REAL SUMMARY: When young Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum finds that the danger level surrounding his life is growing substantially, the Goddess Etro bestows upon him a beautiful guardian to protect him from the dangers that await. But how can Noctis place her life in danger to defend his if he finds himself falling in love with the beautiful young woman? And how will he allow her to complete her mission if it might mean her leaving him forever? NoctisxOC

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Prologue: The Beginning

"Chaos will soon befall the world, and he will need protection," a woman said, her head bowed as she was down on one knee before a tall, glowing figure. Her long golden hair shimmered as if starlight was sewn into it. She was dressed in golden valkyrie armour, a plume of gold feathers draping over her right leg. Her azure eyes were downcast in respect of the great goddess before her.

The Goddess of Death Etro nodded slowly. "Send forth the youngest Illunis sister, Celia," she instructed carefully. "I understand that she is just one mission away from becoming a paladin guardian, correct?"

"Yes, my goddess," Celia answered. "If she succeeds in this mission, she will join the ranks of the paladin guardians like the rest of her sisters. I will alert her of your instructions immediately."

Etro looked down upon the Visible World with a sad gaze, the magic mirror reflecting the events of the world. "His journey will be tough, it seems," she said gently. "I will speak to him myself to tell him of his guardian. In the meanwhile, you send for your sister and tell her to go find this prince."

"What is this boy's name, might I ask?" Celia asked curiously as she raised her head.

Waving a graceful hand before the mirror, the image changed to feature a young man with short, spiky black hair and striking blue eyes.

When the goddess spoke next, her voice was soft, as if pitying what circumstances would fall upon the young prince.

"Noctis Lucis Caelum."

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