General POV

It was late at night as Leo Leonardo the Third walked into his shared apartment. He just got back from a late shift at GameStop, and dear Lord was he tired. It was close to Christmas and the store was packed to the brim with nearly every single age demographic and gender. Of course, he hated every minute of it, especially considering that it was freaking Saturday, which was of course the busiest day of the week. Couple that with the last minute shoppers of Christmas Eve and it's a no brainer why he was acting like a zombie. He had to deal with the whiny kids, the mothers who had absolutely no idea what they were doing, the assholes that make up most of the teenage gamers (A/N Present company excluded), and all of those idiots that couldn't tell an RTS from an FPS or RPG. None of that mattered now though, because all he needed right now was sleep.

He didn't even bother to turn on the light as he entered his room, he was too tired to care whether or not he could see. Besides, he didn't even need the light. Hello, he's a cat, he has heightened night vision. Too exhausted to put on his pajamas, he just undressed (completely I might add), and climbed into bed, sleep immediately coming to him.

At about the same time, Aeris also arrived in the apartment. She too, was spread thin by the amount of work she did that day. However, unlike her best friend/punching bag, she worked at Best Buy, which unlike GameStop, had a very large Electronics section (hell, you could say that the whole place is an Electronics section), meaning she had to deal with a bunch of questions that made her feel like shouting right then and there, "I QUIT!". Of course, she didn't, but she still felt like screaming at something. Deciding that going to bed would probably be the best thing for her to do, she walked slowly over to the closest door she could find, and opened it. When she did she saw a bed, and hey, that was good enough for her. Deciding to sleep in the nude so that she wouldn't have to look for her night clothes, she took her clothes off, climbed into the bed, and fell right to sleep.

"Why would the two coming home and going to sleep be awkward at all?", you may ask, feeling misled by the title, considering that when you read the word awkward, you were expecting something awkward. Well be quiet, I'm getting to the awkward part.

Aeris and Leo were the kind of people that sleep with their limbs outstretched in a sloppy spread eagle. Why is this an important detail? Well, imagine if you will that as you were spreading out your limbs, you felt something. Something solid, something furry, but most importantly, something alive. You would probably wake up automatically and scream bloody murder right? Well, your right.

As soon as Aeris realized that she was in bed with someone else, she covered herself with the bed's blanket and reached over to turn on a beside lamp. As she did, the other lamp on the other side of the rather large bed turned on. As she looked over to see who did this, she gasped. It could've been a killer, it could've been a rapist. But no, this was worse. It was Leo. Before she could start shouting, Leo started, "Aeris! What the hell are you doing here!"

"What are you talking about! Your in my room!", she shouted back.

Leo scoffed, "No I'm not! This is my room!"

As Aeris looked around, she saw that Leo was right. This really was his room. She couldn't fault him for anything, she was the one that was in the wrong. Her white cheeks began to match the rest of her fur. Leo started speaking again, "Please just go, I need some sleep."

Aeris nodded and started to get up before she realized a single and very important detail. She turned to Leo, "I don't think I can do that."

He sighed, "Why not?"

She cleared her throat in embarrassment, "Well... to put it bluntly I'm naked."

Leo's ears immediately perked up at the last two words uttered by his friend. He smiled in a perverted way as he said, "Aeris, if you wanted to sleep with me, all you had to do was ask."

She normally would've punched the living hell out of him for saying things like that, but she didn't want to risk exposing herself to him. Instead, she offered this helpful bit of advice in her harshest tone possible, "Leo, leave and go sleep outside on the couch before I kill you."

He held up his hands in an, 'I surrender', fashion as he said, "Okay, I'm going."

He was about to rise out of the bed before he also realized a single and very important detail. He sat back down as he scratched the back of his head, saying, "Hey Aeris, I can't really go outside."

She sighed, "And why not?"

He laughed forcibly, "Uh, funny story actually. You see, I wasn't really planning on you coming into my room so-"

She cut him off, "Your naked too, aren't you?". He nodded and she put her face to her palm. She started to talk again, "Well this is just fucking great. You just had to decide to sleep in the nude, didn't you Leo?"

Leo looked offended, "Hey, don't look at me! You obviously thought the same thing! If anything, you should be blaming yourself!"

She was about to respond with something that implied that Leo had a dog as his mother, but she decided to try a different tact so that she wouldn't eventually have to result to murder in order to keep her dignity, "Leo, were adults here, right? Let me just take your blanket and go to my room so that we can put this behind us."

Leo wouldn't have any of it, "No thank you Aeris. I don't want to risk you seeing my package. That and it gets drafty in here.", he gasped in thought, "I know! I'll just close my eyes and you can leave."

She gave him an exasperated expression, "Leo, I know you. You're too much of a pervert for me to even consider that as an option."

Leo looked thoughtful as he said, "Well, how about we just sleep on separate sides. After all, like you said we are adults."

After thinking it over in her head for a while, she eventually said, "Fine. But if you so much as touch one piece of fur with my body, I will personally take you down to hell, got it?"

Leo nodded as she put her head on the pillow and turned away from him. As she went to sleep, she couldn't help but wonder why she actually sort of enjoyed sleeping next to Leo naked.

Done, and done. This was an idea I got after watching an old sitcom. I might make more chapters based around this concept, but no guarantees. Read and Review!