AN: Hey guys this may be a short chapter but it's my first crossover. Harry Potter/ Polar Express!

I'm a train. Every year on September 1st I take children from London to a school far away. Sometimes I bring adults too. Then every December I bring the children back to London to spend Christmas with their families. One year that odd blond girl was kidnapped before getting on me. The boy with the toad and the Weasley girl were very worried about her. After break I bring the children back to school in early January. I bring them to London and back during the spring too. The in June I take the students home for the summer. Then the cycle starts again in September.

But all those children don't know what I do while they are with their families for the holidays. Every Christmas Eve I travel the world. Because you see I'm a magic train.

I was made to take magic children to a magic school, so I'm magic. I can jump from continent to continent and work off tracks. I can survive Death Eater and Dementor attacks. I've seem elves and ghosts and wizards.

Every Christmas Eve I collect children from one country and take them to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. I heard one child from the magic school say that Santa is a wizard but he must not have gone to Hogwarts or he was before my time. The man who conducts me on Christmas Eve says that these children don't believe in Santa. One boy last year kept stopping me. It was rather annoying. But he did it to help another boy, so I guess it wasn't all bad. Better than those dementors.

They serve hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. Dancing men always bring it to the children. I prefer the women who pushes the trolley.

Later that night the same boy accidentally unhooked my caboose but some of the elves got it back. No matter where I am those elves are very helpful. He went into the caboose to talk to the boy he kept trying to help. One time a boy was let one my in the magic world but the women with the odd hair got him off. Her hair was brown that day though, I wonder why.

Later that night the boy came back on with the other children. He had got the first present of Christmas but he had lost it. That's sad, I hope he finds it some day. The first gift of Christmas is magic like my so I know he will.

I take all the children home and go back to London to take the magic children back to the magic school after their breaks.