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Suzume laid on her stomach on her bed, swinging her legs back and forth and staring intently at the clock on her nightstand. She narrowed her glare as she willed the clock to turn faster…except for the fact her clock was digital.

7:58 AM

She sighed and rolled over onto her back, grabbing her pillow and smooshing it onto her face with an exasperated sigh. She'd be tearing through the halls of her home by now if it hadn't been for the fact her dad had told her and her two older brothers the night before…

"Don't any of you DARE wake me or your mom up before 8 tomorrow. I don't care if a Gillian, Adjucha, or even Vasto Lorde ARMY shows up! …well, maybe you could wake me up for that last one. I'm itching for a…"


"Oh. Point is: Don't wake either of us up before 8. Got it?"

7:59 AM

Suzume threw her pillow across the bedroom where it landed on the floor with a dull thump. She tiptoed to her door and opened it as quietly as she could. She was more than willing to keep her word to her dad but only up until the designated time. She bent her knees slightly, ready to tear through the house with reckless abandon once her alarm went off. Her emerald green eyes watched anxiously as her clock slowly counted towards 8 o'clock.

20 seconds…


10. 9. 8…

She crouched ever-so-slightly…

7. 6. 5. 4…

She licked her lips in anticipation…

3. 2. 1…0

You say that I'm messing with your head (yeah yeah, yeah yeah)…

Suzume gave an excited squeal as soon as her alarm, Avril Lavigne's What The Hell, started blaring. She tore out of her room and started banging on her brothers' doors and her parents' door, shouting, "Wake up, lazy butts! It's Christmas!"

She ran back down the hall and down the stairs fast enough that she only heard her parents' bedroom door bursting open and her father shouting, and in fluent Spanish at that. "Suzume Jaegerjaquez! Mueve el culo de nuevo aquí, así que puede patear!"

whether it's right or wrong (yeah yeah, yeah yeah)
I can't stop, cuz I'm having too much fun (yeah yeah, yeah yeah)

Sutori did little to stifle a yawn as she walked up behind her shirtless and disheveled husband. "Relax, Grimmjow. Like Suzume said, it's Christmas. Give her some lee-way."

Grimmjow turned on his wife and jabbed a finger towards their clock. "I fuckin' told them not to wake us up before 8! You were there, so give me some damn support!"

They both looked at the clock just in time to see it change to 8 o' clock. Sutori glared at him before giving him a honey-sweet smile. "Well, it's 8 o' clock now, so you can't punish her."

Grimmjow glared right back at her before sighing in defeat and leaning against the doorframe. "Sorry, Su. I was just hoping that we could go downstairs before the twerps woke up and just had some time to the two of ourselves."

Sutori gave him a You-Have-To-Be-Joking look. "As I recall, we had plenty of…'time' to ourselves last night after we finished putting the presents under the tree."

Grimmjow grinned devilishly at her. "You bet your ass we did."

"I'd rather not. My ass still hurts from last night. But speaking of last night, did you clean the couch?"

And that was when their only daughter screamed in sync with the song that was still blaring from her alarm clock.


Sutori sighed and massaged her eyes. "Answers my question…you can explain this to your daughter." She began walking down the hall to wake their sons.


"And! If she ends up scarred from your explanation, I'll exchange your gifts for coal at the convenience store within the hour."


1) Mueve el culo de nuevo aquí, así que puede patear - Get your ass back here so I can kick it

Yup, that phrase was something I could imagine a tired Grimmjow yelling, regardless of who it was at XDD

But anyhow~~~Sutori is my OC for this story and she is married to Grimmjow ^^ They have three kids and names, ages, and descriptions will be given in the next chappie~~