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Coming home

Wasskah (Ahsoka's pov)

Rachel and Arella had arrived just in time to help my friends and I against the Trandoshans. Now the table has turned and it was time to end this. Jinx, O-Mar, and Kalifa worked together to take down any a few of the Trandoshans, while Chewbacca assisted them. Rachel and Arella were taking care of the rest, but I wanted the leader. I saw the leader Garnac take off running back into his ship. I wasn't going to let him get away.

"Rachel I'm going after the leader, make sure the others are okay," I said to Rachel who nodded. I jumped up the railing and was confronted by two Trandoshans.

"Try and get passed us little girl," I smirked and would have taken them down if Arella didn't grab both of them and threw them into the jungle.

"I had that," I said to Arella meaning I could have taken them down by myself.

"I know, but then you would be wasting energy on them rather than on the leader," Arella explained and I agreed. They would have wasted my time and I didn't have the time to fight them, "Go, we got this." I nodded and entered the ship.

(Normal pov)

Kalifa, Jinx, and O-Mar hid behind a crate when two of the Trandoshans grabbed their guns and started blasting them. Kalifa used the force to lift one of the wreck vehicles and launched it at the shooters who ducked out of the way. Jinx and O-Mar used the force and took the blasters away from the Trandoshans. The two Trandoshans charged at the two boys who jumped over them. Kalifa joined the duo and the three used the force to push the Trandoshans over the ship and into the jungle. A third Trandoshan aimed his blaster at Kalifa, but the blaster was deflected by a dark barrier.

The trio saw Ahsoka's friend Rachel blocking the blast and used her powers to grab the Trandoshan in the form of a bird's talons. She lifted him up and threw him at the damaged vehicles, "Thank you," Kalifa said thanking Rachel.

"Don't mention it," Rachel said who was focused on the kids and didn't notice another Trandoshan aiming his rifle at Rachel. Kalifa noticed and grabbed a pipe, then threw it at the Trandoshan causing him to miss. Rachel saw the Trandoshan and he knew that he was in trouble. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos," Rachel lifted several debri and launched it at the Trandoshan causing him to fall off the roof and onto the floor, but before hitting the ground Jinx and O-Mar caught him with the force. Rachel turned to Kalifa glad that she saved her, "Thanks."

"Don't mention it," Kalifa said repeating what Rachel said to her earlier.

Chewbacca was fighting the same two Trandoshans before they got the jump on him. He managed to take out one with one punch to the head, but the other Trandoshan hit him from behind with a metal pipe. Chewbacca grabbed the pipe and pushed the Trandoshan back, allowing Chewbacca to have the pipe. He threw the pipe at the Trandoshan hitting him right between the eyes. Chewbacca didn't noticed however, the other Trandoshan sneaking up behind him. But before he could strike he was caught in mid-air by Arella who used her powers to grab the Trandoshan and threw him away from Chewbacca towards the Trandoshan who was knocked out earlier.

Arella walked over to Chewbacca to see if he was okay. Chewbacca told her he was okay and thanked her, "You're welcome, though it doesn't look like it's over yet," Arella said pointing to the two Trandoshans who were getting up, along with the rest of the Trandoshans.

"We're going to make you pay you little…wait hold on have we met before?" The Trandoshan asked as he saw Arella and got a sense of Déjà vu.

"I did meet some of your kind on Coruscant many months ago," Arella said mentioning the time she met several Trandoshans on Coruscant at the Jedi temple.

Soon the Trandoshan and the others remembered where they met the girl before. All of their expressions turned to fear when they remembered the girl before them was the same one who tried to eat them, "You're the little brat who tried to eat us."

Arella was confused by what the Trandoshan said till she realized these were the same Trandoshans who Rowan beat up and who she told to scare them by threatening to eat them up. Arella had a creepy smile on her face and knew this was going to be too easy, "That's right, I'm back and I'm going to eat you all up."

Many of the Trandoshans ran off in fear and even jumped off the ship, rather than staying with the creepy girl who tried to eat them. Rachel and the others saw what happened, and were surprised by what they saw. The younglings though were more surprised than Rachel. Rachel walked over to her daughter wondering how she did that, "Arella what did you do?"

"Oh nothing mom just met some old friends from the last time we were here," Arella said acting all innocently.

"Where's Ahsoka?" Kalifa asked wondering where Ahsoka was.

"She's fine, she's just tying things up with the leader and will be here soon," Rachel said knowing Ahsoka was going to lay the beating on the leader.

(Ahsoka's pov)

I walked into the ship of the Trandoshans and I saw many of their so called 'trophies'. I saw the heads of different species and the skin of dead Wookies and a Wampa. I could feel my fists tightening by what I was seeing, but I couldn't let my anger get to me. I needed to be calm and find the leader. I knew he didn't escape, after all it's me he's after and I'm sure he would want to kill me before escaping. I looked around and looking for the leader, while at the same time keeping my guard up.

Garnac was up on the second floor of the ship and saw the Jedi that killed his son. He grabbed his knife and prepared to kill the Jedi.

I sensed a disturbance and I could sense where the leader was. I waited for him to make his move and then I would counter it. The leader made his move and I jumped out of the way just before he could stab me. I tried to slice me, but I kept ducking and dodging his attacks. I kicked him in the face, but then he grabbed my leg and threw me towards the wall. He then tackled me and tried to stab me. But I blocked the blade and kicked him off me. I ducked another slice and I punched him in the gut. He staggered and I force pushed him back. I kicked the knife out of his hand and I kicked I across the room towards a table where he was down. I caught the knife and held it in my hand.

"It's over you lost," I said knowing this fight was over.

"This fight isn't over yet, I will have my revenge. You killed my son!" Garnac said refusing to admit defeat.

"I gave your son a chance to leave, but he refused and he paid the price. Besides if anyone is to blame here it's you for all the crimes you've committed," I said as I aimed the knife at the leader, "Now don't make the same mistake your son did, surrender."

Garnac hissed at the Jedi, he wasn't going to surrender. He refuses to admit defeated, especially to a Jedi. A female Jedi who's species is inferior to him. He looked over and saw a blaster on the ground.

I saw what the leader was looking at and I knew that would be his last mistake, "Don't try it," he went for the blaster, but I stopped him using the force sending him out of the room and over the balcony. I ran towards the balcony thinking I killed him till I saw Kalifa using the force to keep the leader from getting killed. She set the leader down and I jumped down to meet the others, "Nice catch Kalifa."

Kalifa smiled glad that she didn't disappoint Ahsoka, "I had a good teacher."

I was happy by what Kalifa said, 'a good teacher' that felt pretty good. I saw Rachel approach me and then she hugged me, "I'm glad that you're okay Ahsoka and I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner."

I return the hug and was glad that my friends found me, "It's okay Rachel, actually I'm glad I came here," Rachel broke the hug, then had a confused expression on her face, "See if I didn't come here, then I wouldn't have been able to help them," I pointed to the younglings, "I'm glad I came here, I'm glad to have met them, and I'm glad to have helped them remember who they are, a Jedi."

Wow, this isn't the same Ahsoka I remember days ago. She really has changed. Rachel thought in her mind surprised that Ahsoka had changed a lot in a few days. She looked at the kids and could sense they are glad Ahsoka came to see them. I can see why the council had her become a Jedi Knight, she was ready despite all she went through…I'm proud of you Ahsoka.

"All right well let's get out here, I'm sure the others will be happy to see you again Ahsoka," Arella said as our ride had arrived.

Coruscant (Normal pov)

Hikari, Mikazuki, and Laura were at the Jedi temple at the landing platform waiting for their friends to arrive. Jedi Master Cin Drallig had return from his work and was told by Maris what had happened. When Hikari, Mikazuki, and Laura arrived they explained what happened and where their friends went. At first the Jedi Master didn't believe what Maris told him, but he soon saw the truth, especially when the women showed their abilities.

Master Drallig was with Maris as they waited for the arrival of their guests friends. Soon they saw a transport ship heading towards them. The ship landed and the ramp came down. Rachel and Arella came down first, and then came Ahsoka who was tackled by Mikazuki and Hikari who hugged her. Happy that their friend was alive and unharmed, Ahsoka was also greeted by Master Drallig and Maris who were happy to see Ahsoka was okay. Ahsoka then revealed the three younglings Kalifa, O-Mar, and Jinx who were a bit nervous when they set foot back on the Jedi Temple.

Ahsoka explained to them everything that happened. How she got caught, how the younglings were on the planet Ahsoka was on, how they escaped, she also mentioned them dropping off Chewbacca on Kashyyyk, and then said their goodbyes to him, along with thanking him for his help. Cin Drallig was surprised that Ahsoka found the younglings who he was searching for, but was even more surprised that despite what the younglings endured they still survived. Cin Drallig asked Ahsoka and the younglings to come with him so he could speak with them.

They arrived to the council chamber where Cin Drallig spoke with the younglings and Ahsoka on what his plans were, "First of all I am proud to see despite all that happened, you three proved you were able to use the skills you learned to survive. Well done all of you," Cin Drallig said proud of the three younglings. He then turned to Ahsoka and smiled at her, "I remember you Ahsoka, how you were Skywalker's padawan and how talented you were back before the Forever Empire came. I was sad to hear that you disappeared, we feared you had died too along with everyone else."

"I too feared I was the last Jedi in this galaxy Master Drallig, but when I came back and heard from Maris there were still Jedi left alive. I felt great joy that I wasn't the last Jedi left," Ahsoka said happy that there were still Jedi left in the galaxy.

"I'm happy to hear that, Maris also told me that you went into the future where you became a Jedi Knight is that right?" Cin Drallig said as Ahsoka nodded, "Well how you became a Knight might not be how we did it in the past. But after what you went through and how you helped keep these younglings safe I suppose we can accept it." Ahsoka was happy to hear she was still a Jedi Knight despite how she became a Knight in the future, "Now then I contacted the others and they will be here soon. We also agreed that you three will become Jedi padawan learners."

The three younglings were surprised and happy that they were going to become Jedi padawans. Ahsoka smiled too, glad that despite them being gone for so long they were still accepted by the Jedi order to become padawans.

"Ahsoka we're hoping also that you can stay and join us to help rebuild the Jedi order," Master Drallig said asking Ahsoka to join him and the Jedi order to help rebuild it.

"I'm honored I really am, but I'm going to have to pass on that," Ahsoka said declining the offer Master Drallig had for Ahsoka, "I would love to be part of the Jedi order again, but…I don't think I'm needed here. I'm needed back home with my friends. I'm sorry Master Drallig."

Master Drallig could sense Ahsoka was happy where she was and knew he couldn't force her to stay, "I see, well it's your choice but remember you'll always have a place here with us Ahsoka."

"Thank you master," Ahsoka said bowing to Master Drallig.

Kalifa was saddened to hear Ahsoka was leaving. She didn't want Ahsoka to go, but she knew Ahsoka belongs back with her family and with her future husband. Then Kalifa came up with an idea, "Master is it possible for us to choose our teacher?"

"Well I suppose, who did you have in mind?" Master Drallig said who had an idea on who the padawan wanted as her mentor.

"I want Ahsoka Tano to be my mentor," the others even Ahsoka minus Master Drallig were surprised by Kalifa's request.

"Wh-why me?" Ahsoka asked shocked that Kalifa asked to be Ahsoka's padawan.

"You taught me a lot Ahsoka and I wish to learn more from you. Plus from what you told me about the world you live in I want to learn more about it. If you want me as your padawan of course," Kalifa asked as she waited for Ahsoka's answer.

Ahsoka wasn't sure if she was ready to be a mentor, but then again so was her master. He wasn't sure he was ready till he gave it a chance. Ahsoka was sure Anakin didn't regret having her as his padawan. Ahsoka should give Kalifa the same chance as well and hope that things go well, "I would be honored if you were my padawan. That is if it's okay with the council."

"I suppose it will be all right, we have decided to make some changes to the Jedi order. So letting Kalifa go with you as your padawan will be all right," Cin Drallig said agreeing to let Kalifa go with Ahsoka as her padawan, "Of course you'll need a new lightsaber."

"Thank you Master Drallig and thank you Ahsoka…Master Tano for accepting me as your padawan," Kalifa said bowing her head to Ahsoka.

Ahsoka bowed her head back glad that Kalifa became her padawan, "Come on we should get cleaned up. After what we went through a nice long hot shower is the first thing I want."

"Hot shower, I miss hearing those words," Kalifa said as she followed her new mentor to get cleaned up.

Little creek (Ahsoka's pov)

A portal appeared outside Isamu and Rachel's home as we stepped out of the portal. We stayed back at the Jedi temple for an extra night to give Kalifa and the others some chance to relax. Then the next day we left the Jedi temple saying our goodbyes to everyone. Jinx and O-Mar were sad Kalifa was leaving as she was too. But she told them she would come back to see them, I also agreed to come back as well to see how they were doing.

After we left the council chamber the previous day Hikari handed my lightsabers and necklace that Bane took from me. They said they found him and paid him a little visit. Though knowing Hikari, Mikazuki, and Laura they did more than talk to him. I also said my goodbye to Maris who was also sad to see me go. But I promised I would come back soon.

Once we said out goodbyes we took off to get Kalifa's lightsaber crystal and parts she needs to make her lightsaber. Then we headed back home. Kalifa was wearing her old outfit though it was cleaned. But she did want to wear a new outfit like the ones we were wearing. I guess her talking to Mikazuki about the clothing they wear on earth influenced Kalifa a bit.

"It's good to be home," Arella said happy to be home.

"Yeah though it feels like we forgot something," Hikari said feeling as they forgot something important.

"I know, but I can't remember what it was," I said as I did feel like we forgot something.

"Ah well whatever it is I'm sure we'll remember," Mikazuki said as we headed inside the house.

I noticed Kalifa was fascinated by the home of Rachel and her husband. Once they got inside they were greeted by the dogs who seemed happy to see me and seemed interested in Kalifa. I laughed a little when I saw Kalifa seemed a bit nervous around the dogs, "It's okay Kalifa they're really nice." I laughed a bit louder when the dogs began to lick my face.

Kalifa gently petted one of the dogs who seemed to like it. Soon two more jumped on Kalifa and began to lick her face. Kalifa laughed out loud at how the dog's tongue was tickling her face, "Everyone having fun?" We looked over and saw Isamu standing down the hall with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.

Rachel walked over and kissed her husband glad to be home, "I missed you."

"I missed you too, did you have fun?" Isamu asked Rachel who smiled.

"Not really, but for some of us it was fun," Rachel said knowing what they went through wasn't fun in her mind, but it was excited.

"Good…who's that?" Isamu noticed Kalifa who got up when Isamu pointed at her.

"She's my padawan, this is Kalifa. Kalifa this is Isamu Ishida he's Rachel's husband," I said introducing Isamu and Kalifa to each other.

"It's an honour to be here Mr. Ishida," Kalifa said bowing her head to Isamu.

Isamu approached the girl and extended his hand to her, "Call me Isamu and it's good to meet you Kalifa welcome to our lovely home."

"Oh okay thank you Isamu and thank you for letting inviting me to your home," Kalifa said thanking Isamu.

"Any friend of Ahsoka is a friend of ours, speaking of which why did you guys take so long to get back?" Isamu asked.

"It's a long story why?" Hikari asked wondering why Isamu asked them that question.

"Oh nothing much…by the way here Ahsoka," Isamu gave me a small box shape present.

I wondered why he gave me this till I remembered, "Oh man I forgot my own birthday."

The others soon remembered it was Ahsoka's birthday days ago. They left and were supposed to be back before Ahsoka's birthday party, "Was everyone here?" Rachel asked.

"Yep, everyone was here and we were worried that you guys didn't come back. We were going to go find ya when Guardian came by and told us he would look for you all," Isamu said explaining what happened when the others didn't show up.

"I didn't know it was your birthday Ahsoka," Kalifa said surprised that it was Ahsoka's birthday and she didn't know about it.

"I forgot all about it…damn it. Wait Ichiro where is he?" I asked wondering where Ichiro was.

"He's upstairs sleeping, he stayed up for two days waiting for you to show up," Isamu said as he told where Ichiro was.

"Thanks, Kalifa I'll be back," I said as I ran upstairs to find Ichiro.

Soon the group became silent and no one said a word. That was until Hikari spoke, "So um is there any cake left?"

"There as but Rowan and Ventrika ate it all," Isamu said as he grabbed his wife's hand and led her towards the living room.

"Ah crap," Hikari said mad that she wasn't getting cake.

Isamu then noticed a small little girl behind Arella, "Uh Rachel who's that?"

Rachel looked behind and remembered about Numa who was shy. Rachel walked over and picked Numa up, then walked over towards Isamu, "Isamu this is Numa, she's a Twi'lek, and...she's our new daughter."

Isamu was shocked by what his wife said and looked at the little girl, "Say what?"

Ichiro's room (Normal pov)

Ahsoka quietly made her way towards Ichiro's room and saw that he was sleeping. She removed her boots and quietly walked over towards the bed. She was mad at herself for not only forgetting her party, but for ruining the party that she knew her friends worked so hard to make. Along with that she was sure Ichiro was worried about her, especially since he didn't know where she was.

Ahsoka got on the bed and sat on Ichiro before lying down. Ahsoka put her head on his chest and closed her eyes. She was glad to be home, she missed her home, her friends, and Ichiro. She then felt Ichiro's arm wrapping around her. Ahsoka looked up and could tell Ichiro was still sleeping, but she could sense he knew she was there. Ahsoka leaned forward and kissed Ichiro on the lips. Ichiro returned the kiss and they deepened it. They broke the kiss after kissing for several minutes.

Ahsoka and Ichiro were panting as they tried to catch each other's breathe. Ahsoka placed her forehead on Ichiro's and talks to him quietly, "I missed, I'm sorry for not coming back like I said I would. I know you must have been worried about me and I'm sorry for making you worried."

Ichiro stirred a bit in his sleep, but soon was slept again, "Ichiro listen there's something I want to tell you. Something that I wanted to tell you since we had sex on Christmas," Ahsoka said knowing she had to tell Ichiro now about her secret. Something she had wanted to tell him for weeks now, but never got the chance to tell him, "I..I took a test and well," Ahsoka leaned forward and kissed Ichiro on the cheek before whispering in his ears, "I'm pregnant."

Ichiro opened his eyes and saw Ahsoka right there in front of him. Ichiro sat up and held Ahsoka with one arm behind her back to keep her from falling backwards. Ahsoka was worried Ichiro would be mad or would be worried that Ahsoka was pregnant. But when he kissed her on the lips Ahsoka's worrying soon disappeared. She could sense Ichiro was happy that she was pregnant and that they were going to be parents.

"I love you Ahsoka," Ichiro said whispering into her ears.

Ahsoka smiled and hugged Ichiro, "I love you too," Ahsoka and Ichiro were going to be parents. Ahsoka soon realized that she was not only going to be a parent, but a mom. I'm going to be a mom. Ahsoka placed her hand on her stomach and could sense her baby within her. I'm going to be a mom. Ahsoka knew this was going to be another big challenge for her. But after what she has gone through in her life she smiled and knew she would get through this with Ichiro and her new family by her side.


The door broke open and a hooded figure entered a trashed room. In the centre of the room was a motionless body.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk" the figure lowered her hood, "What happened to you?" she bent over the body.

It was Cad Bane. His blue skin was pale and his eyes were blank and staring. A line of drool seeped from his mouth.

Marrissa examined herself through the reflection in his eyes.

"Hikari's work" she muttered, "Destroyed his mind. Still" she placed a hand on his face, "Let's see what I can do about it."

She sent a tendril of her energy into Cad's mind. A fragment of it has survived Hikari's wrath but it was too weak to try and resume control of the body. So Marrissa energised it.

"Wha- what happened?" Cad awoke from his coma, "Where's that woman?"

Marrissa examined her nails "Long story short, Hikari shattered your mind, I revived it."

"Well thanks missy, now if you'll excuse me I have some revenge to take care of." Cad made stepped past Marrissa.

As he reached the doorway a blinding pain ignited in his head that drove him to his knees.

"I control your mind now Cad" Marrissa sniggered, "If you try to disobey me, you get a world of pain. If I should die… then you die with me. So, you're my new bodyguard."

"Bitch" Cad thought to himself.

Marrissa smirked, "I heard that."

Bane got up slowly and glared at the woman before calming down.

Marrissa smiled and grabbed Bane's hat handing it to him, "You will serve me Bane, if you do everything I want you to do then you will be free."

Bane grabbed the hat and thought about it. He didn't want to be subservient to anyone, but right now he didn't have much of a choice. Bane put his hat on and stepped away from the door to let Marrissa pass through, "Very well then, for now I'll obey you."

Marrissa smiled and passed through the door where she saw many people were dead. She saw a woman in a dark cloak holding two long blades that were covered in blood. "Nicely done, Morticia"

The woman removed her hood and revealed herself to be the embodiment of Ahsoka's dark side who turned to Marrissa, "It was fun." She licked her blades, "And delicious" she added.

"I hate to ruin the moment but we need to leave" Talon arrived, "There are some people coming to investigate."

Marrissa's younger brother Scar appeared beside Talon, "We got everything we need?"

"Yes" Marrissa wrapped her cloak around herself, "Now that Ahsoka is on our side" she smiled sinisterly at Morticia, "We can once again call forth the eternal force that has destroyed worlds, slaughtered billions and is my father's everlasting dream." Her eyes grew wider, "I, Marrissa, daughter of Supreme Emperor Markoneous, granddaughter of Lucius the Immortal shall restore the legacy of the Forever Empire. Only this time we will not show mercy, we shall not be distracted, and I swear on my father's grave I will not rest until I complete his will of total supremacy over all in existence."

Talon wrapped her arms around Marrissa and kissed her deeply, "I love it when you talk like that" she grinned.

"Go now, make out later" Scar reminded them.

Marrissa conjured a portal and everyone stepped through, Cad reluctantly, for a brief moment the image of a city filled with innocent and unsuspecting people were visible before the gateway sealed itself.

Only pain, suffering, and destruction was foreseeable in the future as long as the Forever Empire's loyalists still fought on. Despite many failures, Marrissa, the most powerful Bastetion of all time, had a plan to once again bring darkness to the lives of Ahsoka and Ichiro.

Little did they know just how far she was willing to go.

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General: Marrissa, I have brought someone to talk to you.

Zeliska enters

Marrissa: Who are you?

Zeliska: Sith Inquisitor Zeliska. Oh, thanks for having me on your show Doctor General Herbison.

General: What? This isn't a show. This is a private therapy session which no-one else in the entire universe will find out about. (Looks guilty)

Marrissa: So why is she here?

General: Zeliska was hopelessly in love with General Grievous.

Zeliska gets a dreamy look

General: But she found someone, who shall not be named, and while she still likes Grievous she isn't obsessed with him.

Marrissa: What does this have to do with me?

General: You and Talon are in love. Enjoy that. Enjoy your time together and forget about hurting people. Revenge isn't going to bring back your father, and he wouldn't want you to be sad and angry for the rest of your life.

Zeliska: Have you noticed how dreamy Grievous' eyes are?

Marrissa: I guess I have been more focused on payback than where I stand with Talon.

Zeliska: And how cool he looks when he strangles people.

General: I recommend you and Talon take some time, maybe go on a trip. See the sights, try the food, and no murders.

Marrissa: Okay, I'll try. (leaves)

Zeliska: Plus that armour is so shiny.

General: I'll make another appointment for you. Bye everyone.

Zeliska: Who are you talking to? IS THERE PEOPLE LISTENING TO US RIGHT NOW!

General runs, followed by Zeliska