"Well ain't this nice," Hellboy muttered to himself, walking down the darkened street of Privet Drive. Pulling his coat tighter to him as to hide himself from possibly curious eyes, he made his way down to Number 4, not liking that he would have to talk to a bunch of psychos that might have abused his cousin. When Trevor had assigned him to go to London to find a kid, he wasn't exactly pleased; when he found out that he was related to Trevor, he began to warm up to the idea of having a kid brother. After all, who wouldn't want a sibling to get in trouble with?

Reaching the intended house, Hellboy knocked on the door, and a few moments later he could hear the grumbling of a man as he came to closer to the door. When the door opened, Hellboy was met with the sight of a large, beefy man, who he assumed to be Vernon Dursley. Vernon Dursely, as stated before, was a large and beefy man with a thick neck that didn't look to be there. His round head had beady eyes that bore into Hellboy, and he couldn't help but roll his eyes at the man.

"Yeah, yeah, I know; freak of nature, bizarre, freaky, yadda yadda ya. Now let me in, it's cold outside." Hellboy made his way into the plain looking house as Vernon stared at him, a vein starting to appear on his forehead. Hellboy smirked, knowing that he'd get a rise out of the man easily.

"What are you doing here? Who are you?" Dursley finally found his voice, demanding answers that Hellboy replied to, looking somewhat disdainfully at the house he was currently in.

"The name's Hellboy, and I'm here for my little cousin." Hellboy stated, smiling a bit at being able to see his new cousin.

"What? You will not take Dudley from us; I won't allow it!" Dursley raged, and, as if on cue, Dudley waddled into what Hellboy presumed was the living room that they were currently in. Dudley looked incredibly similar to his father, with thin blonde hair that layered his head, beady eyes that were a watery blue and a rather large belly for an-almost-four-year-old.

"Duddikins, where are you sweetums?" A high, somewhat nasally voice called from another room. Hellboy then heard footsteps and watched the door as a long-necked female came in, with brown hair that came down to the middle of her neck. Her face, which had been smiling whilst she, presumably, looked for her son changed to disgust.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" Petunia demanded in a much similar fashion to her husband.

"So you're Petunia, eh? Can't say it's a pleasure meeting you. The name's Hellboy, and before you ask, again, I'm here for my little cousin. Trevor sent me."

Petunia's face clouded with anger. "You will not take my baby away from me!"

Hellboy snorted. "Don't worry, I'm not here for a beach ball." A thoughtful look grazed Hellboy's face as he imagined the Dursley baby being bounced back and forth over a volleyball net. He snorted again.

"Well then we don't know what you're talking about. It's just the three of us here." Dursley replied, and Hellboy frowned; looks like this was about to get ugly.

"How about I rephrase this so that you might be able to understand. I'm looking for my little cousin, who goes by the name Harry Potter." Hellboy repeated, and by the expressions on Petunia and Dursely's face, their answer was not going to be one that he liked.

"In an orphanage; we didn't want him, we were forced to take him in by some old fart who kept on about the 'Greater Good'. Please. We weren't going to keep that little freak near my son; he would have been a bad influence. As soon as we read that letter, we took him away from our normal home." Dursley replied, looking haughtily at Hellboy, as if challenging his to say anything against him.

An orphanage? Well, that probably was better than living here. God knows that these people would have starved him and locked him up somewhere. He did see a cupboard under the stairs on his way on.

"Well, that just makes this easier for all of us then. Tell me the name of the orphanage and you won't hear from me again." Hellboy stated, counting his blessings that he didn't have to stay here much longer.

"Why should we tell you?" Dursley demanded.

Or not.

"If you don't want your face smashed in, I suppose. That's always a good reason." Hellboy started ticking off the ideas on his fingers. "Or maybe I'll just tell that old man that you decided to just give away the savior of his world to some random place where he might be abused. Yeah, I think I'll go ahead and do that." Rising from the tan-and-burgundy couch he was sitting on, he saw the couple pale at the mention of the old wizard from coming to their house.

"Wait! We'll tell you; he's at the In Lumine orphanage! Just don't let those freaks know. Filthy creatures that they are will tarnish the house." Petunia exclaimed, muttering as she started to list all the 'un-normal' consistencies about her sister.

Hellboy snorted; humans were so easy to scare. Standing up, Hellboy made his way out of the room, stopping at the door to stare down the Dursely's.

"If I find that my little cousin has been in any way or shape abused or neglected, it'll be your head rolling down a bowling lane." Hellboy then left, his threat enough to scare Mr. and Mrs. Dursely into submission.

Slamming the door on his way out, Hellboy sighed, making his way to the In Lumine Orphanage, hoping that this fiasco of a trip wouldn't turn out for naught.


Keara MicKinnsey sighed as she put little Harrison down in his bed; he was the last to be put down for the night. Quietly making her way across the room, she turned off the lights and made sure the night-light was on before gently closing the door on her way out of Harrison's bedroom.

Making her way down to the kitchen for a cup of tea before bed, she sat down at the head of the kitchen table, waiting for the water to boil. Idly, she twisted a lock of her long blond hair that was generally held in a high ponytail.

Keara MicKinnsey was the Matron of the In Lumine Orphanage; while it might have been burdensome to look after so many kids with a short amount of money to use, she believed it to be a rewarding experience; after all, it wasn't too often that you met children like Harrison.

When Harrison had arrived at the doorstep of her orphanage- a barbarian way of abandoning a baby, she believed- she had fallen in love with the year-old tot. Upon finding him, Keara had noticed that upon the blanket he was wrapped in- thankfully warm as it was quite chilly that time of year- was embroidered in delicately sewn gold that consisted of the name Harrison James Potter.

It had been quite easy for the tot to adapt to life in an orphanage; those that were old enough attended school every day and came home and did their homework before playing with the other children while those that weren't old enough to go to school quite yet- as Harrison was- were taken care of by herself and the other women and men who helped out here.

Little Harrison was a delight to the Orphanage; his lovable, bubbly personality had a natural charisma to it that endeared him to all the children, and to most of the staff, save for a few who were a bit more stern (though they too cared for little Harrison as well). He was always getting himself into mischief, crawling all over the orphanage, creating quite the game of Cat and Mouse, where Harrison was the mouse and the rest of the children were the cats. It was always amusing to watch as he nimbly crawled around the house as the younger children would try to locate him. The game usually lasted to the point where the younger children dragged the elder children in to help find the tot. When he was found, he would surrender peacefully, shrieking in delight as he was picked up and tickled for his wayward actions.

Hearing the pot of water reach its peak, Keara made her way over with her tea as she poured the water into the cup. Taking a sip of the now cool enough Earl Grey, Keara sighed; she knew, for whatever reason, that her days with little Harrison were severely limited. If she could, she would adopt him in a heartbeat; but alas, as the Matron of the orphanage, she could do no such thing.

Lost in her thoughts about he children, she almost didn't hear the doorbell go off. Almost. Rising form her chair, Keara made her way to the front door. Through the door she could make out the image of a very tall and muscled man. Opening the door, she raised an eyebrow at the man.

"Good evening; how may I help you at this time of night?" Keara asked this with honesty and a hint of sarcasm laced into her voice. Why would anyone be out and about at this time of night.

"Yes, my name is Thomas Bruttenholm," the man replied with a distinct American accent, New York if she was correct. "I'm here on behalf of my father; just recently, we found that his niece, Lily Potter, had, along with her husband, died in a most unfortunate way. But not before they had a child, though."

Keara froze as soon as the mother's name parted his lips, and realized that her feeling of being separated from little Harrison had now approached her, and most unexpectedly.

"I see," Keara replied, the sadness thick in her voice. "You've come for little Harrison, haven't you?"

The man, Thomas, nodded his head. "That's right ma'am; there was a letter that my father just received that informed him that Lily- my cousin- wished that he grew up with a loving family, rather than be dropped off at her sister's house; they had never gotten along well, I'm afraid, and she was worried that something bad would happen to Harrison should he be left there."

Keara nodded. "Yes, Harrison has been with us for a little over a year now, lying atop the stairs as I put out the milk bottles. He's been a blessing to all of us since he came."

"I'm sure he has been," Thomas replied with a gentle smile. "When we received letters from Lily, she talked about how her baby was always getting into mischief, just like his father."

"Yes, he does quite often manage to cause mischief," Keara said, a slightly wistful smile upon her face. She looked at the man; he had blonde hair that was cut to about an inch below his ear, green eyes and sharp features. With lightly pale skin, he was, she assumed, 6'1" at the least. Staring into his eyes, she determined whether or not he would be worthy or not of taking little Harrison away. Seeing not an ounce of deceit or malice in the man's eyes, she nodded, and finally invited the man inside the orphanage.

Taking the lead, she made her way back upstairs to where little Harrison was sleeping. "Or not," Keara muttered slightly, seeing the beautiful emerald green eyes of Harrison.

"Now, what are you doing up so late?" Keara asked, her hands going to her waist; though she was shorter than Thomas, she was still a good 5'8" and looked down at the tot as he looked sheepishly at the matron.

"Couldn't sleep," A small, bell-toned voice replied, though it sounded sleepy to Keara.

"I see," Keara replied, not believing him by the tone of her voice. "Well, now that you're up, I would like to introduce you to someone." Keara motioned for Thomas to come up to her side. "Harrison, this is Thomas Bruttenholm, and he's told me that he and his father were related to your mother."

Harrison's eyes went wide as he looked to Thomas standing besides her. Thomas took this opportunity to introduce himself.

"Hey there kiddo," Thomas started, getting down on one knee, "it's nice to meet ya. I'm your cousin from New York City in America. My pops sent me here to see if you'd like to live with us."

Keara smiled slightly at the interaction between the two. Although she didn't want to see him go, she knew that if Harrison decided to leave, he'd be in safe hands. Looking at the expression on little Harrison's face, she knew what his answer would be.

"Really?" Harrison asked, his eyes wide.

"Yep, I'd take you with me back to America; we've obtained all the papers that would enable you to have dual citizenship in America and Britain. How about it?" Thomas asked, his voice gentle, yet filled with excitement as he talked to Harrison.

Harrison nodded vigorously. "Yes!" The exclamation from Harrison, while soft, was packed with excitement and happiness at the opportunity to be with a family of his own.

"Great! Well, we'll leave tomorrow morning, so make sure you get a good nights' sleep, alright? It'll be a long trip." Thomas's voice, it seemed, had lulled Harrison to the point where his eyes were drooping dangerously. Pulling the blanket over her soon-to-be-gone charge, Keara smiled a small but warm smile at Thomas.

"You can stay here the night, then, if you shall be leaving tomorrow morning. You may also join us for breakfast, so that Harrison will have enough time to say goodbye to all his friends."

Thomas nodded his thanks, and Keara led him to a room down at the end of the hallway they were on. It was a simple room with a queen-sized bed, a nightstand, wardrobe and desk.

"I'll wake you around seven-thirty for breakfast tomorrow morning." Keara replied, making her way out of the room. Making her way to back down to the kitchen, she finished her tea before making her way back upstairs to retire for the night. She knew it would not be an easy one.


Thomas Bruttenholm closed the door quietly before locking it and placing a circular object on the middle of the door. Striding over the window, he closed the shutters firmly and placed another of the circular objects on the ledge of the window that could be seen. He waited with his breath held until both the circular objects blinked a green light.

Only then did his tense muscles relax as he took his earpiece. Immediately, the blonde hair and green eyes were replace with a mostly shaven head, two horns and fire-engine red skin.

Hellboy sighed as he was finally rid of that accursed disguise tool. Helpful it may be, comfortable it was not. Cracking his back with a shrug, Hellboy laid down on the queen-sized bed and fell into a decent slumber.


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