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At The Beginning

It was a warm day; the smoldering summer Tulsa heat was blistering down upon me as I grabbed my clean, red and white stripped waitress uniform off of the line outside. My bare feet nestled into the grass, getting tickled by the feel of the tiny green sprouts. I looked up at the hot, blazing, yellow sun ball up in the blue and cotton candy cloud sky before going back into my house.

"You always wait til the last minute to get your dress off the line." My older brother, Darry, scolded me as he shook his head while sitting in his big arm chair reading.

"Yea, yea, I know, Dar-I know." I sighed, not wanting to hear him lecture me for the millionth time, as I quickly made my way upstairs to my room-my very small but cluttered room may I add.

My room was cluttered cause it didn't just have a bed and dresser in it but also had a crib in it. Yes, that's right, I Shiloh Mary-Weather Curtis am a mommy. My son's almost 1, he's just about the cutest and happiest baby you'll ever meet.

I smiled at my son, who I saw was fast asleep in his crib under his blankets.

My son, Timothy Ethan, was clearly the spitting image of his father. He already had his daddy's dark curly hair, smoldering eyes, chin, and nose. I just hope to God that he doesn't end up wild and dangerous like him. That would kill me as a mother, bad enough my son was born a Greaser to an unwed 16 year old girl in Tulsa.

I quickly changed out of my casual yellow dress and slipped on my uniform for the Dingo, the dinner I had to work at, and then put on my white Keds. I heard the door slam and then muffled yells from outside through the locked windows. I hurried up and picked up Tim-E, what my son's nickname was, and headed out of the room. "There, there, lil man, don't be so cranky." I cooed to my baby boy as he started to act a bit cranky, squirming in my arms since I had just woken him up.

Whenever I stepped downstairs I saw that nobody was there, I just shrugged it off and surmised that everyone had left. I then decided to head on out to drop off my son with my ex so that I could go to work. As soon as I stepped outside onto the porch I saw Darry and Soda helping Pony up while our friends Two-Bit, Steve, and Dally (who was supposed to be locked up) were chasing a mustang full of Socs away. The quiet and shy but badly abused neighbor boy Johnny was just standing awkwardly in my yard. "Johnny, what happened?" I asked as I got closer to Johnny.

"Socs chased Pony, cut his neck." Johnny said nervously, fear and terror filled up his puppy dog like eyes

I noticed that Darry was giving my younger brother a lecture and that my twin, Soda, was trying to back up Pony. Hmm, same shit different day in my house. I started walking over to everyone but in return they returned to the front yard. Steve was bitching about his bloodied nose and Two-Bit was just talking about needing some 6 packs. Honestly, I thought that Dally was still in jail so his early release did surprise me.

"Dal, good behavior?" I asked curiously, wondering how he could even get off for good behavior.

To my surprise he winked and said, "Yep."

"Hey, wanna bring Sylvia along with us and the girls to the game tomorrow night?" Soda asked Dally, causing Dally to quickly shake his head.

"Hey, I wanna go…" Pony whined, pouting his lips.

Poor kid never got to go anywhere. Darry literally had him imprisoned with school work and books but I think that's cause I came home knocked up at 16 by some top dog hood and he doesn't want Pony doing anything stupid.

"Can't, no kids allowed." Steve snarled, his lip curling up to expose his teeth.

"Hey, does anyone wanna go catch a movie with me tomorrow night, hunt some action like old times?" Dal asked as he took a cancer stick from his jacket pocket, sticking it into his mouth and lighting it.

"Yea, we'll go Dal." Johnny answered for him and Pony.

Then Dal looked at me as he took a long drag on his stick. "And?" He simply asked, eyebrows raised.

"If Darry can watch Tim-E then yea, yea I'll go." I said with a small smile.

"I'll stop by if I'm not too drunk." Two-Bit nodded his head; then he turned to Pony and Johnny to ask them to help him get a rolling start on his car.

As they were doing that I left the yard and for some reason Dally followed me.

"So, is that ass being good to the kid?" Dallas asked me as he made a slight hand gesture towards my son. Dal was the only one that hated kids; he was the only one to hate my kid too.

"Mhm, he's a good dad." I told Dallas as we walked towards the end of the street. "How's things with you and Sylva? See ya got your ring back- again." I asked him, already knowing the answer he was going to give me. Actually the whole town knew what she was up to while he was in the cooler.

"She was two-timing me again, hooking up with Shepard and some other guys while I was in the fucking cooler man." Dallas grumbled, he hated being cheated on but he sure did get a lot of action from plenty of girls no matter who had his ring.

"Yep, that's Sylvia for you." I let out a small laugh. "Well, I gotta go drop him off and get to the Dingo, see ya later." I told Dal before I took off down another street.

"Bye, oh and tell that idiot that I'm gunna get him good!" Dally called out to me as I walked away from him.

I just shook my head. Dal sure was hardheaded and never learned anything. Fighting over Sylvia wouldn't solve anything; hell every single man in town has had a ride on that merry-go-round.

I walked up the rotting wooden porch steps of my ex's nearly condemned house. I swear if nobody fixed up the house it would be condemned and soon. I quickly knocked on the door and then waited for an answer. It didn't take long before that handsome hood with the smoldering eyes and unruly dark hair opened up the door clad in a pair of Levi's and a black tee. "What took ya so long; you're a few minutes late?" He asked as he instantly went to grab our son out of my arms.

"My brother, Pony, got jumped outside the house by some Socs. Had to make sure he was okay." I simply answered him as he just held onto our son who was clinging to his neck.

Then I couldn't just leave cause he asked me, "He alright, right?"

"Mhm, he's fine, the guys chased away the Socs." I quickly explained. "Oh, yea, Dally's out early."

"No shit, he is?"

"Mhm, just talked to him, he's pretty mad about Sylvia and he says that he's gunna getcha."

"Christ, that whore freely hands it out, he needs to get better control of his whatever she is; not my fucking fault." He ranted, freely cursing in front of our soon to be year old son, as he shook his head in disgust.

"Tim, I'll be back whenever my shift's over at like 8, bye." I told him, rolling my eyes a bit as I turned on my heel and started to walk down the steps.

"Hey, Shiloh." His deep voice called, causing me to stop dead in my tracks and turn around to face him. "I could pick ya up. After all that happened to your brother today and every-" Tim started to begin to say with a bit of a smirk until I bluntly and harshly cut him off.

"No, Tim, bye." I quickly snapped at him, causing him to just shake his head and turn his attention towards our son. As I left his house he walked into it, to take care of our son like he always did whenever I had to work.

Tim, even though he was a no good hood and the leader of the toughest & tuffest gang in Tulsa, was a good dad. He always offered to watch our son whenever I had to work, claiming it'd be good for him to spend time with our boy and for our boy to get to know his Shepard side since after all he lived with his Curtis side. Darry wasn't too pleased, to say the least, that I let Tim watch Tim-E 3 days a week. Actually Darry was still pissed off that nearly a year ago I gave birth and named my son Timothy Ethan Shepard, giving him almost the same name as his father since Tim's name was Timothy Eugene Shepard.

I was sitting in my hospital bed, exhaustion and joy taking over me, as I held my newborn son in my arms. He was so small, so tiny, and so perfect. I looked over my shoulder to only see my ex, my son's father, sitting on the chair next to my bed just looking at the baby boy in awe.

Tim was only in the room cause he was the father of the baby and turns out the doctor and nurses kicked out my family and friends during the birth saying that only one person could be in the room and preferably the one staying should be the baby's father, hence how and why he was sitting near me and just smiling at me and the baby. Hmm, I wonder how having a kid's gunna affect his hard-ass hood rep. "Wanna hold him" I asked Tim, not knowing what else to say or do.

"Mhm." He mumbled out as he got out of his chair and stood hovering right next to me. He quickly but carefully took the baby out of my arms and held him, a look of pure awe on his face. "So, you're giving him the Shepard name? Right?"

"Yea, I mean you are his father even though we're long gone."

"He's my firstborn you know." Tim looked at our newborn and then at me.

"Yea…"I said, confusion crossing my mind, not knowing where he was going next with this conversation.

Tim just bluntly announced, "So, I want to name him."

"Okay, name him what?" I shrugged and asked, not really having a name picked out I thought that I'd give his pre-picked name a shot.

Tim grinned like a clever cat, "Timothy Ethan."

"Darry's going to be so pissed…" I whistled out, not believing my ears that I just heard that in a way Timothy wanted our son named after him.

I just looked at Tim blankly as he grumbled and ranted on and on, "Darrel Junior can go to hell for all I care, it's my kid not his; he has no say in his name."

Just then a nurse had come in with a clipboard. "I'm sorry to be a bother but I need to get some name information for the baby." The nurse, who was no older then 30, said with a smile.

"Shepard," Tim smiled as he was holding and looking at the boy in his arms. He lifted his head up; looking at the nurse saying, "Timothy Ethan Shepard."

I shook my head, willing the memory away, as I walked down the street on my way to the Dingo. I had to admit that it shocked me that Tim would talk so casually about his hook-up with Sylvia and then have enough nerve to want to pick me up from work whenever my shift ended. Hell, didn't he do enough whenever he knocked me up after only being together for like 4 or 5 months?

Tim laid on his bed, which was more or less a mattress lying on the floor with a blanket on it, playing with his son by waving a bear around and making him giggle. Tim, the 18 year old leader of the highly feared Shepard Gang, enjoyed babysitting his son and spending time with him. In fact the old ragged bear that Tim would often let his son play with had once been his bear as a small child. Tim, not being able to help himself, would often find a small but proud smile cross his strong facial features whenever he was around his son. "You like Mr. Teddy, huh lil man?" Tim rhetorically asked his son as he waved the stuffed animal around his son, causing the baby to smile. "Yea, I think you do, I think really do, kidd-o." Tim let out a small chuckle as he finally let the boy snatch the ragged bear-with a torn ear and only an eye-right out of his hands.

Tim sighed as he watched his son, his one and only son, his namesake, play with an old toy. Tim, believe it or not, had never wanted to end things with Shiloh. In fact whenever they found out about the baby he was all set to do the honorable thing but as fate would have it Darry pushed for a break up and Shiloh gave into her older brother's wishes.

"So what, your brother thinks I'm bad news, who fucking cares?" He said, blowing off what she had just told him a second or so prior.

"Tim, I care, I really care about what Darry thinks." Shiloh said as they sat at a table at the Dairy Queen, eating ice cream. Tim just rolled his eyes, causing her to snap. "He's my guardian now and I fucking fucked up!"

"What, by fucking me and being mine you pissed him off?" Tim barked, shoving his spoon in his cup of ice cream.

"Damnit, we were sneaking around cause Darry wouldn't let me see you and you know that!" She barked right back before taking a sip of her strawberry milkshake. She sighed and trembled a bit, she had never meant to disobey and disappoint her brother bit whenever Tim suggested sneaking around to get around Darry's strict rules she didn''t hesitate to agree.

His brow raised and he tilted his head slightly; asking in disbelief, "So, you mean you're seriously dumping me cause he told you too?"

Shiloh sighed; knowing what she was going to say next wasn't just going to hurt him but her as well. "Tim, he's right, you're no good for me." The hurtful phrase, the phrase that was often said by Darry, Dallas, and the rest of the boys that often hung out at the Curtis house came spilling out of her mouth.

"So, what, loving me means nothing to you?" He screamed, his jaw was locked and his eyes were breaking as he held his ice cream cup with a death grip. He couldn't believe that earlier that day they had agreed to a quick but honorable shotgun wedding that weekend at the Justice Of The Peace providing that Darry signed consent and now they were breaking up cause Darry, the Superman and Greaser that was kept back from being a Soc by his family and friends, looked down upon his lengthy criminal record and judging him without knowing him.

"Tim…" Shiloh sighed as she gently tried to calm him down by putting a hand on his arm, but it was no use cause he backed away from her touch.

Tim was pissed, he was upset that Shiloh wasn't being a leader but instead was being a blinded follower.

"I can't believe this shit; you're really going to let your brother run your life." He shook his head, now refusing to look at her "Whatever, just don't fucking bother me unless it's about the baby." He grumbled and then quickly left her inside of the Dairy Queen all alone.

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