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Even to this day, if it could even be called that, it still surprised him.


It was like his own personal hideaway, a place he shared with no one but the one he held closest to him, even if this wasn't necessarily true.


The closest semblance of home he had, living there off and on for over a century now.


It was so reminiscent of where he had come from, when he was so young. It reminded him of feeling loved and welcomed, of never wanting for anything, and particularly of the elaborate rose gardens that had filled the lush backyard of his mansion back 'home'.

Only, everything was different. It was like a tune played in reverse, or a photograph held next to an identical, flipped image- so similar, almost eerily so, but so very different.

There was an insubstantial quality to this world that he just couldn't get enough of. It captivated him, held him in its unearthly thrall. But...


He was absolutely bored out of his mind.

The grove of flowers, the delicious blossoms of alabaster and ebony that had once enchanted him, were now just plain roses. Disillusioned, he was finally quite sick of them. He wanted Sebastian to come back already.

The butler had already been gone long enough, and though Ciel had him at his beck and call, he couldn't bring himself to ruin the demon's chances at consuming a new soul.

Ciel and Sebastian had an agreement- while Sebastian was working through a contract, Ciel would stay in hell for the most part. Ciel had no patience for Sebastian's other masters, and the other masters never could understand how a demon could have a contract with another demon. Ciel despised sharing Sebastian's attention. Time passed quicker in hell, anyway.

He was also being punished, and while unnecessary, he decided to humor the butler.

Hunger clawed faintly at his stomach, but he ignored it. He was to wait for Sebastian to return first.

Anxious, he rolled over on his side amongst the roses, inhaling their heady aroma. And still he was staring at the black symbol that marked his hand. The one that symbolized his contract he had made, and was proof of how clever Ciel was, establishing the terms of the contract according to Ciel's own wishes rather than those of his 'master's'- it proved that even when Ciel was supposedly under another's orders, he was still the king.

He still controlled the pawns, and the game would only end when he himself had fallen. His plan was over a hundred years in the making, after all. All flaws had long since been ironed out, every detail painstakingly attended to. Except the boredom. That still plagued him far more often than he would ever care to admit. Endless patience he may have when it came to executing plans, but it was something he tended to lack when it came to anything else in his unlife.

It might have been seconds, hours or perhaps even weeks later that a breeze crossed the air. Ciel never knew how much time passed, it really didn't mean too much to him here. He sniffed at, recognizing it, but ignored it.

It wasn't until he heard a voice that his routine of lying languidly amongst the roses was disturbed.

"Bocchan, you look a mess," Sebastian called, amused.

Ciel sat up, staring the butler steadily in the eye.

The boy smelled strongly of roses, that was the first thing Sebastian had noticed. The deep and dark mysterious scent of the ebony mingled delicately with the waxy freshness of the dove. The smell seemed to permeate the child-like demon to the core, until Sebastian was sure that the perfectly balanced scent of the flowers had found their way from the root of every single hair on Ciel's head to the tip of the boy's dark, heeled boots.

The deep azure hair was also mussed and the clothes were in a disarray, no doubt from Ciel lazily tossing and turning in the roses as if they were a bed where he did not sleep. Though the thorns from the roses seemed not to bother Ciel in the least, they had managed to tear several rips in his clothes and clung to him like briars. Did his young master not even care?

Sebastian sighed deeply, kneeling before Ciel and looking him closely in the eye. Ciel knew that Sebastian loved the deep hue of his eye as much as a demon could love anything, and it was part of the reason he had chosen that spot in the first place- to spite him just a little. Over the years, Ciel liked to say the seal's location was chosen due to the deeper symbolism of it all, how half of his world would from then on be seen through the eyes of the devil, and how having the two-toned eyes was an example of the proof of the unique bond they shared. Sebastian, however, didn't believe any of Ciel's shit.

Sebastian knew Ciel on an intimate level, and had figured his young lord out. He knew Ciel only wanted the satisfaction of stealing away one of his pretty blue eyes from Sebastian.

Theirs could be a tense, mocking relationship at times, but it certainly kept things interesting.

Gently, Sebastian ran his fingers through Ciel's matted hair in an attempt to smooth it out. "Tsk tsk, Bocchan," he muttered with a small smirk.

Ciel rolled his eyes. Sebastian dove right into business.

"Did you do any thinking while you were here? It's about time for your contract to come to an end, after all. Will you allow the latest descendant to renew it again this year?"

"What is his name again?"

"Ciel, same as yours, as you asked them to name him. You know fully well that the timing couldn't be any better, so I ask again- when we strike, do we leave any still standing?"

Ciel smirked darkly at Sebastian. A hint of pearly teeth shone from between the barely-parted lips, like perfect little chips of enamel between the pale petals of a fallen rose.

"No. Like dominoes and ashes, they will all fall down. Sebastian, let us revive the Phantomhive curse. Let us burn down the manor, and let us feast on their souls."

Such a pretty little speech. Sebastian found it superfluous.

"Is that an order, my lord?" he asked.

"Yes, Sebastian. It is."

Sebastian stood, and Ciel was in his arms. They turned, and together they left hell.

"Time to awaken, Bocchan."

Ciel mumbled something incoherent, likely a string of obscenities, rolling away from the light streaming through the freshly pulled apart drapes.

Sebastian had to marvel- even after all of these years, Ciel was still ostensibly difficult to wake up. Sometimes Sebastian even wondered if he was becoming even more difficult to awaken as the years passed, although he dared not speak it. The curses cut off rapidly, however, at the smell of the strong tea filling the air.

"For breakfast today we have a lightly poached salmon, accompanied by a delicate mint salad. I can also offer toast, scones, or pain de compagne." Every morning, the same offering.

It was the scent of New Moon Drop, the only tea he could taste on a consistent basis, that truly got Ciel up, though. After becoming a demon, Ciel's sense of taste was the only thing dulled rather than enhanced- only the strongest of flavors ever reached his tongue. Very strong teas and sweets could regularly be tasted, to Ciel's pleasure, but most other foods were plain or bitter like ash.

Ciel supposed it was because of how souls were now the only thing he ever really needed to eat- and then he only needed to eat every so often. Right now he felt pleasantly full, especially considering his recent feast. He wouldn't expect to need to eat again for at least a decade or so after the number of souls consumed in such a short time. It had been quite an adventure...

Morning routine, however, still needing to be carried out, meant Ciel had to get up and stop dwelling in his thoughts. Much to his displeasure. This was why he preferred to not sleep- he didn't have to mess around with waking up, when his thoughts were muddled and his wits not about him. However, sleeping did have it's benefits...

"A scone," Ciel mumbled, rubbing from his eyes the rheum that had formed overnight as he had slept.

"Today you will be attending your first day at school," Sebastian said stiffly, habitually.

Ciel nodded drowsily. "Ah, yes. I had nearly forgotten. I can't wait," he replied, his sarcasm scathing. Sebastian offered him a meager grin, amused at Ciel's enthusiasm (or lack thereof). Ciel drew the covers away from himself and sat up, giving his head a small dog-like shake to flip the hair from his eyes. His fingers felt around to the right, fingers searching the nightstand blindly, albeit unerringly, for the eye patch.

"Remember, we will need to arrive early to discuss the plan with the headmaster. Then, we will follow the queen's orders."

Ciel hummed in acknowledgement, turning his body so his legs dangled from the edge of the bed. He held his arms out, and Sebastian's pale fingers plucked at the buttons at his chest, undoing them for Ciel. After the nightshirt was gone, a uniform was placed on the edge of the bed for Ciel's examination.

The boy frowned.

"Is the uniform not to your liking? I'm sure it would be quite simple to alter it slightly to meet your preferences." Sebastian would expect nothing less from his young, make-no-concessions master.

"Yes, get on that. Now. And I would very much like that scone now as well," Ciel grumbled, taking a sip of his clear tea.

The uniform was gathered up and placed on a nearby table.

Ciel took another sip. "Replace the necktie with one of my old ones. I despise those shoes, find some different ones. The jacket should be a little longer and fuller in the bottom. And I want gloves. For both of us."

Sebastian left for a moment, returning in the blink of an eye with a tray of pastries in one hand, the other arm filled by several extra articles of clothing. A threaded needle was held between the dashing butler's lips. The spool and thread trailed to his pocket.

Sebastian bowed, taking care not to drop anything, and placed the tray next to the tea set, within Ciel's reach. He pulled the socks up, one at a time, up over Ciel's calf. And then, he drew the pants up over Ciel's ankles, over his knees, and situated them on his waist, buttoning them.

A fine silk shirt was pulled over his arms, only it was much different than the ones Ciel was accustomed to. This one seemed to be much more uniformly made, and had a different collar. A fine, smokey grey vest came next, and the uniform's usual necktie was replaced by a thin ribbon of an identical color tied in a bow around his neck.

Then came the boots and jacket, the final alterations of which took mere seconds. Sebastian added only a few stitches to the blue coat, yet the end product looked as if done by a master tailor. Though the jacket was no longer than before, it looked that way, and it fluffed out as Ciel's old jackets had. The heeled boots, likewise, looked as if they had taken a step from the past for the express purpose of fitting Ciel's feet. Sebastian did the buttons up for Ciel on both.

Last was the adornment of Ciel's hands. The white gloves were tugged over his fingers, and the silver, blue jeweled ring was put on his thumb.

In all, the effect was perfectly suitable. Somehow, Ciel managed to pull off the melding of Victorian era fashion and modern fashion, and managed to look good doing it. Ciel, for the moment, was content.

Ciel then turned, looking Sebastian up an down critically as well. His uniform had remained unmodified, and Ciel thought it strange to see his black butler in blue. Ciel clucked his tongue in disapproval. "Put on a black tie," he ordered. "That blue one looks ridiculous."

Sebastian smiled wryly, undoing the knot as he left the room, leaving Ciel alone.

Ciel sighed. He didn't really want to attend school, but he was just glad the Princess's niece-in-law would be attending a private school, not a public one. Had that been the case, Ciel might have considered rescinding his offer to become the Queen's guard dog again. But, he still had to wonder, why Japan? Why would the British royalty want to attend this school next year?

Ciel blew his bangs from his eyes in agitation. He supposed he would just have to find out what makes this school so special, the queen thought it important enough to send Ciel there. It was a terrible misuse of his skills, however. It was clear the Queen didn't fully trust Ciel, and the Princess didn't believe him capable of the shady black-market dealings he used to put a stop to so often.

Well, Ciel would just have to show them. He would show them that members of the house of Earl Phantomhive were the only truly loyal guard dogs, and not a family to be trifled with. He may be the last, officially and unofficially, but he still had their pride to uphold.

He would check out this school and show them. He should have been content with such a simple task, but he wasn't. It just felt humiliating.

He leaned back and closed his eyes.

He could still remember meeting with the queen only a short while ago.

He was sitting in a carriage, a thick, elegant envelope between his fingers- an invitation. The horse-pulled cart was identical to the one Ciel had grown up with, probably because it was one and the same, perfectly restored and painted elegantly.

Sebastian drove the cart, as expected. The matched horses whinnied with every crack of the reins. They were running slightly late, and had to hurry. Between the bench and the carriage itself, a curtain separated them. This Ciel pulled aside, wishing to talk with Sebastian.

"What do you suppose the Princess will say? Isn't she just a commoner?" Ciel asked thoughtfully.

Sebastian nodded, the corners of his lips turning up slightly. "Why, yes, Bocchan, she is. It's quite unusual for a prince to marry a non-royal, but not unheard of in this day and age."

Ciel sighed. "These times are certainly unusual ones," he murmured. Ciel sat back slightly. He had just lost his family, or so it had appeared. Soon as Ciel and Sebastian had returned to Earth, they headed to the old Phantomhive manor. There, Ciel's plan would finally bear fruit.

After Ciel had 'died', he had been at a loss of what to do. Then, as he had been walking the streets (in disguise, of course. Changing his appearance had been the first thing he had learned) he saw a boy.

This boy inspired him- and as tragedy struck, Ciel offered him a deal, and he and the boy formed a contract. Wise little Ciel, however, had tactfully worked the conditions of the contract to suit Ciel, not the boy.

The contract was simple- the boy would pretend to be Ciel.

Their appearances were very similar, and being the son of the nouveau riche Baron von Aether, he had a certain business-savvy that could only help the Funtom Company. However, after losing all of the fortune when his parents died, he learned to spend frugally, particularly to pay for his sickly sister's medical bills.

He was moderately clever, and had all of the mannerisms and decorum a figure befitting the Earl's rank should have with minimal training. He would suit Ciel's need's perfectly, and Ciel had just found the perfect way to make the contract span generations.

It worked because of the mutual gain- before even taking the soul-eating into account, both benefited.

The boy got the money he needed, and Ciel, so long as the boy and his descendants still ran Funtom Company, could eat their souls as he wished.

And consume he did- when the first born child reached age 14, Ciel would descend upon the manor and kill the previous holder of the contract, on said child's birthday. Alone, and as good as dead if Ciel chose to re-claim his fortune for himself, a new contract would be formed only moments after the previous had closed.

And the best part was that no one knew that the Phantomhives were not Phantomhives, and just assumed that the curse remained. A curse he perpetuated himself nowadays. He could make a reappearance whenever he wanted and not seem unduly out of place.

Then, on the special day of 'Ciel Phantomhive', the Aether descendant named after Ciel himself in accordance with the true Phantomhive's wishes, the demon and his likewise demonic butler returned to earth and struck. This time was different, though.

This time, the mansion burned, and in the flames, they reveled in the death. Everyone fell before them, the glorious two who killed mercilessly and vengefully, claiming the debt owed. It was a riotous conflagration, and all fell before them indiscriminately as their souls were leached from their bodies.

Only one concession was made to this- something Ciel indulged himself in doing. The mother and father were delivered to the drawing room, left to burn to death, soulless. Then Ciel Phantomhive waited for Ciel Aether to arrive and see his parents, feel destroyed as Ciel had over a hundred years ago, and then take the boy's own soul for himself.

Usually, Ciel made a new contract, but not then. Ciel had decided then and there he would re-claim what was his- and the world would be none the wiser.

Now, Ciel was back in his life of privilege, and this would be the moment of make or break.

When Ciel had surreptitiously left the Phantomhive name to the Aethers, he had also rescinded his title as the Queen's guard dog with the expectation standing that he would someday reclaim it.

After the incident involving Ashe/Angela, the Queen knew all about angels and demons. It became a family secret, one of many. Ciel still dropped by every now and then to ensure that the memory and stories of him lived on in infamy amongst the Queens, so he could return to the life he had once lived if he ever felt the need to do so.

Now he was showing up again to reinstate his title. Life had been drearily boring for him without this. He figured now was as good a time as any, especially with the marriage of the crown prince to the next in succession to Queendom.

They pulled up to their destination, Ciel peeking once more through the curtain for only a moment. "Take care of the carriage, Sebastian," he ordered, "while I'll slip into the Palace. You know what needs to be done."

Sebastian hummed in response, and Ciel darted inside, faster than the blink of an eye.

Rather than deal with the tedium of clearing who he was with the security detail, he simply slipped inside and avoided them altogether. He shouldn't be here long enough for anyone to really notice, anyway. As for the men standing before the doors, the ones he couldn't avoid altogether, a swift jab to a point in the neck here and there sent each to a land of unconsciousness.

Was there any guard who could stop him, a mere child? At this, he nearly had to chuckle. As if anyone could be expected to put a stop to him. The concept was inconceivable, laughably so.

"And I suppose you find it very funny to take out our security?" a woman's voice said.

Ciel stood up straighter, turning around to find the source of the words. He had to smirk when he found it. "Good afternoon, your majesty."

"Good afternoon, Ciel. To what do we owe this... pleasure?" she replied with stuffy distaste. Queen Elizabeth hadn't liked him much. She thought he was overly haughty and full of himself, which he was. She had also long thought it ridiculous that he refused to do anything productive with abilities such as his.

However, there wasn't much that could be done about it. To anyone who knew him, much to their displeasure, Ciel had more power than anyone. There was no one who could stop him if he grew unhappy. If Ciel didn't want to do something, he simply didn't. He would just disappear for a few years, then return as if nothing had happened.

That was what had happened last time, when the queen had called him hedonistic and depraved. Sure, it had been true... but Ciel didn't see how that mattered. Then Sebastian made him realize how childish he was behaving, and left him alone in hell as punishment. Which is why he decided to come back for good now, while the timing and situation had never been more perfect.

He smiled, but it was an empty sort of thing, more a mask than an expression. "Simple. You know it is that time again. I need to inform dear Princess Catherine of my duties to her, after all." Ciel's tone was detached and disinterested, as if he really didn't care at all. Ciel's acting had certainly improved over the years.

The Queen's eyes widened in surprise. "Do you mean to say you are resuming your place as Guard Dog?"

"Yes, yes," Ciel replied, brushing at the open air with his fingers. "It gets so dreadfully boring. I was thinking of heading Torchwood. That sounds very interesting, and I'm sure I can improve productivity," he ended with a smirk.

"What is this I hear of Torchwood?" an incredulous voice called, as a woman in an elegant white dress clicked her way over, accompanied by her finely dressed husband.

Ciel bowed. "The Princess Bride," he murmured formally, looking much the same as Sebastian when he bowed. "Lovely to meet your acquaintance, dear Catherine." The smirk grew more pronounced as the slightly flustered Princess smiled sheepishly.

As Ciel straightened back up, her smile grew warmer, then pitiful as she noticed the eye patch concealing his eye. "And who might you be?" she mused. Ciel suppressed the urge to grimace at her tone and the obvious attention she was paying to the patch as he continued to smirk.

"My name is Earl Ciel Phantomhive. We have very important matters to discuss now that you are a member of the royal family." Ciel's tone was again stuffy with formality. "Soon as my butler arrives, we can head off to the drawing room for tea."

The Princess's eyebrows rose, as did Prince William's. They had never expected to hear anyone use a tone such as that in front of the reigning monarch, so authoritative, as if he were the one in charge and not the other way around. Even more so was the way the Queen acted, as if she was used to the boy's brusque nature.

Ciel blinked his one visible, jewel blue eye slowly, letting the iris's dark cobalt pigment shine at the same moment a breeze disturbed the air and ruffled their hair. Ciel smiled again. "Excellent," he said, turning to see the atramentaceous butler standing directly behind him.

"Tea is ready whenever you are, young lord," Sebastian said, bowing low.

"Perfect, let us make haste. I still have paperwork to attend to."

Surprised as they were by the unassuming boy, they were parched and thoroughly curious as to what he had to say. They allowed him to lead them to their own drawing room as if he had lived there himself.

Sebastian, the ever capable butler, was quick to fill their open hands with the fine china, and they settled in to talk.

"Let's not mince words, Elizabeth," Ciel stated plainly, all traces of the former courtesy disappearing behind closed doors. "Have you told Catherine of my exploits or haven't you?" Ciel stared the Queen down, a solid look above knitted fingers resting on his chin.

The Queen's sigh told him what he needed to know. "No Ciel, I have not informed her yet. I was planning on telling her tonight; I was not aware that you were even going to show up. I had assumed you would be too busy with business, after torching your mansion in such an overdone way. Honestly, was it really necessary to leave the bones of the parents in plain sight?" she asked.

Ciel chuckled. "Of course it was. If I plan on refabricating the story of my own history to be as accurate as possible, I have to leave no detail unattended. The whole world is to know that the Phantomhive Curse is back with a vengeance, and it is sure to ingratiate the amount of respect I knowingly deserve deep within them. Not to mention it makes keeping my story straight so much simpler..." he mused finally.

"Ciel... you always were such an unusual character..." the Queen muttered unhappily.

The obvious looks of confusion, however, still adorned the faces of the newlyweds. The prince, however, didn't seem to enjoy being out of the loop.

"Would someone care to explain what exactly is going on here?" he growled, irritated.

Ciel's eye rolled slowly over to the crown prince, a look on his face that spoke of obvious intolerance for falling behind. "All will be explained in due time, William. In the meantime, you should be thankful. Most princes and kings have never even met me."

Ciel could be a very patient person when he needed to be, but at the moment he was certainly less than accommodating. He wasn't feeling particularly pleasant, for that matter either. "Now, Catherine, can I be sure of you and your husband's utmost cooperation as has been entrusted to English monarchs for centuries? Can you swear on your graves that every word in this room is not to be shared with anyone?"

Kate blinked. She had not expected such a strange turn of events from the enigmatic child. "Of course..."

"Excellent. Now, Catherine, what do you know about demons?"


"I'm telling you, Ciel, I really don't think it's quite suitable for a child to be in charge of something as important as Torchwood. It isn't even supposed to exist, so I don't know how you even know about it," Kate said. Ciel released an irritated huff of air.

"And I'm telling you, Catherine, that I'm no child. Did you hear anything I said about demons? I'm a hundred and forty-six years old!"

They had been at if for nearly half an hour, both almost at each other's throats. Ciel wanted to see the danger and excitement, and the new Princess was hell-bent on keeping him 'safe'. It annoyed him to no end. The others were quickly getting sick of it.

Then Kate's eyes lit up.

"What if you proved yourself?" she asked.

Ciel narrowed his eyes. "I'm listening," he responded slowly.

"What if you did a simple job for me, and if you do it correctly, then you can do the more dangerous things?" she asked.

Ciel pretended to think about it. In actuality, he had it all thought out already. He had considered it himself 20 minutes ago after all. But, being the stubborn Phantomhive he was, he had refused to voice the idea. He wanted his old status back immediately, not after proving himself.

Still... if it got this debate over with... Ciel still looked as if he were giving the idea a lot of thought, but he was now deciding on a plan of attack. It would take a certain amount of tact to twist this back in his favor. But, the ball was in his court now and it was his chance to change the game again.

"I suppose it would depend on the job at hand. I'm not going to do something completely unreasonable simply for boredom's sake, after all." He sat back and crossed his legs, watching carefully. He didn't particularly like that self-assured smirk.

"It's a very easy job, I assure you. I just wanted to make sure it was safe for my niece to attend private school next year. She wants to go all the way out to Japan for some reason, and I don't want her to be disappointed or in any danger. Anyone who could handle something as simple as this could surely take care of more dangerous tasks. Not to mention we made do without you for so long, technically you need us more than we need you. You would have no room to say no, else the Phantomhives would lose all respect."

Sebastian laughed outright at this. He could see the frustration now written all over Ciel's face at having been backed into a corner. After deep breath, however, Ciel's face slackened into a mask of calm and reason.

"Of course, Catherine. Why did I not see it before? It would be such a simple task," Ciel said graciously. Sebastian almost applauded. Ciel was becoming very good at acting.

"So you will do it?" she asked with a smile.

"Of course, Your Highness," Ciel replied, his tone edged in a condescending hiss. "Of course."

"Bocchan, if you aren't careful, you'll be late for school."

Ciel flinched, and looked over at Sebastian. He was startled to find himself looking at the car door held open by his faithful butler.

He quickly realized that during the time when he was lost in thought, Sebastian had already driven him to school. Now, as Ciel sat in the car without moving, a small crowd had already formed, curious about the newcomer in the flashy European sports car.

Ciel looked around and sighed. He wasn't even five minutes into the day and already he was drawing attention. It was not something he had necessarily been expecting, although what he did expect remained to be seen- he had enrolled a week after class had begun after all.

As the surrounding girls tittered, he caught snitches of conversation about him and Sebastian. It irritated him, hearing about how hot Sebastian was, how adorable he was, how cute his boots were, etc., etc. It made him want to kick something. Sebastian was his, he was NOT 'adorable', he was NOT wearing girl's boots, and the girls had NO right to have pity on him for having an eye patch. He fumed silently.

"Carry my bag," he huffed irritably, shoving the bag into Sebastian's arms. Sebastian obliged, and stacked the bag on top of his own with a smile. He heard the whispers too, and he was finding it difficult to keep a straight face.

Screams filled the air and hurt Ciel's eardrums. He didn't like how much they seemed to enjoy his accent. As he winced, he resolved to ask Sebastian later what 'moe' was. He had a bad feeling about it.

In the meantime, he looked around the courtyard. What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. "Is that statue taking a piss in the fountain?" Ciel asked in disbelief. "That's just so... so... gauche!"

"This is Japan, Bocchan. They can be as gauche as they like. Now if we don't hurry, we're sure to be late," Sebastian reprimanded.

Ciel pulled a face. He was just supposed to go to school, no one said anything about being on time.

Sebastian knew Ciel well, though, and wasn't going to tolerate tardiness. So Sebastian did what Sebastian does- he picked Ciel up like a princess and carried him, much to Ciel's chagrin.

Ciel tried to struggle, but Sebastian only picked up the pace. "Bocchan, all of that wiggling will only draw attention to yourself," he murmured, entertained by the growing number of people watching his master's antics. "Settle down and we'll be in and out quickly."

Ciel only growled in response, but still wrapped his arms around Sebastian's neck reluctantly.

"Good Bocchan," Sebastian said, as if addressing a puppy, and all he got in return was a glare for his efforts. They paid no mind to the blond who ran quickly inside and made a beeline for Music Room 3.

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