Gaz and Dib were sitting outside in the the shade of a tree during recess at Skool. Everything was normal, as normal as life is for the Membrane kids. Gaz was playing her GameSlave 2, while Dib rambled on about Zim being an alien and something about Bigfoot. As Dib was talking he noticed at substitute teacher walking their way. 'Oh, no' was all Dib had time to think when the no-name sub snatched (Yes! SNATCHED) the game right out of Gaz Membrane's hands.

Gaz looked up at the teacher, "Give it back." she said calmly, but still pretty scary. The teacher flinched but quickly recovered. Dib was horrified for the young, unknowing teacher. The substitute with his Ima-responsible-adult look wasn't stopping, and spoke, " Little girl, video game devices are against school rules." Gaz was shaking with pure rage. All the other children had stopped playing, froze where they stood, and watched with fear plastered on all of their faces. The teacher man took no notice and continued, "So I'm going to confiscate this." He put the game device in his bag, which was slung lazily over his shoulder. Gaz opened her eyes slightly and looked up at the man. He, thinking she was challenging his authority, just looked into her eyes.

'The fool!' Dib thought, but he didn't dare get in between them because he feared his scary sister might hurt him instead. The man went completely still, his eyes never leaving Gaz's, and his face grew into one of pure horror. Dib knew the man had entered the "nightmare world" Gaz mostly uses as a threat. She didn't even threaten him, Dib realized, she must have been made even before the teacher took the game (um, probably cuz of you annoying voice and big head, Dib). Gaz closed her eyes, and the grown man began to cry. The crowd gasped, the little scary girl made the adult man cry just by looking at him! Next the man, still crying, took the game out of his bag and handed it to Gaz. She took the game back, and made eye contact with the sub one last time, he snapped. He ran screaming and crying about "the pigs and the flames of Hell!" Gaz just sat down and continued her game, not even caring to look up when he ran into the street and got hit by a car.

"Pfff, whiner." was all she said, still never looking away from her game. All around her childern gave the teacher pitied looks, but went back to whatever they had been doing before the commotion. Dib just looked at his little sister with more fear and respect then ever before, then he made a mental note to somehow trick Zim into taking Gaz's game. Soon, however, he went back to talking out loud to his never-gonna-listen sister as she got back into the Zone.