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Chapter 5 - Carly

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"The world is ending! Freddie Benson doesn't know something!" Sam exclaimed loudly. Freddie shushed her and glared at her. "Fine. I'll take you to her. Just to warn you, the nurse is insane." Sam grabbed Freddie by the arm and then they left towards Carly.

Ugh. Carly sighed. She hopes she never has to go back to this place again. It was so boring in here! Nothing to do and to make it worse, the walls had to be the most boring color on the planet. Sam was only gone for twenty-five minutes. Why does it feel more like an hour?

The nurse was very nice. She may be insane (Sam's words), but she cares about her patients. After Sam had left, Madame Pomfrey gave her another piece of chocolate for good measure. The nurse called it a Chocolate Frog. Carly was relieved when the nurse told her that that it wasn't a real frog. She even got to keep the card that came with it. The card was about Helga Hufflepuff. It might've seemed weird, but she read the card over and over. She enjoyed learning about one of the founders of Hogwarts. That took some of her boredom away, somewhat.

Carly placed the card on a table next to her bed. A few seconds later, Sam was back with Freddie right behind her. They came in shouting and yelling at each other. Carly wondered what this was about this time. They always fight like this, or something similar. It gets annoying after awhile. One time, Carly had to fight the urge to lock both of them up in a closet and make them talk out their problems. She avoided doing that, though. It would've probably made things worse.

It took Carly five times for them to stop arguing plus a warning from the nurse. If they were loud one more time, they would get kicked out. After they promised that they were going to stay quiet, they placed themselves on either side of Carly's bed.

"How are you doing Carly?" Freddie asked. Carly groaned.

"Please don't make me come back here," Carly begged. They both promised. "So how's your life being surrounded by your people?" Carly joked to Freddie. Carly can't deny that Freddie is the smartest of the three. Sam won't take her work seriously.

"Awesome!" Freddie exclaimed. Carly shot him a glare and he said quieter, "I miss you guys though." Carly cooed at him. Freddie went red and said, "yeah I know."

"I could really use some Ham right now," Sam groaned, rubbing her stomach. Then Carly heard it growl.

"Sam!" Carly scolded.

"What? Mamma's gotta eat!" Sam waved good-bye and left. Carly rolled her eyes and glanced at Freddie. Even though Carly really liked their company, there is only so much Sam and Freddie she could take. Plus, she was kind of tired. Freddie got the message and walked towards the doors. He turned around and smiled at her before leaving.

Carly leaned against the pillow and closed her eyes. She gasped as she woke up. She couldn't remember where she was, but slowly regained memory. She was still in the boring hospital wing. Madame Pomfrey saw that she was up and gave her another Chocolate Frog. The card was Merlin this time around. She got released a few minutes after and she jumped for joy when she walked out those doors.

She was free!

Carly didn't remember where the common room was, or what the password was. She walked a certain way until she saw a boy with red hair and glasses walking towards her. He was wearing Gryffindor robes and a badge on his chest that read: Head Boy. She almost squealed in excitement because she had found someone.

She walked up to him and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't remember where my common room is." The boy gave her a strange look, but then Carly saw realization flash through his eyes. He must've remembered that I'm new, Carly thought.

"Ah yes. You must be Miss. Carly Shay," the boy said. Carly nodded her head. The boy held out his hand. "Percy Weasley." Carly shook it and Percy gave instructions that led to her destination. He couldn't show her where it was, because he had some sort of work he needed to get to.

Carly followed the instructions carefully and she finally got back to the common room. On her way there, she remembered what a Prefect told her about the password. She recited it and headed inside.

Everything was yellow and black. There were a lot of students in the common room. Chairs and couches were filled up. The room was full of loud noises: people talking/laughing, fire roaring (it was pretty chilly in there) etc . . .

She headed for the girls' dormitories and found the one that said Third Years. She headed inside and checked the time. She missed dinner! How come Madame Pomfrey didn't wake her sooner?

Carly left the dorm suddenly and headed for the kitchen. She had spotted it earlier when she saw a pair of red-headed twins tickling something and headed inside. She only got a second to look, but knew that it was the kitchen.

She tickled the pear and Carly walked into the kitchen. There were so many little creatures running around and doing chores. I wonder what their called, Carly thought. She made a mental note to check the library later. She didn't really want to ask someone.

The creatures had big ears and eyes. They were wearing pillowcases that didn't look very clean. One of the creatures spotted Carly and it waddled toward her.

"What can Dopey get yous miss?" So the creatures talked about themselves in third person . . . interesting.

"I missed dinner," Carly explained. Dopey nodded his head.

"I wills get yous some food," Like that, Dopey disappeared into the crowd of the other creatures. There was a marble-top counter with stools surrounding it, so Carly walked over and sat down. Minutes later, Dopey came back with her food.

After she was done eating, Dopey took the tray away with a snap of his fingers. Impressive! Carly thanked the creature and left. Destination: library.

She looked through a few books before finding one that helped. The creatures were House-elves. They take care of just about everything their master tells them to. She even read that some families don't treat theirs as well as others. This was really heart-breaking news. It must really stink to be bonded to one family forever.

Finding the information that Carly was looking for, she headed back to her dorm. She got ready for bed and then snuggled under the covers. She was ready to start a new day and put this one behind her.

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