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Chap. 2

The central street was a chaos, people were running everywhere, screaming and crying.

"Teen Titans Go" said Robin.

The titans were trying to save the people but, after another building exploded they started attacking, first was cyborg, he used his canon, but it wasn't effective. Then Starfire with her lasers, and again, it didn't work. Then Beast Boy came as a hippopotamus, and finally the Joker was revealed.

"So the bird, has new friends" said the Joker.

"Get out of here Joker, this is not your city" Said Robin

"Oh… but it will be, it will" The Joker said, and he break in a laugh "And by the way…. Do you friends know me?"

"Yes, but you will know about us" said Beast Boy as hi change into a snake. The joker was smart enough and avoid bb making him hit against the wall. "Dude… that hurt".

"Now, now, I have the robot, the bird, the animal, and 2 girls…."

"Not for very long…. Azarath Metrion Sintos" Said Raven, while she took one of the cables and captured the Joker. "Thought you said it will be hard to capture"

"It is… he must be planning something"

Back in the T-Tower

The Joker was in a cell. And the titans were trying to interview him.

"So, what's your especial power? Do you have a theme or something?" asked beast boy.

"No" said the Joker

"Man, for being the most dangerous criminal, you're pretty boring…."

The Joker just narrowed his eyes and wished for him to go away, after a couple of minutes the next titan, Robin was making the interview.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I'm just…. Having fun. You know, after Catwoman started flirting on Batman he stopped to being fun" Said the Joker.

"This is not you're city"

"Don't you have words? You've been saying the same stuff since earlier"

"As soon as Batman gets in here, you'll be back in Gotham"

"Well, we'll see 'bout that"

Robin couldn't content his anger anymore and he started to beat the Joker, who didn't do anyother thing but laugh. In a second a dark figure sat in the center of the cell, Raven had entered to separated them.

"Robin, get out… is my turn" Said Raven trying to calm Robin.