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Perseus's POV

I was running away from the bullies again. We were running through the forest, branches were whacking my face and I was tripping over roots that grew too far out of the ground. The older kids weren't having any trouble navigating the woods, while I was hoping I didn't hit a tree head on.

Then my bad luck kicked in. I stumbled over something and fell face first into the hard ground. Somehow I could since the boys surrounding me and that scared me even more. They were laughing at my pain, but it wasn't normal laughter. This laughter was deep, almost like a growl. The kids didn't sound like the bullies anymore, they sounded like something evil.

"Join me Perseus Jackson." A gravely voice whispered in my ear. I was frozen in place. Who or, better yet what is this? Suddenly there was pain in my arm. It felt like this thing was digging its claws into my arm.

I woke up in extreme pain. My arm felt like it was on fire. I could also feel someone touching it. I whipped my head around trying to hear. I could tell that people were around me. Then someone finally started to speak.

"It's ok. I'm just going to make your arm feel better." The voice was gentle, yet held lots of power. I could also tell that the voice was male. That scared me a bit; it was hard to trust men after what Gabe did to me. I had to trust him though, so I slowly nodded.

"Please do not take offense, but are you blind?" The man asked. I nodded again, he would find out eventually find out anyway. I really hope he didn't pity me like other people.

"I was born that way." I said quietly. Talking wasn't one of my favorite things. I liked to keep to myself and be left alone. Usually, talking led to people noticing me. This led to people hurting me. I didn't like being hurt either. Then the man started talking again, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"What is your name? Mine is Apollo." Apollo was a weird name. I debated in my head for a moment if I should tell him my name or not. I quickly decided to. He told me his, so I would tell him mine.

"Mine is Perseus. Don't call me Percy though. My step-dad calls me that and I hate it." I practically whispered that to Apollo. Talking about Gabe had me thinking about how he didn't love me and how he never wanted me. "Well good," I thought to myself. "I never ever loved or cared about him!"

"Well Perseus, I'm going to fix your arm. It won't hurt, I promise." After a nod from me, Apollo grabbed my arm gently and I felt a warm tingle go up my arm. It wasn't overly hot though. It felt like a nice summer day and what I suspected hot chocolate to be like. Not that I have ever had any.

"Thank you Apollo." I tried my hardest to say that with as much gratitude I could muster. Nobody ever did anything for me. I was just some blind freak that everyone hated and couldn't give a second look.

"You're welcome. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get hurt?" I really didn't want to tell him. He would never believe me, no one ever did. They always thought the bullies were innocent and sweet little angels. How could he be different from the other adults?

Then the little voice in my head had to speak up and say that since he was kind enough to fix me up, he would most likely believe me also. Hopefully that voice was right. I really wanted to trust Apollo, but after a life of pain and cruelness from other ones mad it hard for me to trust ever again.

"I was walking home from school, I'm in the first grade, and these older boys came up and started hitting me. They do this almost every other day and I don't like it. They call me names and hurt me." I told Apollo in my small voice. "Then I had to, go home."

Suddenly I could feel tears running down my face. That's weird, I didn't cry in front of people. They couldn't be trusted, but apparently something inside of me trusted Apollo. I didn't mind though, I needed to trust somebody.

"Go on." A female's voice rang out. I imminently stopped crying and let my senses scan the room. I could now hear two more people breathing. Were they here to hurt me? Was there a way out of here? I need to get out of here.

"Who's there?" My voice shook slightly. I don't really like it when people just show up out of nowhere. The bullies would do that.

"My name is Amphitrite and my husband, who is beside me, is Poseidon." Amphitrite calmly said to me. She sounded like a mother, all kind and caring. Or at least what I thought that a mother would sound like.

"It's nice to meet you. I wish I could see you, but sadly I can't." My voice was quiet and I could barely hear it myself. I wonder if she could hear it herself.

"It is nice to meet you too. Why don't you finish your story?" She asked me nicely. It surprised me that someone could be nice to me. No one ever was nice to me, they would always ignore me.

"Well when I got home, my stepdad was playing cards with his friends and he didn't even notice that I was hurt. He doesn't pay attention to me or even feed me. I go hungry a lot because he puts stuff on shelves that are too high for me, or it needs to be cooked. There was this one time when I got a really bad fever and about died. Sometimes I wish I did." By the end of me telling them about how my step dad treats me, I had forgotten that they were even there. My mind was spinning with memories of being sick.

"Perseus, I promise that you don't have to go back to your step-dad. You can stay here with Amphitrite and me. Don't worry." Poseidon said, bringing me out of my thoughts. I was thankful for that; I really didn't want to remember those times.

"Poseidon, I am going to go ahead and go. Perseus, I hope you enjoy your time here." Suddenly there was a loud popping noise and I knew that Apollo had gone.

I sat there in silence for a few minutes. I knew that the other two adults were there, but were just trying to give me time to let everything sink in. I was in a new home and I never had to go back to Gabe again. I think I was really going to like it here.