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I had to put this pause because of my classes and I wanted to write my three holiday stories. But as promised I said I was going to upload this and I kept my word. Now then this story takes place a few weeks after the Christmas story. I found out Lucas had the idea for Ahsoka around January and well it gave me the idea of having the story take place for Ahsoka's birthday.

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Hi I'm Ahsoka Tano, I am a Togruta or an alien if many didn't know that, and I'm also a Jedi. Let me explain to everyone who I am since I'm sure many have no clue who or what I am. I'm from a universe where there are thousands of different alien species. My species are called Togruta. We have orange or dark orange skin, we have headtails or lekku on our heads that are sensitive because they have nerves that are connected to our brain, and we have sharp teeth.

When I was three I was found by a Jedi Master named Plo Koon. Oh right, Jedi are peace keepers that protect the galaxy from danger and they use the Force to protect it. The Force is the energy that is created by all living things and it binds the galaxy together. The Jedi used the Force to protect the galaxy and used it to protect everyone from evil. Including the Sith. The Sith are the opposite of the Jedi. The Jedi use their powers to protect the innocent while the Sith hurt the innocent and use their powers for evil. I guess on earth the Jedi are the good guys and the Sith are the bad guys.

Anyways back to what I said before I was found by Master Plo Koon when I was three and was taken to the Jedi temple, which is where all the Jedi live in. For almost 13 years I lived in the Jedi temple and became a Jedi padawan learner during a war that erupted between the Republic and the Separatist. The Republic is a form of government made up of different planets that joined the Republic, while the Separatist is an independent government where many planets left the Republic to join. The Seps were led by Count Dooku who was a former Jedi till he left the order and became a Sith.

The Separatist's forces were a droid army led by their General who was a Jedi killer known as General Grievous. Don't know much about Grievous only that he hunts down Jedi, kills them, takes their lightsabers, cheats in his fight, and I fought him once. He was lucky I was having an off day otherwise he would have been scrapped. While the Seps had the droid army and a cybernetic general, we the Republic had an army of clones that were made ten years before the war began and were led by the Jedi. I joined the war and became a Jedi Padawan for a famous Jedi named Anakin Skywalker. He was my friend, my mentor, like an older brother, and was in my eyes one of the greatest Jedi I've ever met. I was his padawan for a few years till that day. It was the day that changed mine and the rest of the galaxy's life forever.

During the war we encountered an evil empire that was called the Forever Empire. It was led by someone who I thought was my friend named Markoneous. At first I thought he was a good man, but soon we saw he was evil and I hated him for what he did. He was a human that formed the Forever Empire to conquer and make himself the ruler of everything. In the first place he created clones to run his Empire for him while he was cryogenically frozen to preserve his life. The worst clone's name was Mark IV. He became obsessed with me and tried everything to get me to marry him. He had two powerful guards one of which was Katalia, a humanoid cat creature. Markoneous we thought died when we went aboard Mark IV's ship to help rescue a fellow Jedi. But then when we went to hunt down Mark IV we found that after he gave Katalia something that made her extremely powerful, she killed him and then we saw that Markoneous was alive, and that Katalia was his girlfriend. We escaped, but it didn't matter because what came next changed everything.

During Mark IV's reign he joined the Separatist getting the Forever Empire to be their new ally. But when he died Markoneous took control of the Separatist when he had Katalia use her new powers to take over. Her new abilities allowed her to control minds, once she and Markoneous took over the Separatists they expanded and she used her powers to influence the senators into making Markoneous the new Chancellor of the Republic. We, the Jedi, tried to stop him, but Mark was too much for us especially when he ordered the clones to attack the Jedi temple. We fought back, but soon we were overwhelmed and very few of us escaped. We tried everything to defeat Mark, but that wasn't enough to stop him. When Mark ordered his droid army to wipe out all non-human species in the galaxy and hunt down any Jedi survivors it left us with very few options.

The only Jedi left was Master Kenobi, Aayla Secura, Anakin, and myself. We were the last ones and so it was our job to find Mark and stop him. We found out where he was heading so we went after him. During our trip we encountered Katalia who was betrayed by Mark so we teamed up to capture Mark. However, that proved to be more difficult since Master Secura, Kenobi and Anakin were killed when we tried to capture Mark leaving only me as the last remaining Jedi. What happened after that I don't know, all I remembered was Mark freeing his master and me passing out then waking up outside the temple where we entered to capture Markoneous.

I didn't know what happened, but I did realize I was alone and I didn't know what to do next. But what happened next was a moment I would never regret. When I met the two twin sisters and the man who would give me a second chance in life. His name was Ichiro Ishida, he was a human teenage boy around my age and I met his two twin sisters Arella and Rowan. They came from a different universe and they came to my world when one of the girls used a spell to teleport them.

The world they are from was a world filled with heroes with super powers or heroes with no powers, but still manage to save the world. Ichiro's parents were both once superheroes till they retired to take care of their kids. The twins have the same powers as their mother, while their father's power was given to his son Ichiro. I took all three across the galaxy to help them find a way to get back home. Though along the way we ran into some trouble especially between me and Ichiro. Ichiro and I formed some feelings for each other, but because of the Jedi code I couldn't tell him. Eventually we landed on a new world where I was kidnapped and was turned evil by a force wielder named the Son. He used me to try and kill Ichiro while he harmed my friends. Ichiro though was able to save me from the darkness when he told me he loved me and proved it by risking his life to save me from the Son. I told him I love him and we kissed.

The Son however didn't like this and tried to kill us both. But Ichiro's father came and saved our lives. He defeated the Son and Ichiro invited me back to his world where I could live. I accepted of course and I went to live with my new family on earth. I've been living on earth for months now and had some interesting adventures. Some that nearly got me and my friends killed, while others were fun adventures. During one of these adventures Ichiro proposed to me asking me to be his wife. After what I went through how could I not say no? I told him yes to his proposal and now we were both engaged. I do miss my friends and my old life, but if I were to choose between my new and old life. I would keep my new life and be with Ichiro.

Now I'm sure many are wondering 'I'm with Ichiro does that mean my tale is over?' I wish. But it's not this is just the beginning especially what I went through a few days ago. I think I'll start at the beginning on what happened when I went back to my universe with my friends and what I went through for four days. On a distant planet without my weapons, without my friends, and the only thing I had to survive were my new friends, a giant hairy friend, and the skills I learned from the Jedi and from my new home.

The first chapter is done. Sorry if it wasn't much, but I wanted to give an overview of what happened in the Forever Empire series and the crossover stories General Herbison and I worked on. Now then the next one will be up as soon as I can. I hope this keeps you all busy. And if anyone guesses what Ahsoka went through don't ruin it for everyone please.

Now then please leave some reviews and tell us what you thought of the chapter. Nothing negative please of course and I want to thank General Herbison for assisting with the story by editing it. Thanks man I appreciate it bye and see you all next time. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year.

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