I was rereading the first chapter and I feel like ages might be a bit confusing. Spot had his daughter at the end of his eighth grade year. I know, so young but you have to figure that a) it really does happen and b) it happens in this story because, the mother and father come from messed up households in a poor area. Not that rich people don't get knocked up at young ages but it does happen in poorer areas more often. They are half way through their junior year which would put Erica at about two and a half and the boys at about 16/17.

Sun shown through the window of Race's bedroom, bathing Spot in its warm glow. He stretched under the covers and rolled over, reaching an arm out in search of the other boy. When he only felt sheets he opened his eyes and sat up. Rolling his head to crack his neck he yawned and looked around. Race was nowhere to be found but when Spot's eyes landed on the clock sitting on the nightstand they widened. Throwing his legs over the side of the bed he stretched his back out before heading downstairs.

"Well good moring!" Race quipped from the table as Spot walked into the kitchen.

"It's nine in the morning!"


"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"You need to learn to relax and sleep in."

Race's lazy, tom cat grin caused Spot to scowl as he plopped down in the seat next to the smart-ass Italian.

"Make me a coffee."

"Ooo, demanding aren't we."

"It's the least you can do after messing up my sleep pattern."

Race chuckled and stood. He busied himself taking a mug from the cuboard and pouring sugar in it, sneaking glances at the blond sitting in his kitchen. Spot was dressed in loose flannel pants and a tank top, a sight the darker haired boy greatly appreciated. He could not remember every seeing his friend in such little clothing and he had not really payed attention the night before. Muscled arms gave into a muscled back and from under the fabric Race swore he could see the ink of a tattoo.

As he poured coffee into the mug and added cream he wondered what the tattoo could be but he did not ask, afraid to admit that he had been checking out the other boy.

"Here you are your highness."

Race placed the mug infront of his friend and sat back in his chair. Spot grabbed the mug and took a sip. He sighed happily as the hot liquid slid down his throat.

"So what were you up to while I was still asleep?"

"Helping my dad shovel out one of the cars. Just 'cause it snowed doesn't mean the hospital's closed."

Spot nodded. Both of Racetrack's parents were doctors at the local hospital, often leaving Race in charge of his younger siblings.

"So what time did you want to go to your grandparents." Race did not mention anything about Spot's daughter, knowing that his siblings were wandering around the house.

Spot shurgged.

"Probably not till twoish. I usually eat dinner over the so we don't need to go till later."

Race nodded.

"Well if you want you can borrow some of my clothes and shower. I have to help Angelo finish shoveling or he won't watch Adrina and Izzy for me."

Spot let a smile show through at the thought of the younger girls. He had grown found of the younger siblings through various family game nights and dinners he had participated in. Race's older brother Angelo was not someone he was very familiar with. At twenty he was only three years older than Spot and Race but he was away at college during most of the scool year and stayed during most breaks because of work. In the three years that Spot had known the Higgens family he had only met the oldest son three or four times and it was always a short visit. Being as he was in his last year of school he had decided to take the entire winter break and spend it at home. Race stood and stretched.

"Well I'm going back outside to shovel. You know where the bathroom is, you'll find towls and everything in there. You can just pick clothes out of my dresser."

He squezzed the other boy's shoulder as he walked behind him. Spot sat in the kitchen, finishing his coffee and listening to Race put his coat and boots back on. When he heard the door open and shut he chugged the rest of his drink, put his mug in the dishwasher,and made his way back up to Race's room. Opening various drawers he found a pair of jeans, a tank top, and socks. He hesitated before grabbing a pair of boxers. It was not like they had not been washed and, despite how he grew up, Spot was a stickler for clean clothes. The idea of wearing the same pair of boxers two days in a row made him cringe. Figuring he could wait on a shirt he made his way to the bathroom. He turned the water on and stripped. Stepping into the shower the blond imedietly relaxed. Something about a shower always made him feel like a new man. The warm water running onto his head and down his body seemed to wash away his troubles, even if it was just briefly. He stood under the warm cascade, massaging shampoo and conditioner into his head until the water started to cool down. Sighing he shut the shower off and grabbed the towl he had left hanging on the hook on the wall. Rubbing his hair dry he quickley rubbed the rest of his body down and dressed. He looked briefly at the tooth brushes next to the sink and shook his head. As much as Spot wanted clean teeth using someoneelse's toothbrush was a bit much for him.

Throwing the dirty towls in the hamper he ran his fingers through his hair and went back to Race's room where he made the bed and folded his clothes from the day before hand, placing them on the bed. Opening the closet he rifled through the shirts, finally settling on a burgundy button down. He pulled it on, holding the collar up to his nose for a minute to inhale the scent of Racetrack. With a faint smile he buttoned the shirt up, leaving the top few buttons undone. He rolled his shoulders to get a little more comfortable. The door opened and shut and Spot looked over his shoulder at Race, rubbing his hand together trying to get them warm.

"You got a spare toothbrush?"

"Yeah, in the bathroom downstairs."

Spot nodded.

"That shirt looks good on you."

Spot's eyes widened for a second and it was Race's turn to smirk.

"So did you leave me any hot water?"

Race started rummiging through his dresser for clothes.

"You might want to wait."

Race made a sound between a sigh and a growl. He pulled clothes out and placed them on top of the dresser.

"So should I wear a button down too or will a tshirt do?"

Spot raised an eyebrow. Usually it was Racetrack dressing Spot, not the other way around. He was far more aware of what was appropriate to wear in making a good impression.

"It really doesn't matter."

"Are you sure?"

"What does it matter?"

"I just want them to like me."

Spot took the few steps across the room so he was standing face to face with his friend. He placed his hand on the other boys shoulder and squezzed, offering what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

"You could go in just your boxers and you'd make a good impression. You're a charasmatic guy."

Race ducked his head and turned, hiding the blush that was creeping onto his face. Grabbing his clothes he made his way to the door.

"I'm gonna shower."

Spot smirked. He loved getting people flustered and when that person was Racetrack it was even better. Whistling a tune to himself he went to find a toothbrush.

Spot shrugged his new coat on, enjoying how soft the inside lining was. He slipped into his boots and kneeled down to tie them. Race, standing beside him, shook his head.

"What?"Spot had seen he movement from the corner of his eye.

"I'm getting you new boots." he stated as he buttoned his peacoat.

Spot looked at his shoes as he tied them. The laces were frayed and they had worn patches where a hole was threatening but they were still wearable.

"I don't need them and you certainly don't need to buy them for me. I have a job." He pulled his laces tight to prove his point and stood up.

Race rolled his eyes and pulled on gloves.

"You are going to need them and somehow I think your money all goes to other things."

Spot scowled as he pulled on his own gloves. Race laughed as he finished wrapping his scarf around his neck and slapped his friend's shoulder.

"lighten up buddy. I just like taking care of you. Is that so wrong?"

He opened the door and gestured for Spot to go ahead of him. The blonde stepped through the entry, still pulling on his hat, and out ino the cold winter day. Snow was coming down lightly but not enough that it would impact their walk to Spot's grandparents. Still, Spot put up the hood to his new jacket, enjoying the added warmth.

"I don't need to be taken care of." Spot grumbled as he walked down the steps and started down the road.

Race jogged a little to catch up, trying to straighten his own hat as he did. In truth he did not think that was true but he was not going to tell Spot that.

"Well I like to so just let me do something to be happy."

Spo glanced at him and couldn't help returning the grin that the other boy had. The two walked for ten minutes, lightly chatting about school and their friends. It was a little slow going with all of the snow drifts but neither cared, enjoying the time together.

"I just thought of something." Race stopped walking

"Oh." Spot stopped a few steps ahead and turned to look at him.

"Didn't you say that you part of the rules you had to follow were to not bring friends over to see her?"

Spot shrugged.

"You aren't the type of friend they were talking about. I really don't have any of those friends."

Spot stepped forward to grab Race's gloved hand.

"Besides you're more than a friend, aren't you?"

Race looked into the other boy's eyes, seeing them frantically searching his for something. Racetrack smiled and squeezed his friend's hand.

"Of course, though I'm not sure they need to know that."

Spot dropped his hand and they continued walking.

"They're probably going to be a lot more willing to accept it than anyone else. In the long run they just want me to be happy I think. I would like to think they are starting to see that I'm not the kid I was before highschool, that I've changed and become a hardworking, responsible man. Maybe than they can treat me like the grandparents you expect them to be, loving me uncodnitionally. But I don't hold my breath."

Race could not help as his hand reached out and grabbed the other boy's hand again. Spot did not protest. They walked for another few minutes like this, turning onto another street before Spot. The house they stood infront of was not obnoxiously large but it was not the smallest on the street. The sidewalk was lined with bushes and there was a smaller tree, one Race guessed to be a dogwood, in between the bushes and house. The driveway led to a two stall garage where a fence could be seen coming from one side before it joined with the privcey hedges on the edge of the property, indicating a private, secured backyard. A mudroom conected the garage and the house and this was where the two boys headed rather than taking the walkway in the yard that led to the front door. Race could remember trick o' treating here when he was little but he did not remember ever coming here or meeting the people who lived in the light yellow house in his life. The two story home looked inviting enough, smoke coming from the chimney in the center but Racetrack knew not to assume anything until he was inside and had met the occupants.

At the entrance to the mudroom the two boys kicked off their shoes and entered the house. Race was suprised to find that even this room was heated. They stripped out of their boots, putting them on the plastic tray that lay next to the door way. Peeling away layers they tucked hats, gloves, and scarfs into pockets of jackets. When they were finished Spot steped up to the door that led to the house. Taking a deep breath and giving Race a look he could not decipher he knocked.

I feel like this chapter is really short. Maybe it is because the last one was so long. I just feel like ending it with Spot knocking was a great place to stop. Oh well. Till the next update my loves.