"She seems to forget you are only 15."

"She's only going to get worse." Harry sighed.

There was a few moments of uncomfortable silence as the reason for Harry blasting away at Africa came back.

"I'll go distribute the food." Neville grinned as he wandered off with the trolleys floating behind him.

"You made a big mistake Harry."

"Not this again 'Mione. I already-"

"You assumed! I wasn't upset that about your plans, or what you did! I was upset that you went off and didn't tell us… even if you couldn't tell us you should have told us before we saw it on the morning news!"

"She's right Harry!" Came the distant call from Neville.

Harry just glared in his direction. He turned back and saw Hermione with a very irritated look on her face. "Fine, maybe I handled that bit badly, but like I said, I'm only fifteen, I think I could be given a little slack regarding those things, especially as I had just finished debriefing Her Majesty and her advisors… it's not like Dad or Neville said anything."

"Leave me out of this!" Again the distant tones of the human phoenix floated over.

"Fine, maybe we jumped on you a bit-"

"A bit?" Harry asked incredulously. "I just took out the most evil wizard ever and my family doesn't say 'Hey, nice job Harry' or 'Are you ok' they just start laying into me about what I did wrong."

At this Hermione realised she and the rest of them had really screwed up. "I'm sorry. I guess we didn't think before we acted."

"Yeah… well…" Harry just sighed in defeat. "Let's just drop it. I'm sure the whole damned thing will get re-hashed soon enough?"

"Sure… so what are you up to now?" She asked as she gestured to the large crater.

"Stomping out AIDS and famine and drought in third world countries." He said perking up a bit.

"Where are you going to get the water from?" She asked.

"I figured I'd siphon off some water from reservoirs from all over the world."

"How do you intend to transport it?"

"Transfigure a big bucket and teleport it." Harry smirked.

Hermione just rolled her eyes. "How about a different method that will also ensure that the water won't dry up?"


"You know the spell you use to recycle blood back into the body when you perform surgery? There's a rune based method that does the same thing."

"You want to do the same thing with the crater and reservoirs?"

"No, the oceans. It might put a drain on communities that need the reservoirs."

"They can't drink salt water." Harry said as he smacked his tongue in disgust.

"There are water purifying charms, Harry."

"Oh… I knew I forgot something!"

"The charms?"

"No, making the villagers witches and wizards." Harry smacked his forehead at his stupidity. "Can you handle the water transfer whilst I go and magic up the villagers?"

"I will need to call in help and you will to give permission as they are all friends from school. Also, we will need you to get us to the ocean, we will need to be under water to make the markings on the ocean floor."

"Ok… erm… well, we'll finish up here and then do it in the morning, I do have a class to teach in an hour." Harry remembered.

Harry, Hermione and Neville arrived back at the Hogwarts Great Hall to find breakfast in full swing.


The whole assembled school chanted in joy as the saviour of the wizarding world arrived. Then Harry noticed the members of the Ministry and press. There were news cameras there.

"What the-"

"Harry!" Hermione snapped.

"Well… the good news is that you probably won't have to do this again for a good few years." Neville smirked.

Harry just glared at his friend.

"Come on Harry, you know the drill. Tell your story and answer some questions." Xander smiled as he waved Harry over to the now familiar stool.

Harry sighed in defeat and the trio made their way to the staff table.

On a small table next to the stool was the pensieve. Harry stared at it and then frowned. There had to be an easier way. He looked up at the ceiling where the illusion of the sky was showing a dismal November morning.

He gestured to the large wall above the staff table and focused on his memory of the previous night.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happened." He said loudly.

What followed was an hour of watching Harry stealthily make his way through the manor before dealing with Riddle. He made sure to skip the boring parts.

When it was over he turned and sat on the stool to find the entire gathering still staring at the now blank wall.

"Ahem! You have questions?" He asked with a smirk.

Slowly several hands went up.

"Pad." Harry said indicating Padma Patil.

"Could he have beaten you at the end?" She asked worriedly. "When you were on the floor."

"No, I was still immortal. Still Death and still the Master of Magic. He could have blasted away at me and nothing would have really happened."

"Then why did you collapse?"

"Because I stopped myself from taking in magic whilst I was draining him." Harry shuffled in his seat. "Look, I always tell you that magic is neither light nor dark. It's the spells that shape it. But Riddle was one big spell, I didn't want to risk absorbing his darkness in case it affected me. Besides, it felt dirty enough just touching him." Harry shuddered.

"Next question: Jack." Harry indicated one of the first year boys.

"Is he dead?" The boy, a first generation wizard, asked timidly.

"Nope, he is no more a threat than a kitten. Mum a demonstration please?" He asked the Transfigurations Professor.

Said Professor just glared back at him.

"Maybe later then." Harry gulped. "He's going to be tried in wizarding court and then sent to a non-magical prison. Dad wanted to send him to a Turkish Prison but we'll be sending him into a general prison."

"Will he be able to escape?"

"Unlikely, but even if he did, he has no magic. A flea has more magic than him. This means that he will never be able to find the magical world.

"Next: Ernie!"

"What are you going to do now?"

Harry paused… a simple question, but now the possibilities were endless, it all boiled down to one word.

"Live… "

Millions of years later

Neville always felt guilty when he had to leave Harry alone. But he had to return to the realm of the Phoenixes now and again. The problem was that there was no real sense of time, the only indication of time passing was a sudden prompting that a Phoenix was needed back in their world.

There was little that could be done for Harry until now. He was the last living being on the planet.

In this particular reality.

He had been for the past eight million years. Humanity had made a good run of it, but eventually they had ceased to be.

Harry had been alone ever since.

Neville looked up at the beautiful Hogwarts castle. The only reason it still stood was because Harry wanted it to. He walked through the doors reminiscing about all the fun times they had as kids. Joyce and Godric had finally been released from their horcruxes. It seems that they had stayed too long in the mortal realm and Harry had a distinct urge and desire for them to move on. They attributed it to his being Death, but the sadness they felt was only because they didn't want to abandon their respective son and brother.

Neville wandered by the now inert portraits, to make a portrait magical you needed to imprint on a soul, but souls aren't meant to stay on the mortal realm forever.

Unless you are Death.

He made his way to the Great Hall where he found Harry sitting on a couch just staring straight ahead. Harry sucked at the mental mind arts but he had learnt to simply meditate. It helped stave off the boredom. There was no telling how long he could go, his current record just over half a million years.

"Harry?" Neville called gently.

There was no response. He knew there was no point in nudging him or hitting him, the only thing that would wake him was the only thing that could hurt him, at least temporarily.

Neville's hand was engulfed in flame and he gripped Harry's hand causing it to burn and blacken.

"Ow." Harry commented lightly. "Oh, your back… bring me any good stories?" He asked sadly.

"A few." Neville said with a sad smile. Harry had grown into a fun loving person, he played with his children which he always had as he had had many girlfriends and wives. But millions of years of being alone had deadened that. It was still there, just smothered under the weight of loneliness.

"But how would you like some hope instead?" Neville asked.

"Sure, but if you're playing with me, Phoenix or no, I'll kick your butt."

Neville conjured an armchair and sat down. "This is now considered a Dead Realm. It has no purpose. In about another 100 million years the universe will implode and simply become a void.

"You, have no purpose here. But the Phoenix Council feels you are to good to leave to this fate. They have decided to move you to another reality, one that could use your experience."

"Real people?" Harry asked cautiously.

"Real living people. With souls."

"Souls." Harry whispered reverently. Harry could sense souls, it was what made his loneliness so potent, there were no souls, not even the souls of animals. He had felt the loss as each of the last souls vanished from his world. It had nearly driven him insane.

"You will have a mission, aside from your usual duties befitting your nature."


"There is an emerging sub-species, like wizards. They call themselves mutants because they have an additional gene. But there is more to it than that.

"They have been persecuted because of what they are and what they can do. They didn't have someone like you to set them up to be seen as angels and benefactors like you did with witches and wizards."

"So you want me to go in and retroactively make them wanted?"

"We want you to go in and live." Neville said earnestly. "The Phoenix Council looks on you as one of their own. You are family to us. If we could bring you into the White Hot Room then we would.

"The problem is, you are beyond us. We are technically your inferiors."

Harry scowled at that. He had spent his first eleven years of life as an inferior. He had spent the rest of it being considered a superior. All he really wanted was to be an equal.

"Stop that." Neville snapped playfully. "You are what you are. We can't change it, but we can try and give you this gift of a new start."

"Then lets go!" Harry said jumping up.

Neville smiled, happy to see some joy back in his best friends eyes.

"Not just yet. There is something you need to help me with first."

"A catch?" He asked suspiciously. For a moment he thought he might be hallucinating, Neville would never do that to him.

"No, I really do need a hand. Meet my fellow human phoenix."

There was a flash of fire and a statuesque red headed woman in a skin-tight outfit appeared before them.

The End.

A/N: Yes, this is the end of this story. Yes, there would appear to be a few unanswered questions like Lucius Malfoy. Yes there is a sequel of sorts, it is an HP/X-Men crossover and starts where this story leaves off. It currently has 60,000 words and I am still writing and no where near finished. The story also contains flashbacks to events that occur after Harry defeated Riddle so that some of those unanswered questions will be answered.

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