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"Is the little bat sarced? Huh?" One of the big boys said pushing me to the sidewalk. I cried out. My arm was hurting and I was sure there was a cut on my leg.

"Oh look the little blind boy is crying. Did we hurt the little bat's feelings?" Another one said. I was on the ground shaking and tears were streaming down my face. I wish someone would come and stop them from hurting me, but no one ever did. This happened everyday after school. I was only in first grade and I was 6 years old. You would think someone would help me. They didn't though.

After a few more minutes of the hitting and name calling, the boys finally backed off and left me by myself on the sidewalk near the school. I carefully got up and rubbed my hands over my body to 'see' what was hurt. I found out that my right arm was most likely broken, there was a gash on my leg, and I had tons of other cuts and brusies. I walked slowly over to the school yard fence so I could tell which way to walk home.

Incase you haven't figured it out yet, I'm blind. It was hard being blind and having no one to care for you. My mom had died when I was very young and my step-dad, Gabe, never helped me. Gabe was always playing cards with his friends. He never fed me, he never cared for me when I was sick, he never did anything with me, execpt kick me while I was down.

As I made my way down the street, I wondered the same thing that I always wondered on the way home, would Gabe care if I never came home? Probably not. He never said anything to me other than how I was just a waste of space. I have always wanted to run away for the hurt, but I knew that if I did I would be out in the cold with nothing to eat and no roof over my head. So I guess that I wouldn't run away.

When I finally got to my apartment, I could hear Gabe and his friends playing cards. I sighed and opened the door. Nobody said anything to me as I passed to go to my room and I didn't care. They were being loud like always and it was giving me a headace. I went to the bathroom to clean and bandage my wounds. Once I found the badages, I carefully wrapped my arm and quickly covered my other cuts.

My head was still hurting after that, so I disided to go to the beach. It was only a couple of blocks away. I grabbed my bag that had my ID and walking stick in it. I only needed the walking stick when coming home from the beach, other wise I was good. The ID was for incase something happened to me or if I got lost, someone could get me home. The beach was the only place that I have ever felt at home at. It was always so peaceful there and noboy made fun of me. It was my home.

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