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Warning: mild cussing.


I could tell that my husband was surprised by me being nice to his son. I didn't usually like his children. Most of them were stuck up heros, who didn't show enough of respect and always wanted the glory. There were a few though that were not like that. I acually liked them. They knew how to respect people and be nice to them. I could tell that Persues was just a little boy that was hurt.

I followed Posiden to the extra room by ours. He went in and placed Persues on the bed there. Persues looked even smaller than he already did on the huge bed. The poor boy was shifting uneasly and I think he was having a nightmare. I looked at Posiden and he gave my a sad look.

"I'll be right back, I need to get Apollo. If Persues wakes up, tell him that he is in good hands." he said before transporting himself to Olypus. The boy in the bed looked so fragile that it scared me. I hoped that Apollo got here soon.


I was sitting around waiting for the sun to rise, when Uncle P flashed in. I walked over to him quickly, worried that something bad had happened. He looked worried and that had me worried.

"Apollo, I need you to do something for me." He said in a hurried voice.

"Sure. What do you need me to do?" I asked carefully. Uncle P wasn't usually the one to ask favors.

"Do you remeber my son? He is hurt and I need you to come and heal him. The water set the bone in his arm wrong and it does not look pleasent." He said in one breath. I just nodded. I would always help him. Uncle P grabbed my arm and flashed me to his palace.

We arrived in a room that I had never been in. The walls were a sea green and had waves craved into the wall. There were fish and other kinds of sea animals swimming through the windows. I looked around and saw a huge bed with green sheets on it. With closer inspection, I saw that there was a small body in the middle of the bed. Lady Amphitrite was at the bed side looking at the small body. I was guessing that the small body was Uncle P's son.

"That took you long enough! The poor boy is moaning and there are tears coming out of his eyes. He's in pain!" She wispered, yelled at us.

"Hello to you to Lady Amphitrite. I'll take care of him, don't worry." I said coming up to the bed side. The boy had his eyes clutched tightly together, while tears streamed down his face. I could see he was in horrible pain. I gently took the boy's arm and his eyes whipped open. His were a pale sea green color. They looked like Uncle P's, but a lot lighter.

"It's ok. I'm going to make your arm feel better, ok?" I asked him in a gently voice. He looked over at me and nodded. Then I nocticed that his eyes were focused just over my shoulder. It hit me then, this boy was showing the signs of a blind kid.

"Please do not take offense, but are you blind?" The kid nodded his head. Uncle P and Lady Amphitrite gasped at that news. Apperently Posiden didn't know that tidbit of infomation.

"I was born blind." He said in a small voice. I'm guessing that he got his injures for bullies. People make fun of other people for stupid things and they didn't show mercy to this little boy.

"What is you name? Mine is Apollo." I told him. I hoped that if I was nice and open, he would feel safer.

"Mine is Persues. Don't call me Percy though. My step-dad calls me that and I hate it." Persues said in a scared voice.

"Well Persues, I'm going to fix your arm. It won't hurt, I promise." I said. Quickly I used my powers to realine his bone and fuse it back together. You could see that he did not feel any more pain by the look on his face.

"Thank you Apollo." Persues said. The tone of his voice made me think that he didn't have things done for him. It had so much gradutude that it made me want to cry and I don't cry. I looked over at Posiden and Amphitrite and they looked like they were holding back tears too.

"Your welcome. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get hurt?" I asked him.

"I was walking home from school, I'm in first grade, and these older boys came up to me and started hitting me. They do this almost every other day and I don't like it. They call me names and hurt me. Then I had to go home." He said in between sobs. For some reason, Persues didn't like his home and that made me wonder what was there that scared him.

"Go on." Amphitrite said gently. Persues head snapped up and he 'looked' around the room.

"Who's there?" He asked in a scared voice. I felt sorry for him, we forgot to tell him that Posiden and Amphitrite were there.

"My name is Amphitrite and my husband, who is beside me, is Posiden." She said in a calm voice. It was weird seeing a nice and friendly Amphitrite. She was usually a cold hearted bitch. It was nice to see the nice Amphitrite.

"It's nice to meet you. I wish that I could see what you look like but sadly I can't." He said in a quiet shy voice.

"It is nice to meet you to. Why don't you finsh your story." Amphitrite said in a nice vocie so she won't scare the little boy.

"Well when I got home my step-dad was playing cards with his friends and he didn't even noticed that I was hurt. He doesn't pay attention to me or feed me. I go hungry a lot cause he puts the food in shelfs that are too high for me or it needs to be cooked. Once I got a really bad fever and about died. Sometimes I wish I did." Persues ended his story in a whispher like he was mostly talking to himself. Posiden gasped and walked over to the boy.

"Persues, I promise you don't have to go back to your step-dad. You can stay here with Amphritite and myself. Don't worrie." He said in a low, caring tone. I knew uncle P was never going to let anything happen to his son. Persues was a lucky kid to have a dad like him, even though he couldn't be there for him.

"Posiden, I'm going to go a head and go. Persues I hope you enjoy your time here." I told them flashing myself to Olypus.