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Chapter 4: To The New World

Noctis and Luna quickly made their ways into the streets of Lucii, heading towards the Citadel where the Caelum Family Treasury keeping the Crystal was. They did their best to avoid the huge weapons and monsters that Niflheim had brought along, and had unfortunately encountered a giant Behemoth when suddenly-

"Hey Noct, get down!"

Immediately Noctis pulled Luna down with him as a hailfire of bullets soared over them before striking the creature, knocking it down. Seconds later, more bullets began to hit the creature before it began to run off.

"Gladiolus! Prompto!" Noctis exclaimed as he turned around.

Sure enough, the ones who had saved them were his friends Gladiolus and Prompto.

"Friends of yours, I'm hoping?" Luna prompted, tilting her head at the prince.

He nodded. "Luna, this is Gladiolus and Prompto, two of my other friends. You can trust them. Guys, this is my guardian deity, Lunara in Caelo Illunis."

Luna smiled brightly. "Call me 'Luna', please," she noted with a slight tease before all traces of friendliness vanished. "But enough with introductions, what's important right now is getting to the Citadel. Both Noctis' father and the Crystal are in grave danger. We must get to the Citadel post-haste."

"Got it," Gladiolus said promptly, "we'll go with you there."

Prompto toothily grinned, "I'm sure your dad's fine, Noct. After all, Ignis should be there at the Citadel too with him."

Luna nodded in agreement. "Ignis is no fool," she agreed. "As the Royal Advisor, he'll have some sort of plan, I'm sure."

Noctis was surprised. "You know Ignis?"

"Yes," she agreed, her eyes brimming with affection as she thought of the young strategist. "We've been quite close growing up. But enough about that. We need to go. Something else is amiss, I fear."

As they got closer to the Citadel, something wasn't right. For some reason Niflheim forces were leaving the city, and along the way… they encountered a person all-too familiar to Noctis.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded.

Lunara's brow furrowed in recognition. "You are… Stella Nox Flueret, the Princess of Tenebrae?"

"What?" Noctis demanded.

The blonde woman's eyes darkened, a golden symbol flaming behind her as a silver rapier appeared in her hand. "How do you know who I am?" she demanded, her gaze locked onto Luna.

Luna's eyes began to glow ice-blue. "You are me," she said, "and I am you."

"W-What are you talking about?" Stella demanded.

Lunara's eyes darkened slightly. "Your powers and mine are intertwined."

"Luna, what are you talking about?" Noctis asked.

The guardian raised her hand, and at once the rapier vanished from Stella's hand into Luna's.

"Enough of this banter, we need to leave," Luna said, allowing the rapier to vanish into thin air. "Miss Stella, can you please accompany us? I imagine there's a reason why you're here in Lucii."

Stella pursed her lips, her brows knotting, indicating her agreement to Lunara's statement.

"What's going on?" Prompto asked, confused by the apparently random appearance of the princess.

"No clue," Gladiolus responded, "but I imagine we'll find out soon."


Upon arrival at the Citadel, they ventured inside towards the inner sanctum where the Crystal was being kept, and where indeed both King Caelum, Ignis, and Lux were. The giant crystal in front of them was trembling violently, crackles of electricity sparking around it.

"Noctis!" King Caelum exclaimed, "Thank the Gods you're alright."

"Lunara," Ignis said seriously, "do you know what's wrong?"

She held out her hand, and a trident-like staff appeared in her hand. She tapped the base of it on the ground and a window opened to another plain, and the faces of three alarmed women popped up on screen.

"Luna!" Celia in Caelo Illunis exclaimed, relief flooding her voice. "Thank goodness we've finally managed to reach you."

"What's going on?" Luna asked, alarmed by her sisters' grave expressions.

"The Goddess has fallen," Leilani informed, her dark navy eyes wet with unshed tears.

"What?!" Lux demanded. "What happened?!"

"We don't know what happened, but both our world and the Visible World are falling," Tiana in Caelo Illunis informed, "The crystal will self-destruct and wipe out all of mankind."

"No!" Prompto gasped, "Is there anything we can do to stop it?!"

Celia shook her head, and her brow furrowed as she saw Stella Nox Fleuret and Lunara's ice blue gaze. "Lunara, you've come to realize your connection with this Tenebrae princess, haven't you…"

"Yes," she agreed in a calm voice.

"Before Etro died, she passed us one last message," Tiana informed seriously, "she said that Noctis Lucis Caelum is the True King. None of you should die here."

Noctis' eyebrows furrowed. "What are you talking about? What 'True King'?" he demanded.

The eldest Illunis sister looked at Stella. "What purpose has brought you here, Princess of Tenebrae?"

"A voice told me that I needed to be here to find the 'one who would be Oracle'," she stammered.

"It's as we thought," Leilani said. "Princess of Tenebrae, take hold of Lunara's staff."

Hesitantly, Stella obeyed, walking over to place her hand on the trident, and immediately an aura glowed around both Lunara and Stella.

The ground began rumbling as the Crystal's power began to go haywire.

"Oh no, the Crystal!" Lux roared.

"Goodbye, little sister," Celia bid, "before our worlds crumbles, we will use our powers to tether the appropriate souls to yours to send off to the other reality. You know what to do, yes?"

Tears welled in Luna's eyes as she nodded.

"We are proud of you, Lunara," Leilani said as she and the other two Illunis sisters began to glow. "Always remember that."

"May the gods light your path always," Tiana murmured.

The connection to the other world broke, and Noctis and the others collapsed, white lights beginning to stream from them into the trident staff.

"W-What's going on?" Stella stammered in shock. "What happened to them?!"

Tears streamed from Lunara's eyes. "Their souls are being bound to our power," she declared, holding up her hand, "and it is time to bond our souls finally as well."

The Tenebrae princess blinked at her in confusion, hesitantly raising her hand to press her palm against the guardian's, and at once, both women were pulled into a bright light as they fused together for a brief moment before being thrown apart, the trident remaining freestanding as it glowed brightly with otherworldly power. The two women groaned as they struggled to their feet, reborn as new, different women as parts of their personalities and features had been exchanged. Additionally, their fates had dramatically altered as well.

The silver-haired woman stood first, her light green eyes reflecting a deep wisdom as her form sparkled with magic. From her moment of rebirth, she knew much about the future that their new reality would bring. "I am a mage of the astral plain, Stella in Caelo Illunis," she declared.

The blonde woman with bright blue eyes slowly staggered to her feet, her hand on her head. "I'm… an Oracle?" she stammered, half-confused as she was hit with a dizzy spell.

Quickly the astral mage rushed over to the other woman, helping her keep upright. "Yes," she agreed, "you are Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Princess of another Tenebrae, and the last Oracle to the True King." Gently she placed her hands on the princess' cheeks, forcing her to look into her bright green eyes. "What would have been my relationship with Noctis has transferred to you," she informed enigmatically, "as mine has bound itself to another soul." She briefly glanced at the unconscious Ignis.

"Hurry," Lux urged, flicking his tail at the trident, "You must leave before the Crystal destroys the worlds!"

"But what about you?" Lunafreya asked in concern.

The panther shook his massive head. "My duty was to Lunara in Caelo Illunis, guardian-in-training, and she has been reborn as Stella in Caelo Illunis, astral mage," he said, a thin white wisp beginning to pour from him into the trident, "I will be reborn in the new reality as the mage's new partner. Lux will be no more."

Stella kneeled down to hug the panther. "Thank you for all you've done for my former self, Lux," she murmured into his fur.

He purred affectionately. "Now go, the Crystal will not last much longer."

Both Stella and Lunafreya went to stand at the trident, grasping hold of it once more as they looked at each other.

"I will stand by Noctis' side as a friend and advisor," Stella declared.

"And I as an Oracle and someone he will hold dear," Lunafreya agreed.

"With our declaration," they called in unison, closing their eyes, "we depart to a new life!"

Stamping the base of the trident on the ground, a blinding light enveloped the room before it winked out completely. Everyone lay dead, their souls transferred to the magic trident that had been sent into a new reality… the reality where the True King would one day ascend his rightful throne…

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