Kurt sat there looking at the body of the man that had been his father for all of his life until three minutes ago. The doctor had tried everything he could to get him to come back as Kurt stood in a corner across the room. It turned out that his heart had just given out and there was no coming back. It seemed like the whole world was crashing down on him. It didn't seem fair; he had lost his mother when he was seven and now seventeen he lost his father. He sat there looking at his father's face just praying to anyone who would listen that he would open his eyes.

This couldn't be happening just the other day they were arguing about Kurt going to go see The Sound of Music and now he was planning his father's funeral. It just didn't seem right to him, of all the people it could have happened to it didn't have to be his father, it could have been anyone else's but why his dad, why now?

After he had talked to the coroner he called the funeral home they had used with his mother and set up the viewing and showing. He called his mother's father and told him what had happened, followed by his aunt, Carol, and Mercedes. Just those few calls and everyone knew.

Two days later his grandfather came up from Westerville and helped him pack his belongings and decide what they would be getting rid of. Tomorrow was the viewing and Kurt didn't want to think about anything besides just trying to get though this week. When he was completely settled into his new home he was transferring schools, to the school his grandfather wanted him to go to, Dalton Academy.

About a month later he had all of his belongings packed and in the moving truck. He already had his uniform for his new school, a new satchel for his school books, new shoes just for the hell of it but what his grandfather didn't know was that he was going for a completely new look. When he had turned thirteen his father had put him in self defense classes which turned out he did pretty well in Muai Thai. As it turned out he picked it up real quick and enjoyed it.

The next thing he knew, he was willing to change everything about himself, he went to a tattoo place and handed over his fake ID Puck had got made for him, got quite a few new piercings, three in each ear, a nose piercing, an eyebrow piercing, a Medusa (a piercing right in the middle of his upper lip), snake bites, both his nipples, his navel and a Prince Albert. He even got a nice dragon tattoo on his back going from his shoulder blades down to the base of his spine. When he told the tattoo artist that he didn't care how long it took he was getting it down right then and there. As for his clothes he went shopping. He started to ditch his designer clothes and went for all the T-shirts that had skulls, dragons, even flames. As for pants black skinny jeans and ripped blue jeans were pretty much all he had. He bought a few pairs of biker boots and black converse.

He just looked around the internet and started to learn more about sex so that he could just forget who he was and become someone new. The old Kurt Hummel was leaving and the new Kurt Hummel was going to come out to play. He wasn't going to be used and let others tell him what he was going to do with his life any more.