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Merry Christmas Severus #6

6:00 AM - Severus is woken by the house elf. Putting on his robe, he heads out to his kitchen where he sits at the table and starts drinking his coffee. 'you have to love those house elves. Every morning his coffee is hot on his table when he wakes.' After enjoying his coffee and getting his thoughts together Severus heads in and takes his shower. He used the shampoo from Narcissa and the sandalwood body wash he picks up at a muggle store in London. Once he finished showering, shaving, and brushing his teeth he heading into his room to get dressed. Severus decided on the leather pants, with a black silk shirt (sleeves rolled up and top 3 buttons left unbuttoned) and the leather vest. Severus wore his dragon hide boots to complete the look. He decided to go without his robes for the meeting and to leave his hair down but for now Severus threw on an old everyday robe and pulled his hair back and tied it with a leather tie to keep it out of the way.

7:30 AM - Severus headed to the kitchen to check on his request. He was assured that everything would be ready at the right time. French pastries, sliced fruits with fresh whipped cream, freshly squeezed orange juice and orange slices to use in the Mimosas. Food - check. Now off to the potions lab.

8:00 AM - Severus walked into his potions lab and looked around with a critical eye. Calling for some help all the tables and seats were placed up against the walls and covered with a tarp. The floors were scrubbed until they were spotless. Note to self - make sure to do something nice for these elves. Severus thanked the elves and continued on by himself. Candles were placed all around the room, he would light them at the last minute. Incense was placed around the room on the tables along with vases of flowers and flower petals sprinkled around the room. In the center of the floor Severus spread a thick carpet covered by a soft blanket along with various sized pillows, from large floor pillows to small throw pillows. Off to the side of the blanket was a low table with a pillar candle in the center, a ice bucket containing a bottle of champagne, the 2 champagne flutes that were one of his gifts, there was also a plate with some of the imported chocolates on it. 'Location ambiance - check.'

9:00 AM - 'countdown continues - 3 hours down and one to go' Severus sat at the table and had a cup of tea with a few drops of calming daught in it. He did not want to be too anxious while he was waiting. After drinking his tea, removing his everyday robes, and freshening up Severus headed back to his lab.

9:30 AM - Severus entered his lab, charmed the door so no one could enter until 10:00 AM, sat on the blanket on the floor and turned out the lights leaving a single candle burning on the low table.

9:50 AM - the elves pop in with the food and juice then pop out leaving Severus in complete silence. Severus sits contemplating everything that has happened in the last 12 days. There had been interest on his part for some time but he could not believe that the interest was returned.

10:00 AM - the door opened tentatively. Slowly HE entered the room and walked toward the candle. HE stopped several feet away and spoke for the first time. "Severus" he said in a shaky voice. Severus cast the spell to light the other candles.

"Happy Christmas, Harry, please sit." Harry looked at Severus and sat on the blanket across from him. "Thank you for all the gifts. I can't believe how well you know my taste in things." Severus said in his deep sultry voice.

Harry's face grew pink "I've been paying attention. I also got some help from my Mum's old journals." Harry confessed softly.

"So that is how you knew about the Beatles and the leather." Severus chuckled and heard Harry gasp quietly " You look very nice this morning, Harry. That color green looks good on you. It brings out your eyes." Severus said turning to pop the cork on the champagne he poured some in each flute followed by some of the chilled orange juice and the orange slice. Turning back he handed Harry the glass. "They are called Mimosas. They make a good drink for morning occasions."

Harry smiled shyly and took the drink. Taking a sip Harry looked at Severus "this is very good, Severus." Harry said lowering his eyes. They sat there for quite awhile enjoying the food and sipping the mimosas and talking, getting to know one another better.

Severus handed Harry the package he had picked up at the jeweler's. "I was trying to think of something to get you that would let you know how I felt without putting any pressure on you. I saw this and knew it was perfect." Harry sat his glass down and took the gift slowly he removed the wrapping and took out the silver wrist band. It was engraved with a slithering snake with onyx eyes encircling an emerald the same color as Harry's eyes, on either side of the snake there were runes engraved.

Harry looked up at Severus tears glistening in his eyes. "It's beautiful" Harry whispered. "What do the runes stand for?" Harry asked.

Severus pointed to one of them and explained that it stood for protection and the other one stood for happiness. He also explained the he had a protection charm and an emergency notification charm placed upon it. "I can also turn it into and emergency portkey if you wish. It would bring you to the hospital wing if you want it." Harry agreed to the portkey so Severus applied it then fastened the band on Harry's left wrist.

Severus continued holding Harry's hand even after the band was applied. Severus rubbed the back of Harry's hand as they continued talking. Severus tilted Harry's chin up so they were looking deeply into each others eyes "Harry, may I kiss you?" Severus asked quietly. Harry did not speak he just nodded. Severus leaned toward Harry and gently pulled Harry close, placing a hand behind Harry's head Severus placed his lips softly on Harry's plump, pink lips. The kiss was gentle at first slowly Severus deepened the kiss. Severus placed his arm around Harry's back, pulling him into a deep embrace without breaking the kiss. Severus traced his tongue along Harry's lips asking silently for admittance. Harry parted his lips slightly and Severus started probing Harry's mouth with his tongue. Harry's breathing increased and he moaned quietly the deeper the kiss. Severus broke the kiss giving Harry a chance to process his feelings. Severus looked at Harry closely the blush on his face continued down below his collar, his eyes were glowing with feeling. "Harry" Severus spoke quietly. Harry looked up at him as he was still wrapped in Severus' arms. "Have you ever done this before?" Harry lowered his eyes and shook his head while chewing on his lower lip. Severus stopped Harry from chewing his lip and tilted his chin up so he could see Harry's eyes "Have you ever had a serious relationship with anyone?" Harry again shook his head. "Have you ever done anything with anyone?"

Harry looked up at Severus "I've kissed 2 girls but it was nothing like this. It was mostly just wet and not very nice." Harry lowered his eyes to Severus' lips "Severus, could you do that again?"

"What is it you wish me to do?" Severus asked. Harry just looked down and blushed deeper. "Do you want me to kiss you again?" Harry nodded. Severus changed Harry's position and pulled him in for a kiss. This time Severus did not have to probe for admittance to Harry's mouth. Harry opened his mouth slightly when the kiss started, Severus moaned when he felt the tip of Harry's tongue slowly touching his own. The kiss grew more heated and Severus could feel himself becoming aroused. From the position he held Harry in he could feel his arousal also. Harry started to thrust against Severus' leg as the kiss became more needy. Severus did not want this first meeting to go too far so against all of his desires he broke off the kiss.

Harry was mumbling "Why did you stop." he said breathlessly.

"Harry, we need to take this slow. You are new to this and I don't want to rush you. I can feel your desire and I am feeling my own but I know that if we rush this it would not be good." Harry lowered his eyes but Severus could see the tears pooling in his eyes. "Harry, look at me please." Harry raised his eyes "Oh love, I desire you so badly. If I followed my desire I would take you right here and now. However that is not how I wish for you to lose your virginity. I would rather we take our time and get to know each other better before we go further." Severus kissed Harry lightly."Besides I am still your professor and there are certain prohibitions involved. I need to talk with Albus" Harry started to panic. "Don't worry Harry, they can't stop us as you are of legal age. It has more to do with people believing I would give you an unfair advantage if you remain in my class."

Harry leaned in closer so he was tight against Severus' chest. "I guess I'll have to give up potions then because I won't give up you." Harry said before kissing Severus tentatively.

Severus cast a Tempus charm and found that it was almost 2:00 PM. "Harry, love, I would like for you to take a break and think about what is going on." Harry started to protest. "No, listen to what I have to say. I wish for us to part for only a few hours. A lot has happened this morning and there is a lot to process. If you wish to continue and you agree to us taking some time I would like to invite you to dinner in my quarters." Harry nodded and asked when he should be there. "Dinner will be served at 7:00 PM but you are welcome anytime after 6:30 PM." Severus stood and pulled Harry up to a standing position then pulled him into another kiss. Severus walked Harry to the door and waited as Harry walked out the door. Severus put out the candles, removed the pillows, blanket and carpet. He the called the house elves who came and removed the food and small table and helped Severus place the tables and seats back to their former positions.

3:00 PM - found Severus back in his quarters taking a shower. He was still aroused and found himself unable to prevent his hand from encircling his manhood. Leaning back in the shower the feeling of the water flowing over him and the memories of the kisses urged him on. Starting off slowly he moved his hand up and down his engorged member, rubbing his thumb across the slit on each upward movement. Soon his breathing increased along with the speed of his movements. His breathing increased and soon he knew it would not be much longer. After several more strokes Severus exploded with Harry's name escaping from his lips. Severus quickly rinsed off, turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around his hips he headed back into his room. Severus called the elves and asked for Prime Rib, medium rare, served with Au Jus and Yorkshire Pudding. He also requested Roasted Asparagus with Goat Cheese and Bacon and Roasted Baby Red Potatoes. Severus went to his wine cupboard and picked out a nice Cabernet Sauvignon to serve with the beef. For dessert Severus chose a fruit tart with custard and a nice Moscato d'Asti wine. Severus started chilling the white wine for dessert and placed the Cabernet on the side table.

Severus went back into his room and chose a pair of black dress slacks and a white silk shirt which he left unbuttoned to mid chest. Slipping on his black socks and dress boots Severus made his way to his sitting room and opened his Beatles Anthology.

6:30 PM - Severus heard a knock on the door. Placing his book on the side table he turned on the classical music he had chosen as background and went to answer the door. Standing there in a pair of black dress slacks and green shirt stood Harry. Severus held the door open to allow Harry to enter. Severus then Locked and charmed the door so those outside could be heard but noone outside could hear anything from inside. "Good Evening, Harry. I am pleased that you decided to join me." Severus said as he bent down and placed a chaste kiss on Harry's lips. Taking Harry's arm he led him into his living room. There was a fire in the fireplace and candles on the mantle. Harry sat on the sofa and Severus asked if he would like a glass of wine. Harry refused the wine so Severus poured himself a glass then sat in his chair. They sat chatting waiting for dinner to be served.

7:00 PM - Severus escorted Harry to the table. As soon as they were seated the elves served dinner. Needless to say Harry was overwhelmed a bit by the meal. The 2 men sat there eating, drinking and talking for over an hour when the elves cleared the table and brought dessert. Severus opened the white wine and poured a glass for Harry and himself. The fruit tart and custard were perfect with the wine.

When they finished dessert Severus led Harry back to the living room. This time Severus joined Harry on the sofa. Severus placed his arm around Harry's shoulder and Harry leaned into Severus. For a long time they just sat there like that enjoying each others company. Severus felt Harry shift and looked down at the face of this young man. 'How did I ever get so lucky. Not only does he want me, he wants me to be his first.' Severus leaned down and captured Harry's lips with his. The kiss started out soft but soon it was growing needy on Harry's end. Harry worked his way into Severus' lap and the kissing continued. Harry's movements on Severus' lap did not help his resolve and Severus found himself getting hard. "Harry," Severus said breathing hard "Please, love, we have to slow down." I know we both want more but we can't right now. We need to wait." Harry pulled himself off of Severus' lap and sat next to him leaning his head on Severus' chest.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean" Harry said softly. They sat for awhile more and Severus decided it was time for Harry to return to his dorm. Severus walked Harry to the door and pulled him close for a kiss before opening the door and making sure the coast was clear. "Will I see you tomorrow, Severus?"

Severus looked into Harry eyes "Of course love but we need to be careful until I have spoken to Albus and we are ready to make our relationship known." Standing on his tiptoes Harry placed a sweet kiss on Severus' lips and raced off toward his dorm with a big grin on his face. Severus went back in and got ready for bed. It took him awhile to drop off to sleep but when he did his dreams were unbelievable.