Stolen Glasses and Mischievous Parasites

Matthew sat in a secluded alcove of France's living room, reading his new book and nursing a steaming mug of maple coco. He was content, happy for once that no one did pay attention to him, leaving him to his J.D. Salinger. The Canadian sighed and set down his cup, nestling deeper in to the colorful tissue paper that surrounded him. When his glasses were delicately plucked from his lightly freckled nose. Matthew looked up in alarm, only to be greeted by the smirking face of a certain Germanic albino. Matthew scowled and twisted trying to recapture his precious spectacles.

"Gilbert, give those back." He attempted to be forceful, but it came out as a quiet plea. The glasses thief just smirked, trying the glasses on and strutting off. Matthew sighed and got up, following the irritating Prussian. He found him checking out his new specs in the hall mirror.

"Come on Gil, give them back." Matthew pouted hoping that might sway his tormenter. He could hardly see, and stumbling in to a drunken Francis was not something he wished to experience.

"Come and get 'em birdie!" Gilbert sang, as he lent against the doorframe. Matthew sighed and walked over to him, smiling in spite of himself. Damn attractive Prussians. He put out a hand for his glasses but Gilbert did not return them. The albino looked up, and them raised his eyebrows in a suggestive fashion.

"Hey Mattie, mistletoe" Matthew looked up. Sure enough, there hanging from the doorframe was the mischievous parasite. He smiled and put his arms around Gilbert's neck, leaning in to kiss that smirking face.

Several minutes later, a hyper American was tugging his surly and slightly tipsy British boyfriend down the hall, when he stopped short.

"Whoa there, Mattie looks like some one is having a good Christmas"

Matthew flipped his brother the bird. Gilbert pulled away from the blushing Canadian, glaring at the newcomers.

"Go find your own doorway, this one is taken!"

Alfred turned and dragged Arthur, off probably in search of more mistletoe. Matthew smiled and buried his face in his boyfriend's neck.

"Merry Christmas, love."

"Awesome Christmas to you too Mattie." Gilbert replied, moving to kiss him again. Matthew still didn't quite get the whole mistletoe thing, but he definitely liked it.

I wrote this for my lovely Prussia! Happy Holidays everyone!