Forgot to mention this before. This is non-related to my previous Fanfics relating to the Broken Pot. But...if some familiarity does surface, I apologize. For this, I had to use one my original scripts of the Broken Pot for this. The difference was that there was no happy ending in that one. Speaking of endings, I suck with titles, summaries and endings. So sorry.

Finally…it was that time of the month…Christmas Day! Christmas carols, exchanging gifts, reunion between friends and families, parties…everything that wasn't for Tsurugi. "Nrggh…" and it was all thanks to a certain brown-haired boy. Still, for once Tsurugi would remain positive. He still remembered that he needed to buy his brother a gift as well as for whoever he got. He wasn't interested in his Secret Santa so he didn't even bother to look.

It was horrible. While he talked with his brother during one of his usual visits, his brother handed to him a slip of paper. It turned out he learned about their Secret Santa when he was chatting with Tenma. Curse that little upstart! He must have grabbed it just before running after him, probably to give it to him which explained why he had chased him to no end on the day before. Hopefully now, with his mission accomplished, he wouldn't to see that annoying grin of his until the afternoon.

"Merry Christmas Sasuke!" Tenma put down some bones in front of his best friend, his dog, who only yawned in response. "I'm going to go to the mall Oneesan!"

"Alright Tenma! Don't get lost!" Aki reminded as she saw him off.

"I won't!" Tenma brimmed. He wondered how she would react to her gift under the tree. For now, he needed to buy a gift for his Secret Santa. Good thing he grabbed his and Tsurugi's just before he left. He didn't see who he got, he never so much as peeked at it to keep it a surprise.

Tsurugi went about visiting the various stores. It was hard finding his brother a present because either, a) The shop was closed for the holiday or b) it flooded with so many shoppers that he couldn't get in. Basically it was a nightmare, a nightmare that wouldn't have happened if a certain 'someone' hadn't stepped in. He groaned and tried to calm himself. It was just part of his stupid personality to do this sort thing. In hind–sight, it was his fault for mentioning his brother; of course the idiot would have gotten the idea of having a party there! Now he could imagine every single one of them talking with his brother and it wouldn't be so bad had it not been for his brother's habit of talking about some personal things whenever he met someone who at least was acquainted with him; personal things that he did not want anyone, repeat, anyone, to know. Ever. And now the people he least wanted in the world to know all that were all going to learn it soon…

He should say things can't get any worse but he didn't want to jinx it.

"Hello? Do you sell this?" Tsurugi asked. It was a rather small store so he didn't if they would have it but the man actually smiled. "Yeah, I think we have that."

Tsurugi couldn't believe his own ears. He quickly ran inside to buy it before someone else could. "Excuse me."

Tsurugi nearly snapped. He recognized the voice as his teammate's, Tenma but there was something else that nearly ticked him. "Can I buy this?"

"Oh, you're lucky, that's the last one left."

"Really? They're selling that well?"

"Uhuh. That's what happens during the Christmas rush."

He knew how hard getting that thing was and ran to the counter, hoping that what they were talking wasn't the thing he was looking for.

"Here you go!" Tsurugi stared in shock. He saw the cashier lady, packing the exact thing he was looking for. Tenma turned to leave and noticed him.

"Oh hey Tsuru…" Tenma's smile disappeared. He noticed Tsurugi's angry face except, it was a really, really, really, really, really, reeeeally, angry which in comparison to yesterday, made his enraged face look then seem like an expression of happiness. Still, like yesterday, he didn't say a thing. He only left.

"Ts-Tsurugi…?" Tenma was worried. Was he still mad at him for yesterday? And so begins where yesterday left off, Tenma ran out to follow him….again.

"Tsurugi! Tsurugi! Tsuruuuuugi!" Tenma called out. He even jumped as he called the name of his friend. Yeah, the mall was just that crowded. Tsurugi was still ducking with his cape off amongst the crowded. He grumbled as he managed to reach the elevator and went to the ground floor to leave. He eventually exited and headed to leave. That was when something hit him from the side. He looked and bolted.

"Ah, wait! Tsurugi!" Tenma saw him enter the elevator and took the escalator down. That was when he bumped into him but somehow he managed to run out even with all people standing in front of the exit. He managed to wriggle out of the crowd and looked around to find his friend. He soon spotted him as he saw him put his cape back on and he definitely knew it was him because when called him out, he quickly put it away and ran and so did Tenma. "Tsurugi, wait! I just want to talk!"

Tsurugi continued to ignore him, turning sharply into some corners in an attempt to lose him but Tenma but he wasn't that easy to lose. There weren't a lot of people for some reason. He guessed that maybe they were enjoying themselves with family or some friends or at least were in the stores and malls to find a gift for someone they forgot. Tenma kept following him and gasped when he saw Tsurugi slip on some snow and bang his knee. "Oh my gosh! Are you alright, Tsurugi?"

Tenma ran faster to check on his friend. He could hear him grumble as he tried to help him. Tsurugi was anything but cooperative, pushing Tenma away or moving away from the boy. He finally managed to lift one of the cuffs up to his knee. "It's bleeding!"


"Uh, uhm, I have some band-aid!" Tenma fumbled. He wanted to ease the pain of his knee. He didn't know why it felt like he had too as if he owed him for something, maybe it was because they were friends?


"Huh? S-speak up. I can't hear you." Tenma asked as he tried to put in on the gash before suddenly, Tsurugi kicked his leg. "Ts-Tsurugi! Hold still or I won't-"

"WOULD YOU JUST STOP?" Tenma flinched back. He had never heard Tsurugi this mad before.

"I-i-if this is about yesterday…I-I'm really sorry…"

"Oh, you really think this is just about yesterday…?" Tsurugi said angrily in a low tone. Tenma retreated further.

"I…I'm really sorry, I know it was wrong for me to go and include your brother without asking you. It was selfish of me." Tenma spoke back solemnly. He really did mean it.

"Yeah, you're right." Tsurugi muttered. Tenma looked at him in surprise. "Then…again I wouldn't have expected anything less from you…"

Tenma blinked in shock. "Huh…?" Suddenly, Tsurugi pushed himself and walked in the other direction. Tenma jumped in surprise but his was more concerned about the gash on his knee. It would hurt walking with such a deep cut!

"No! Tsurugi! You can't walk…!"

"And why can't I? Why do you care anyway?" Tsurugi snapped angrily. Tenma pouted back in response. "Because I'm concerned about that deep cut in your knee and of course I'm worried! We're teammates and more importantly we're friends so-"

"Don't call me that!" Tsurugi snapped angrily. Tenma blinked in shock.

""Let's get one thing straight, alright? I-am not- you're friend! If anything you practically ruined everything! I hate you! I hated you when we first met and I still hate you now! That's why I've been trying to get away from you so stop acting like we're friends because we aren't!" Tenma blinked. He didn't cry, wail or even shake from all of it. He couldn't feel anything, his body went numb. All he did was stare at the blue-haired with empty eyes, stunned. Tsurugi glared at him one more time before turning.

"You know what…? Just stay away from."

That brought Tenma back into some of his senses. "…Tsuru-"

"No!" Tsurugi yelled but he didn't turned back to face him. "Just…just stay away from me. Don't talk me! Don't…don't keep on ruining everything for me! Just get out of my sight now and stay out of my sight!"

Tenma looked at him as he left. Once he was gone, he looked down.

"Woah, you're Tsurugi's brother?" Midori gasped.

"You make it sound it like it's a big deal." Yuuichi laughed. Everyone was surprised. When they thought about Tsurugi's brother, his older brother. They had thought it was a person who not only resembled in looks but in attitude as well. Some thought he might even be worse than Tsurugi but in front of them instead. Although they looked somewhat alike, he was nicer, more pleasant and frankly, nice. He was the exact opposite of Tsurugi. Everyone spent majority of their time wondering how those two were even related to each other.

"Huh? Where's Tenma?" Shinsuke wondered. "He thought of it. He should be here by now."

Shindou wondered too. "I'm sure Tenma's fine." Yuuchi said.

"You know him?" Aoi wondered. Yuuichi nodded his head. "I saw him once before and he came to visit me yesterday."

"He did? Why?" Shindou asked.

"Some Christmas trouble." Yuuichi shrugged.

"Can we just get the Santa thing over with?" Kurama asked. "There's something I have to do back home."

"Alright, alright…" Amagi sighed.

After that, to shorten things up, the Secret Santa was a success for some…

"Oh wow!" Hamano said. "A new reel! Just what I needed!"

Kurama shrugged. "It was easy to guess…Bluefin with Goggles..."

"What was that?" Hamano asked.


"Oh wow! Can I have this? Really?" Hikaru asked ecstatically.

"Huh?" Shindou said. "It's just a Blackberry."

Everyone stared at Shindou.

…for others it was horrible…

"What the hell is this…?" Kariya thought.

"So, you like your gift?" Kirino asked mischievously. Kariya glared at him.

"Oh yeah…I like..."

Kirino laughed and opened his gift.


"What's wrong Senpai?" Hikaru asked. Kirino looked at him.

"By chance…did you pick out my gift alone?"

"Oh no! I didn't know what to get so Kariya helped me out!" Hikaru said. "Do you like your gift?"

Kirino glared Kariya who was trying to keep from laughing. "Oh yes…I love… this."

"Then why don't you put it on?" Kariya snickered from the back side. No really saw what it was, not even Hikaru himself since Kariya managed to convince him not to even peek at it but whatever it was it must've been something because Kirino responded by hurling his book at him, his hard bound, a five inch book called the 'Metamorphasis'. No one knows why he had that and everyone wanted to know what it was Kariya gave but none of them wanted to end their lives all too soon.

…and some were just strange.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…" Ayane kept jumping.

"Woah, what did you give her?" Amagi asked.

"One of Shindou's old T-shirts…" Kariya answered.

Everyone eventually gave the other a gift and received a gift themselves. Shinsuke got a teddy bear that was twice his size from Kuramada, Kuramada got a jacket from Aoi, Aoi got a hat from Hayami, Hayami got a new set of head phones from Ayane…Kariya gave Ichino a handknit scarf that woman with glasses made, Ichino got Amagi some goggles by pure luck, Amagi got Midori a light up, keychain, Midori got Aoyama a picture frame, Aoyama got Kurama a day planner, which he hated and finally, Hamano got Shindou a fishing rod, as if to say he should try it some time and Shinsuke got Kariya a dessert recipe book. He hid to keep Kirino from poking fun at him for that. And so everyone got and received…

"Hey wait, what about Tenma and Tsurugi?" Kirino wondered.

"We all got a gift from our respective Secret Santa so it's safe to say that somehow they got each other." Kariya pointed out. He coughed right after that. Kirino pouted. Did he just here Kariya say "Stupid Kirino!" when he coughed. Kariya flashed a seemingly angelic smile at him to say 'yes'.

"Huh, it's getting late…" Shindou said. "I'd better-"

The door suddenly opened and in came Tsurugi. "Oh, Tsurugi, you're…"

It was apparent to everyone that Tsurugi was in a horrible mood. Shindou couldn't even finish his sentence anymore. Tsurugi just sighed. "Here."

He handed one gift to his brother and one gift to Shindou. "That's for whoever I got."

"Do you want to know who you got?" Shindou asked. Tsurugi shrugged.

"Don't know. Don't care."

He turned to leave which rather surprised his brother.

"Kyousuke? Where're you going?"

"Oh," Tsurugi said in a somewhat softer tone that everyone noticed. "I'm heading home onisan. Sorry but I'm not feeling well."

"Huh? Oh, okay then. Get some rest alright?" Yuuichi said. "Oh, and your gift-"

Tsurugi didn't stay to hear. He already left which worried his older brother. "Kyousuke's acting strange."

Suddenly Aoi's phone rang. "Hello! Oh…alright, okay then. I'll be there soon."

"What was that?" Aoyama asked.

"It was Aki." Aoi answered which confused everyone. "She's a relative of Tenma's. She says he's not feeling well and won't be coming but he asked me to come by to pick up Tsurugi's gift."

"I wonder he found it." Kyousuke said. Shindou looked at him with one eyebrow raised. "He came by asking help for help to find a gift for Kyousuke. I told him that he would probably like a blue soccer jersey with the number 10 because it was the same soccer jersey that guy wore."

"Who's he?" Shindou asked.

"A famous forward who played on Inazuma Japan. They said he was a genius Kyousuke and I looked up to him a lot. Of course, since soccer's pretty popular here, it's actually pretty hard to get one of those."

"It makes sense." Kirino said. "So what did he get you?"

"Let's see…" Yuuichi said. "A sweater."

"A sweater?" Kirino asked. "It doesn't look like he put a lot of thought into it."

"I don't know but I like it." Yuuichi laughed. "Looks like I finally have something to keep me from the cold."

Everyone stared at him as he laughed. Honestly, were those two really related? Everyone talked to each other until finally, visiting hours were over. Everyone enjoyed themselves though they the entire team was there. Night time finally drew in.

"Tenma…" Aki said worriedly. "Are you alright? You haven't eaten anything since this morning."

"Unh?" Tenma mumbled as he turned in his bed to face. "Oh, it's nothing. I'm just not hungry."

"I don't care if you're not hungry. You have to eat something. Moreover, since you came back, you've stayed in bed. Did anything happen?" Aki asked. Tenma shook his head.

"It's okay. I'm just really tired. Can I sleep now? I promise I'll eat tomorrow."

Aki looked at him worriedly. "Alright, just get some rest okay?"

Tenma nodded his head turned to face the wall again as he heard her leave. He sighed as soon as the door closed. He wasn't hungry but he was tired. He had just spent the entire day thinking before finally making a conclusion. It was going to be hard but he had to try. No, he had to do it. Even if he meant well, he just ruined what was supposed to be the best day for one his frie…teammate. Yeah, that's really all they were. He shouldn't have jumped into a conclusion like that just because they were on the same team. He closed his eyes as he remembered the talk he had with Tsurugi's older brother.

*You really think I should continue on with the party?*


*I'm not sure…he's been avoiding me for inviting everyone here for Christmas without asking him.*

*Kyousuke can be a little close-minded so don't worry about it.*

*I don't know…*

*If you're that worried, you should get him a really amazing gift as a way to say you're sorry."

*Well, what do I get him?*

*That's easy. It's… …*

Tenma sighed. By the least, he hoped Tsurugi would like his gift. He really didn't mean to make him so angry. He really was sorry.

First fic with a bad ending. Sorry, it really sucks doesn't it? I'm terrible at writing endings...