If you are reading this, this is your last warning not to...meh. Go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you.

-Bad Ending-

"Alright, I'll take it." He groaned. The dog barked happily and went closer for him to take bag. It barked on last time and walked away. As soon as it was gone, he tossed it back in the garbage. He heard his brother's voice ring into his ear both for the first time, he chose to ignore it. He continued and turned into a corner before bumping into someone.

"Tsur…Tsurugi?" Tenma asked in surprise and took a step back while Tsurugi frowned.

"I thought I told you not to ever talk to me again." Tenma jolted.

"Oh…oh right. S-sorry." Then Tenma looked up at him hesitantly. "D-did you like your gift?"

"Your gift?" He asked. "It's over there."

Tenma's face suddenly broke as he saw the trash can. "D-did you even look at it?"

"No! Why would I bother even looking at a gift from you?" Tsurugi yelled.

"Uh…nggh…" Tenma whined a quietly. "I'm…I'm really sorry, Tsurugi…"

"Just shut up will you?" Tsurugi yelled at him, making him flinch. "Just leave me alone! Go away!" Tenma looked up to try to say something Tsurugi wouldn't even hear of it. "NOW!"

Tenma looked at him in shock before running away. Tsurugi huffed angrily before turning to leave.


{The next day…}

Tsurugi sighed as walked through around again. He sighed, still angry about everything that had happened though with his anger finally fading, a tad bit of guilt began to surface. He was on his to visit his brother until he bumped Shindou.

"Hey! Watch-!" Tsurugi snapped before stopping to see the captain in tears.

"Tsurugi!" Shindou suddenly burst before quieting down between hiccups. "Are…are you on your way to the hospital too?"

"Huh? Did something happen?" Tsurugi asked. Shindou gasped in surprise and wiped a tear. "D-didn't you hear? It's Tenma! He got hit by truck yesterday!"

That got Tsurugi's attention. His face turned pale like Shindou's. "What? ! What happened? !"

"I-I don't know…" Shindou sobbed. "I only just heard it to today! Apparently he's still in a coma."

Tsurugi bit his lip followed his team's captain without any further questions. He didn't care how it happened or where it happened, he just wanted to know if he was alright.

But…fate is quite cruel isn't it? By the time we got there, Tenma's condition worsened. Everyone was there. Raimon was a pretty tight-knit group so it wasn't surprising. Everyone was allowed to say their good-byes to him. Everyone said it in one room but I stayed outside. I still had my sanity. I knew wouldn't be able to handle it once I got in so I decided to wait so I could speak to him alone. Sure enough, once everyone was out and I stepped inside. I lost it. I couldn't accept that this was going to happen. Before I knew it I found myself babbling all sorts of promises to him as if it would change anything. Then suddenly… he woke up. He looked at me, scared. He asked what was happening to him. I couldn't answer him. So I just hugged him and cried. He started crying too. I think he knew what was going to happen. So I stayed there with him until he finally stopped crying. Once it was over, I ran back out to get it back. Somehow, it was still there. I don't know why they missed it but I was glad they did. It was in the bottom of the trash. Yet, it was as clean as ever. I brought it home and opened. I never stopped crying that night.

Several days after, everyone went to see him for the last time. They called me to go but I didn't. I couldn't bring myself to go. I just couldn't.