Title - Laugh, Love and Loony Life.
Chapter Title - Is that shoe polish?
Author - OblivionsGarden.
Genre - Humour/Romance.
Disclaimer - I do not own The Confessions Of Georgia Nicholson in anyway shape or form. I only own Anna, Kyle and their parents and Hayley. And the plot for this fic.

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Friday 11th November.

Walking to School with Dave.
"You're quiet this morning." He frowned.
"Yeah. Actually, I need to ask you something."
"Sounds serious." He stopped walking.
"My dad's taking me to France for a week at the end of this month. He said you can come, if your parents are OK with it."
"Sounds groovy. My parents will say yes. If they don't I'll tell him they did." He winked and my stomach did a little flip.
"There's a condition though."
"He wants me to go to the doctors on Saturday...To get the pill." Dave started laughing. "It's not funny Dave!"
"Oh, sorry Batwoman. But that is going to be awkward as pants. Still, worth it for a hotel room in France." He wiggled his eyebrows.

Jas thinks Dave should go with me to the doctors appointment. Apparently, Jas is already on the pill, even though she has never had sex. She asked her mum if she could, just in case. How mental is that?! Anyway, Tom went with her so they could learn all the facts together. She said it made them closer as a couple.
"Po, you and Hunky are practically married. How could you get any closer?"
Oh yeah, we were talking to Georgia through the fence. Apparently the Barmies snuck Oli into school and gave him a uniform so he could pass as a student.

Got a text from Dave.
'Does bat woman want to spend the night at bat mans after Loki's party this evening? xx'
Texted him back.
'Batwoman supposes she could take one night out from her hectic saving the world schedule for Batman. xxx'

Dave is giving me a piggy back all the way home. Such a loving boyfriend I have. Although he is singing 'dananananananana BatPANTS!'

Attempting to eat a sandwich whilst I get ready. Easier said than done. I tried to eat my foundation sponge a second ago.

A few minutes later
Dad is sitting on my bed watching me doing my make-up. It's very off putting.
"Can I help you?" I asked.
"Have you spoken to Dave about the doctors appointment?"
God can't he just let me go to the thing and never speak about it again? "Yes."
"What did he say?"
"He said 'oh yes Anna I think your father is tip top in his ideas.'" I carried on with my make up when he shook his head at me.
"What time will you be back tonight?"
"I won't. I'm staying at Dave's house."
"Right...Well...Just make sure you safe until your doctors visit."

Locked my bedroom door.

A few minutes later
Ever tried to put a cat suit on? It's hard. I've fallen over three times.

A few seconds later
Crap. Crap. Crap.
I got the catsuit on only to remember I need to drop my clothes for tomorrow off at Dave's. Hm...

Result. Managed to persuade dad to drop them off whilst I finish getting dressed.

Belt on. Gloves on. Boots on. Mask on.
These boots are quite cool for saying they're yellow.

Staring at myself in the mirror. Not sure I'm thin enough for this catsuit. Maybe if I breathe in all night. I might pass out though.

Someone knocked on my door.
"Come in."
The door swung open to reveal...Batman. Dave's costume is brilliant. He has a very stern expression on his face though.
"I'm Batman."
Hahaha! He tried to do that crap super deep voice that Christian Bale does when he plays batman. Now I'm having a laughing spaz.
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A few minutes later
"Dave did you walk here in that costume?"
He nodded with a smile.
"Why do you keep looking in the mirror?"
"Do you think my tummy is too big for this outfit? Maybe I should wear a jacket."
"My bat lady is perfect and I love her body."

A few seconds later.
Pulled Dave's mask off and gave him a kiss.
"Is that eyeliner?" He has black stuff around his eyes.
"No. I couldn't find any in my mums room."
"Well, what is it?" I sniffed at his face and he laughed. "Is that shoe polish?"

Re-did Dave's eyes with some black face paint. I didn't think having shoe polish around his eyes was very safe. And what good is Batman if he's blind?

A few minutes later
Dave thought it'd be a laugh to walk to Ro-Ro's in our costumes. So that is what we are doing. Dave hid in a bush and jumped out on Mark Big Gob as we passed the park. He fell over and we ran away. Running is super hard when you can't stop laughing.

Rosie's house.
Sven came running out in his Thor gear. Rosie was running behind him, hiding under his cape. It totally wasn't obvious she was there, not with her Loki helmet sticking out.
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A few minutes later
We eventually got inside. There was already loads of people here and the music was on full blast. I found Gee and Oli first, snogging in the hall way.
"Brilliant outfits guys." I smiled when they stopped their snogging.
"You too. Dead groovy." Georgia smiled.
"Yeah. Tip top. Might have to have a fight with you later, mate." Oli nodded at Dave. Dave just said 'I'm Batman' again in his deep voice.
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Jas and Tom were talking with some other people in the kitchen and they both waved and gave us a thumbs up for our outfits. I have to admit, Tom looked pretty good as Hawkeye and Jas really suited the whole leather look.
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Mabs and Ed were dancing in their awesome costumes. They made the right decision being Harley Quinn and The Joker.
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Jools and Rollo were also dancing in the living room but stopped and came over to talk to us.
"Nice costume Spanna." Rollo smiled.
"Stop checking my bat out, Two Face." Dave was still doing the deep voice.
"I'm not. I was complimenting her outfit." Rollo held his hands up in defense as I chuckled.
"Fab dress Jools. I'd wear that for a normal party, not just fancy dress. And the shoes."
"That was my idea when I bought them." She grinned.
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"Have you seen Ellen yet?" Jools asked.
"No why?"
"She has out done herself, costume-wise. No idea how the queen of ditherland has pulled it off. I bet Dec is having a heart attack trying to keep some of the foxwoods lads away from her."

We found El and Dec in the garden. And I could see what Jools meant. Ellen was wearing short shorts and a corset with heeled boots. I'm not on the turn or anything but she looked gorgeous.
"Not sure it's safe for Dec to be wearing tights whilst El looks like that." Dave wiggled his eyebrows and I busted out laughing.
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I am exhausted. I've been dancing all night with Dave, the girls and the guys. I've had to come and cool down in the kitchen. There's a dude dressed as Wolverine staring at me. He has fake sideburns. Pretty sure Rosie would be proud of them whoever they are.

A few minutes later.
It's Robbie, Tom's brother. I didn't realise until he was stood right in front of me. We got chatting about music and stuff.
"You were really good at the talent show. You should do a gig some time. I'm sure the Buddha Lounge would have a slot for you." He said.
"Maybe. Once I get a bit more used to singing in front of people. I have thought about getting a YouTube account though."
"That's a great idea. YouTube's brilliant for getting some exposure. Dom's setting up a band account actually."

"So do you write your own songs then?" Robbie asked. "I didn't recognize the one you performed."
"Yeah. I like doing covers too I just like being able to sing something that means something to me you know?"
"Yeah. I write too."
"Maybe we could write something together sometime?"
"Yeah. We definitely should!" I smiled.
"Well...What are you doing tomorrow? We could meet up and talk about some lyric ideas."
"Well, I'm staying at Dave's tonight and we're all going to the airport to say bye to Gee. I'll be free after though."
"I could meet you in the park. I'll bring my guitar."
"Should I bring mine?"
"Sure. And a notepad."

A few minutes later
We exchanged phone numbers so I could let him know when I'd be at the park.
"Wolverine better not being making moves on my lady again." Dave came into the kitchen.
Again? Oh shit, I forgot about the whole Dave being Gee's red herring thing. Does Dave even get on with Robbie? He did get jealous when I spoke about him after the talent show.
"Course not Dave. Just making some plans is all. Have you seen Tom?"
"On the staircase with Jas."
"Oh. Maybe I won't disturb him then." Robbie laughed.
"They're not snogging. Talking about moss or something."

Robbie left and Dave took his place beside me.
"What plans would Batwoman be making with Wolverine?" He frowned. He is jealous.
"We got talking about music and thought maybe we could write a song together. He's meeting me in the park tomorrow to do some writing."
"You're not being jealous again are you?" I smiled a little but Dave didn't react. It's very annoying. It's like he doesn't trust me or something. "Whatever Dave. You stay here in your jealous bubble not trusting your girlfriend. I'm going to dance but just so you know, Robbie wasn't the one I let take my virginity."

Doing the viking disco inferno with the girls. Brilliant way to take your mind off stupid boyfriends.
Dave keeps trying to get my attention but I am ignorez-vouing him.

A few seconds later
Yeah, the ace gang gave me an 'Ace speak:101' lesson. Brilliant lingo, really.

Jesus, it's bloody hot in here.

A few minutes later
In Rosie's back garden, cooling down.
Oh look, the birdhouse. Dave and I had our first kiss there.

A few seconds later
Oh now I feel bad for snapping at him.

A few more minutes later
Sitting under the birdhouse.
Dave has just come out of the house. He hasn't got his mask on, he's holding it instead.

"Batwoman. Superheroes never reveal their identity." I pointed at his mask and he put it back on with a smirk.
"Batwoman... I'm sorry about being a jealous twat." He sat next to me looking very un-laughish. "I do get on with Robbie, he's a mate but... I don't know, with the whole Gee preferring him thing and everything... I always feel like he could take any girl away from me. And I don't want him to have you."
"He's not my type Dave."
"Sorry." I giggled. "I prefer my men completely mental with imaginary camels and fascinations with pants."
"Good. Cause I like my bats with nose studs and geeky glasses that they don't let anyone see."
I frowned. "Shh...Batwoman doesn't have impaired vision."

A few seconds later
Dave wrapped his arm around my waist and I rested my head on his shoulder. I have my camera so I cheekily put my arm out and took a photo. I'm surprised the memory wasn't full, I'd been taking photos all night so I could add them to my bedroom wall.

A few more seconds later
"Oh, look..."
I looked up to see what Dave was looking at and saw that Rosie still hadn't taken the mistletoe from the bottom of the birdhouse.
"You still one for honoring traditions?"
"Only with you." He smiled and leant down for a kiss.
I say kiss...It ended up in a full blown snogging session. Dave pulled me onto his lap and has his hand on my nunga but I stopped him.
"Not in the garden Dave." I gestured to the other party go-ers at the end of the garden.
"Let's split."

Dave's bedroom.
Snogging on Dave's bed. I wonder if now that I'm not a virgin I'll become one of those, nympho-whatsits.
You know the people who are always horny and want to have sex.

Twice not a virgin. Result!