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Hi, this is my firs x-over, and first real fic in English. Please don't be so rude with me.

Chap. 1

Was an usual day in jump city, the Teen Titans were in the Pizza place celebrating another victory, against Slade, when in the other side of the street, the tallest building was an explosion. Without any hesitation, the Titans went to the place.

"what…?" said Beast Boy

The Titans, went into the building and realize that nobody was in there, but on the floor were cards, Starfire, saw them first.

"What is that?" she asks pointing at the card. Robin then took the card, and recognized it immediately. He's eyes were wide open and then he ordered the Titans to go. He decided that it was time, now he will tell the Titans about his days back in Gotham.

Back in the T-Tower.

In the living room, Robin started at the Titans.

"Well, guys… I need to tell you something" he said, in a serious voice tone. "Before I moved to Jump City, I lived in Gotham City, and I met Batman there, he is like my father and I became Robin thanks to him. In Gotham are some of the most dangerous villains I know, and apparently, one of them is here."

"What do you mean?" asks Starfire.

"The explosion, this afternoon, you saw a card, remember?" Starfire nodded, "That is the same card, the same presentation of the Joker"

"The who?" ask Beast Boy

"The Joker, probably the most dangerous criminal ever" said Robin.

"Yo, so you're saying that one of the most powerful criminals is in here, IN OUR CITY? – ask Cyborg, screaming at the end.

"Yeah, basically"

"So, what are we going to do?" ask Raven.

"I'll call Batman, and if the Joker, shows up, we'll try to catch him" said Robin "I just hope, that Batman will come in time".

Before anyone said another word, the alarm started to sound, and the Titans were ready to go.

So hope you like it, I don't know how to put it in Crossover if someone knows how please tell me, and is my first Fic in English, so if you guys see any errors or something please tell me.

BTW: The Joker is the Dark Knight/Nolan-verse.