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Unusual Circumstances


The wind was blowing gently; it was a decent afternoon, thought one Lily Potter nee Evans, considering it was October twenty-second. With Halloween right around the corner, she thought it would be colder outside, but was thankful for the small gift; it would be better if it stayed a little warmer outside than the temperature predicted, for that way her family could go out and play in the backyard. The thoughts of her family brought a serene smile to Lily's lips as she thought how perfect their little family was. Hearing giggles from behind her, Lily turned to her husband and fifteen-month-old child as they played in the play pen. Smiling as she saw her husband lying on his back as he threw her boy up in the air and caught him, she chuckled at the cheerful shrieks that came from the smaller male.

Watching the two males play, Lily noted with satisfaction that, while Harry would grow up to be the spitting image of his father, her baby would have her eyes, the not-often-seen emerald green eyes that set her apart from her sister, along with her parents. It was strange, she thought to herself, that her baby would inherit that particular trait from her. It wasn't that she wasn't grateful, she loved sharing her eyes with her precious son, but looking at her husband and child, Lily could not shake off the foreboding feeling that was growing rapidly in her heart.

Turning back to the window, she watched the little town of Godric's Hollow as it moved on with its daily routine, with the children playing amongst themselves in the streets, and the adults going about their daily lives whilst keeping an eye on the children. A sigh left Lily's lips, soft, but weary in sound. She leaned her forehead against the slightly cool glass of the window as she closed her eyes for a moment in silence. Speculating on what she would do, Lily's thoughts were interrupted by the pitter patter of small feet on the ground, heading towards her.

Lifting her head from the window, Lily felt, rather than saw, her little Harry tug at her pants. Turing towards her child, Lily looked down to see a small frown mar his face. Picking him up, she held him in her arms, and gently asked, "What's wrong, my little Harry?"

Said toddler looked up at her, and Lily saw the same emerald green eyes she owned staring straight back at her.

"Mommy sad," Harry told her, his voice sounding soft to her ears, quite different to what it was just moments ago. "Why?"

"Mommy's not sad, sweetie," Lily told her child a half-truth, "she's just tired today." Seeming to understand this, Harry nodded at her.

"Then Mommy sweep," Harry said, and Lily gave a small smile at hearing her boy talk. "Mommy sweep with Hawwy."

"Mommy would love to sleep with Harry," Lily cooed, rubbing her and Harry's noses together, causing the boy to laugh sweetly. "Why don't you get Daddy to put you in bed? Mommy will be up very soon."

Putting Harry down to the wooden floor, a wide smile appeared on his face as he waddled over to his father to get him ready for his nap.

"You'll be up soon Lils?" James asked, scooping Harry into his arms again and heading towards the stairs that led to their bedroom.

"Yeah, I just need to write a quick letter." Lily replied as she made her way towards the study she and James shared to start the letter.

Entering the study, she quickly sat in the tall leather chair as she grabbed lined paper- she couldn't use parchment, it would cause problems- a quill and an ink pot to begin her letter.

October 22, 1981

Dear Uncle Trevor,

How are you doing? It's been a little while since we've talked, hasn't it? I hope you have been doing well. Unfortunately, the reason why I'm writing to you is not just a social call, though it would be wonderful if it were.

You see, back in Wales, we're being hunted by a very unpleasant person who goes by the name of Voldemort


Trevor Bruttenholm let out a sigh as he sorted through his desk; there were stacks of papers at varying heights, and he was somewhat surprised that some of them hadn't fallen over due to their height.

Stopping to stretch his stiff muscles- he had been trying to sort through his desk for well over two hours- he was about to leave to grab a cup of coffee when he noticed an envelope sticking out of one of the taller stacks of paper. His curiosity piqued, Trevor carefully pulled the envelope from the stack, watching as the pile of paper tilted dangerously to the left. Paling slightly, Trevor steadied the stack of papers before sitting down in his comfy black, leather chair before grabbing the envelope. The envelope turned out to be a letter, and judging by how the envelope crinkled in his bony hands, it had bee here for quite a while.

Flipping to the front of the envelope, as he had been staring at the back of the envelope, Trevor paled once again as he saw that it was from Lily, his sweet, little niece all the way back in England. The last time he had seen the girl was in '87, when he attended her wedding. It was curious, he thought to himself, why had she sent it through normal mail when she could have sent it by an owl? He knew that his niece had access to high-quality owls that would no doubt be able to make the trip to New York, thanks to her new husband, who was loaded, apparently.

Trevor smiled, thinking about his niece's husband; he was a good man, had a decent head on his shoulders and would treat his niece the right away. There was no doubt that they loved each other when he observed them interacting with the guests at the wedding reception. It had been a somewhat small wedding, mainly friends and family from both the bride and the groom.

Putting thoughts of his niece's wedding out of his head, Trevor took his letter opener, the one that had a dragon's head on the end of the handle, and took out the letter. Opening it up, Trevor looked at the date and stared. The date the letter was written was October of '81, and it was almost '83. Cursing silently at himself for not finding this sooner, he began reading.

October 22, 1981

Dear Trevor,

How are you doing? It's been a little while since we've talked, hasn't it? I hope you have been doing well. Unfortunately, the reason why I'm writing to you is not just a social call, though it would be wonderful if it were.

Trevor frowned. If his niece was sending him a letter about the war that was taking place in Wizarding Europe, he had hoped it was news saying that it was over.

You see, back in Wales, we're being hunted by a very unpleasant person who goes by the name of Voldemort

This was already looking bad, Trevor thought to himself, really not liking the way this letter was going.

and is currently trying to find us because of a prophecy, which, basically says, that my baby boy is going to be the one who's going to kill him one day. And that means that he's going to kill all of us.

Trevor frowned. What did this have to do with him?

For a while now, I have been having a foreboding feeling that's been growing every day; I know that something bad is going to happen, and very soon. So I am asking of you, should something happen to James or I, and we both end up not being able to take care of him, please take him in! If there were any other choice, I wouldn't have asked this of you, but there is no other choice; knowing Professor Dumbledore, he will take Harry and have him live with Petunia and Vernon.

Trevor paled; Petunia absolutely hated Lily, the girl was so jealous of her younger sister that she would mistreat the poor child should he ever be forced to go to them. Having a sinking feeling, Trevor turned his computer on and searched for anything pertaining his niece. Finding nothing, Trevor began to feel a large amount of remorse. If what that letter was saying was true, then his great-nephew was probably starving somewhere in England, trapped somewhere uncomfortable. Slightly trembling, Trevor read the remaining part of the letter.

The Professor truly has Harry's best interests at heart, but doesn't know how bitter Petunia is. So I ask of you once more Uncle Trevor, please, if anything should happen to James or I, take him in, raise him to be the best he can be, and tell him about us, so that he knows that, though his time with us was so short, he was always loved.

To help pay for expenses, I've given you a copy of the key to our Gringotts vault in America; you had a fantastic idea of opening one here in America, it may just be coming in handy. There's also a vault for Harry's trust fund for Hogwarts, which James and I would like him to attend, as we are Alumni of Hogwarts.

I wish you luck and a happy retirement in the Bureau, for I'm fairly certain that this will be the last form of communication that you and I shall have.

With love,

Lily Potter nee Evans

Trevor's head fell into his hands as he the last line of the letter kept going through his head. A tear slid down his cheek in sadness, but he wiped it away. Lifting his head from his hands, Trevor pressed his finger to the intercom that connected him to the secretary.

"Bring me Hellboy."


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