Hi guys, this is Kane Chronicles: Survivor... I will make a whole series, where the KC characters battle it out in T.V. shows, who will no? And I have a poll on my profiley thingy! Please vote! And Jeff will not host this thing, a non-senile Ra will!

Sadie's P.O.V.

I sat on the bench in the middle of the jungle. My family ( e.i. Carter, Dad, Mom, Amos, Bast, and Annie (( not that he was family!)) were telported here. I pulled on the collar of my tank of our intiates were telported, and they sat on the other bench. Ra floated to the ground, and said,'' Hello Intiates, gods, and Kane's!'' We all nodded, and a few voces were heard. '' The reason you were brought to the tropicical jungles is because you will have you're own survivor!'' Groans were heard, and I muttered some words that shall not be reapeted. '' Osiris, Jaz, step up.'' They stood up, walked to Ra, and Ra held out two hankerchief's, one sea blue, one orange. '' You two will be the leaders. Depending on what you choose, you will have a specific name, bad stuff, and good stuff.'' Dad grabbed the blue one; Jaz the gold one. '' Osiris, you're team will be called Jigamoo ( It's 12:30 AM in the morning! Cut me some slack!), your bad stuff will be, you're in the rainiest place in the forest, and animals tend to flock to where you are - dangerous animals. The good stuff is food, water, and shelter will be plentifull! Jaz, you're name will be Miccataraoo. Bad stuff is you will be in the drier part, food, water, and shelter will be hard to find, but not impossible. Good stuff is you will be more warm, and it's not so humid! Good luck!''

Sorry it's so short, next will be longer!